My wife dressed me as a lady part 5

Its been days since the night out with Tracy and Linda and only a few days before the two weeks of being Tanya is over.
My head still spins with what has occurred in the last ten days.
My wife caught me wearing lingerie, transformed me in to a lady, took me out in public dressed as a lady, had me have my first contact with a male. I was going to say male to male sexual experience but Tracy would not accept that as I am a lady. I also found out my wife was bi. She has also introduced me to many of her friends as Tanya, Wow a lot to to take in in ten days.
Tracy is out shopping and i have finished all the house work so i am sitting with a glass of wine watching a movie when the door bell rings. No longer worried about who knocks on the door I open it to find Linda and a few of the girls I had met and let them in.
Apparently Tracy was on her way home and had met the girls at the shops and invited them over.
to say i was a busy little girl was an understatement. I got the girls all a drink before heading upstairs to put my maids outfit on. Back in the kitchen and i quickly put together a wonderful selection for afternoon tea.
Tracy runs in the door from the garage and sees me in the kitchen. Sorry she says i should have warned you. Placing the bags down on the bench she gives me a kiss on the cheek and tells me i look sexy in my uniform and tells me it was good of me to remember my place when the girls are here.
the afternoon is going well with my nibbles all disheartening quickly ( i don't know how these girls keep there figures with what they eat and drink).
Another knock on the door and i answer it. Standing there is a hunk of a man at least 6 foot 6 and broad. the girls scream and tell me to show him to a room so he can get ready. You guessed it a male stripper had been ordered.
Well it was not long before Nick ( the stripper ) was doing his show and i was busy pouring glasses of bubbles for the girls. Tracy was sitting on Linda's lap watching the show.
Then it happened. Rachel one of the louder girls yelled out that she wanted to watch me give Nick a blow job. Tracy smiled at me in her way the one that told me it was my job to entertain the crowd. So down on my knees i went and i gave Nick the owner of one of the biggest dicks i had ever seen a blow job with the ending being him spaying his load all over my face.
I went upstairs to clean up and after washing my face and fixing my make up i walked back into the bedroom and found Linda sitting on the end of the bed.
Tapping her hand on the edge of the bed next to her she asked me to sit. Taking my hand in hers she looked in my eyes leaned forward and kissed my cheek. I am so sorry you had to do that she said. that was unfair of the girls. I looked at Linda and smiled and said i did not mind as i knew my place. That is wrong Tanya and you know it you are as much one of the girls as I am and your feelings should be respected as much as any ones.
But Tracy wanted me to do it I said. Once again Linda looked at me and simply said no, no she did not want you to be forced to do it. she wanted you to do it if and only if you wanted to.
After these last 10 days you still don't understand do you. Linda started at me in her way and i know she was going to say what she wanted to.
these 10 days have been about letting everyone be who they want to be. I looked at Linda and took a breath and let go. Well if its what we all want to be why am i dressed as a girl? Why do you and Tracy have pictures and my list of friends to send them too?.
Linda put her hand up and sat back down next to me. taking my hand again she looks me in the eye and says Tanya we don't have any picture you don't have. They are all on your phone. We will never send them to all your friends and you can dress as Tony anytime you like. I don't have any clothes left i yell. look in your draws Tanya look in your draws they are all there. You have just got use to going to the lingerie draw that's all. With that she got up and left.
i stand up and look in the mirror and I have a tear in my eye. I wipe it off and fix my make up and walk down stairs. To my surprise all the girls are gone and the place is spotless. Sitting in the lounge i find Tracy and Linda. a drink in front of them and one for me on the table. i sit and wait I think i have crossed the line and expect Tracy to give me a mouthful.
In a very quiet voice Tracy says, Tanya if you wish to dress as Tony and regain your manhood please feel free to do so. It is not my desire to upset you or depress you.Then complete silence.
I love being Tanya is the only thing i can say and you told me you made the rules and I agreed to that.
Then why the tears Tracy asks?
Our two weeks is nearly up i say and then today even though we have done many things that have pushed the boundaries, today i felt like i was being used as a mode of enjoyment and made to be a real slut in front of the girls.
I thought as Tanya we were friends and friends don't treat friends that way.
I am sorry says Tracy it was not my idea to get the stripper in and it was definitely not my idea to have you give him a blow job. Mind you. you are pretty good at it now she says with a little giggle. Just enough to break the tension.
I pick up my wine and take a sip.crossing my legs and acting like a perfect lady. No sign of tony at all.
Linda turns and puts a package on the table. Looks at Tracy and then starts to talk. Tracy sits perfectly still and says nothing.
Tanya, it was Shellies idea to get the stripper not Tracy's or mine. We all have had a blast the last 10 days. Not sneaking behind backs and I think you have enjoyed your time as Tanya more than any of us could have ever expected.
you now walk talk and act like a girl and hun you look so sexy . Not one person has picked you as a a guy in the clubs and you must admit you have enjoyed not only giving guys head and being fucked buy them but having threesomes with Tracy and I has been wonderful.
Yes I have had a wonderful time but it cant last the kids are home in a few days and life goes on.
Tracy leans forward and says the kids are not back in a few days. Well they are but they are off to the private school we could not afford,. Mum and dad have agreed to pay for the fees including the costs involved with boarding at school. They cant wait to get there.
What I say when were you going to tell me. When i got home from shopping to day Tracy says but the girls were here.
So Tanya if you want to stay and be Tanya after our two week agreement is up that's fine by me. No rules no bad treatment just us being us and being happy i hope.
i sit back and think for a minute. Tanya gets to stay. Threesomes continue. New exciting fun to be had by all and while I will miss the kids this school is something all of us have discussed for years. Its the school Tracy went too and the one the kids have wanted to go to.
i smile and look at the girls and declare i need a shower and to pick out a dress we have a celebration dinner to get to.
As I stand Linda pushes the parcel across to me. This is from the girls she says. Its every dollar that was thrown at Nick for the afternoon. He felt bad as they did so every dollar is yours. They said you can buy clothes either men's or woman's your choice.
I look at the cash and there is hundreds and hundreds of dollars. If this is the actual money the girls through out to Nick they through 20's and fifties as well as 10's and 5's.
I leave the money on the table and walk towards the stairs. Linda asks what do i do with this?
I look over my shoulder and say.
Well girls if yo don't come and help me shower and get ready you will not get to come shopping and help me spend i to more clothes.
they got out of there seats quick smart and nearly beat me to the top of the stairs.

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