The Pool

It may have something to do with going on holidays or just the break from the normal hum drum of every day life, but I do find I get more sexually excited once I am in a new hotel room.
The clean white sheets feel smooth and cool as I slip my naked body between the tightly tucked in sheets and my hands slides down to play with my balls and cock as if it is a welcoming shake to your new home for the next few days.
I was lucky that my room overlooked 1 of the 2 hotel pools. Being in a hot climate I rose late on the first morning to look out and watch several people lounging about in the pool. A young couple and serval middle aged couples lazily swam and lounge around the pool. Looking down on the scantly clad figures I couldn’t help but reach down and caress my balls and cock with took very little time to respond, especial from the self-help session last night. I perched down on the edge of the settee behind the visual protection shear curtains and watched the wet near naked bodies stretching up in the sofa beds in the sun and imagined what they would feel and taste like if I had the opportunity.
A young couple were lying on a sofa bed. Wearing a light blue bikini, she was lying face down but perched up on her elbows and was reading a book. Her well-trimmed boyfriend in black speedos lay beside her on his back with his eyes closed and hand resting in the swell of her back. I imagined that was my hand and it is sliding down and over the roundness of her buttocks occasionally brushing down on the inside of her leg, monetarily brushing over her clit on the outside of her bikini. She would quiver, look up at me and smile very time I stroked her clit. She regularly looks up at him from her book and brushed her hand over his chest and stomach. I wanted so much for her hand to slid down and under the lip of the speedo’s, take hold off and release his cock to the open. While the though of her naked body certainly ensured I stayed hard it was the thought of that young hard cock being free, and in my hand, that brought me over the edge to a powerful and breathless orgasm.

While I did have things to do over the next few days I always found several times a day to perch on the edge of the settee and enjoy the different people swimming in the pool. Sometimes to heighten the experience I would venture down to the pool and swim while there were others there only to return to my room and imagine the pleasure of their bodies while I stroked by rock hard cock to several orgasms.
It was my second last night and I was having a late dinner at the outside bar when a middle-aged couple struck up a casual conversation. Greg and Alice, both mid-forties, had both looked after their bodies. Alice had red hair, 5 ½ foot and slender body with about size c cup well rounded breasts and a perky arse. Greg was more towards 6 ft, slender, black short cropped hair. I knew their bodies well as I had enjoyed them in my mind several times over the last few days. She always wore a dark green one-piece swimsuit that hugged her trim body closely and with a high cut up her legs which made them look long and slender. In my mind I had slid that swim suit off her body several different ways over the last few days. Greg wore blue board shorts that hung low around his waist and almost gave a glimpse of the top of his pubes.
Conversation from my side was a little bit clumsy, as they were now so close to me I could smell and almost taste them. In my last imaginary encounter with them I was perched on my knees and burying my face in her lush red pubes while he slid his 6-inch rock hard cock inside me. My cock stirred, and I had to adjust it several times during our conversation as it grew harder and harder. We talked about general things, the hotel, sightseeing , which rooms we were in and also the pool, all the time imaging those soft red lips secured around my shaft, slowly sliding up and down while I ran my hands through her mass of red hair. After a while I excused myself and headed promptly back to my room, my cock was hard, and I was eager to recreate those images in my mind back in my room.

