Black US Marines

This happened when I was young fellow in my early 20s.
A woman I was dating and I went to a club in King’s Cross on a Saturday night. I wasn’t really a clubbing type of guy but she wanted to see the bright lights of Sydney and what better place than the Cross. The club was a bit of a dive but it had atmosphere and buxom wenches serving drinks (which appealed to me) and it was really jumping and loud. It’s a wonder I didn’t get hearing damage from those days. This was in the early 70s and there were US forces visiting Sydney for R and R and you could occasionally hear an American accent around us. There were quite a few African Americans in the mix and two of them just started to talk to us. They were nice guys and were of course more interested in my lady friend than me. She was charming to them and they asked if they could join us. I didn’t mind and she seemed interested so they sat down and bought a round of drinks. Typical generous Americans. They were smartly dressed and in civvies as they had been told that there was a low profile to be kept. Mind you it was pretty easy to tell the Americans in the room as they weren’t exactly quiet with their accents.

These two fellows were marines. They were in their mid to late twenties and of senior non com rank as they put it. They showed us photos of themselves later in uniform and they had lots of stripes and hash marks down their sleeves. My lady friend was taken with them and asked if they wanted to join us next day to go to the beach. They were keen to do that and showed it by ogling her low cut dress neck line whenever they could. She had a nice set of tits and liked to show them off, so she was ok with that.

We met them the next day at the ferry wharf and we walked to the beach from there.
The beach was packed as it was a hot day and the surf was up. We found a spot on the beach and we all stripped to our swimmers and I applied sun screen to my lady friend as the guys watched. They were well built and fit looking as you expect marines to be. We had a great swim as the water was warm and perfect for body surfing. The yanks weren’t all that good at that but what could you expect from mid west farm boys. They tried at least while my girl friend watched from the beach having tired of the water. After a few attempts at body surfing we all retired to the beach and sat around talking. They were attached to a marine unit involved in jungle warfare and not attached to the ships as crews as I originally thought. One was on his second tour and the other his third. I would have been happy with surviving one tour but I suppose they were professional soldiers/marines and that is what they did in life.

We headed up and got some take away food and ate it sitting on the ocean front with the seagulls harassing us. They happily fed the gulls, as I said they were happy sorts of guys. They said they had heard of the great beaches here in “Awstralia” and they weren’t disappointed. but they had heard of nude beaches and were there any around here? My girl friend and I had been to a nude beach or two and so we said we would show them one but it was a drive away and more of a day trip. We agreed that we would pick them up at their billet tomorrow and go for the day up the coast. We picked them up and headed over the harbour bridge which they were happy about as it was on their list of touristy things to do and