I swear I had only just shut it before there was a knock on my rooms door. There stood Alice in her light summer dress. The light from the walkway shone through the material and gave a precise outline of her slender body. At first, I thought I had forgotten something at the bar and she was returning it for me. I must have looked surprise because she just smiled and apologised for disturbing me. She asked if she could come in as there was something she want to discuss, and the outside bar was not the appropriate place. I shut the door behind her and she settled down into the settee. She started off for thanking me for the show I put on every day. It appears the curtains were not so protective as I thought they were and although they could not see 100% clearly, they saw enough to know what I was up to. At first, I was so embarrassed, but Alice went on to explain that they both found it quite erotic knowing that while they were swimming around I was masturbating and thinking of them. After they had left the pool each time they would return to their room and enjoy vigorous sex while also thinking that I might be watching them.
All this time she had he hands on her knees, she slowly slid her hands up her legs, catching the edge of her skirt and sliding that up also until I could see the slightly damp mound of her white knickers between her legs. She said she had found it so erotic sitting close to me and having our conversation while all the time she was thinking of me sitting there in front of her pounding my cock while we talked. Her and Greg had decided that it would be only fair, seeing I had heightened their sex that I should have some of the real thing. I sat there stunned, unable to say anything. She opened her legs wider and hooked one over the left arm of the settee. I now could see her full pussy mound under the damp panties. Her hand dropped down between her legs and her middle finger ran up the indent in her panties between her lips. She slid down to the edge of the settee and said, “I think this is the right place, If I am not mistaken”. Perched on the edge of the settee where I had enjoyed myself several times she pulled me over to stand up in front of her. She undid my trousers slide them down and engulf my now rock-hard cock through my underpants. As she slid my underpants down she said she had been so looking forward to this and took my whole cock in her mouth as soon as it came free of the material. She immediately slid her mouth up and down my shaft as she played with my balls, also sliding on of her fingers around my arse.
Her hands slid up my chest and took off my shirt and I stepped out of my trousers and underpants. She stopped sucking my cock only long enough to push me back onto the other settee, lift one of my legs to the side and resumed to devour my now rock hard and throbbing cock. I closed my eyes to fall back into the ecstasy of the moment and reached down to run my hands through her red hair.
After several minutes of bliss, I opened my eyes to see Greg standing stark naked behind Alice with a smile on his face. I was so far out of control that I made no attempt to move. I watched as her lifted the back of Alice’s dress and slowly slid down her knickers. She groaned in anticipation of what was to come. As his cock entered her she let out a gasp but returned immediately to sliding her mouth and lips up and down my shaft.
As Greg started to build up some rhythm sliding in and out of Alice, she started of speed up on my shaft and by now several of her fingers had made there way into my arse and were happily sliding in and out in time with the rhythm. By now my arse was hovering well above the settee and there was no way I could last away longer so with a loud moan I unloaded my cock into Alice who eagerly gobbled it up.
Greg wasn’t finished yet. And while I lay there catching my breath Greg built up to fever pace and I just watched the sheer ecstasy on Alice’s face as Greg finally exploded into her. We all fell in a heap
After some time, we resurfaced made idle conversation and enjoyed the moment just slumped there in a heap of sex. I could she Greg’s cock out of the corner of my eye. It was a good cut 7-inch cock that still held some hardness. My hand slid down and could just rest on the tip which I started to rub between my fingers. Unsure of the response I was happy that Greg didn’t move. I slowly slid closer to him until I could wrap my hand around its full shaft. It started to grow hard again, and I could see Greg smiling as I slowly slid my hand up and down his shaft, I knew then I was in for a treat.

Alice got up and while a steadily stroke Greg’s cock she entertained us to a sexy striptease, finally fully naked she laid back on the settee, opened her legs wide, in full view of both of us and started to slide her fingers in out of her pussy and rapidly over her clitoris. By now I was hard again and wanting to sink my cock into that red pool of ecstasy. I let go of Greg’s cock and kneeing in front of Alice, slid her down to the edge of the settee and buried my tongue into her pussy. I devoured that pussy liked I have never done before and it was heaven. Alice grabbed the back of my head and pushed it harder into her as my tongue worked on her clitoris. I had forgotten Greg for the time being until I felt hands on my arse slowly lift me up to a kneeling position and then separating my legs while damp fingers explored my balls and arse. One then two fingers were now sliding in and out of my arse while continued to lick and suck Alice’s pussy.
I stopped briefly to raise my head, “fuck me Greg fuck me now please”. He needed no second request and within seconds I felt that long hard cock slide slowly inside me. I though for a moment that I was in a dream. Greg moved slowly in and out of me while I continued to devour that red pussy. Alice then said she wanted me inside her, Greg stopped and withdrew, I slid Alice down off the settee pick up both her legs and put them over my shoulders then directed my hard cock deep into her pussy, she was folded in half. Once inside and after a few deep trusts I could feel Greg’s fingers exploring my arse again but only for a short time until that gorgeous solid cock made its way back inside me. It may only be me, but I find nothing more arousing then to be balls deep into a sweet pussy while someone’s hard cock is balls deep into me.
I thrust deeper and harder into Alice only to enjoy that cock being moving deep into me as I thrust back. Greg and Alice didn’t have to move so I made up the rhythm and kept to moving to keep me just on the edge. But after a few minutes I couldn’t take it any more and exploded as far up Alice’s pussy as could possibly go, Greg sensing this pounded me faster while I was coming which made the whole experience much more pleasurable.
I rolled off Alice onto my back, but Greg and Alice weren’t finished. Greg rolled Alice over got her on her knees them mounted her doggy style. Before he entered her, he moved her around, so I could clearly see her arse. Greg shared that since my little shows over the last few days Alice has finally tried anal and found she liked it, so he processed to slide his still hard cock right up her arse. She squealed to start with but was soon moaning as Greg built up speed and emptied his load
They left shortly afterwards and I they think flew out the next day as I no longer saw them at the pool while I perched on the edge of the settee

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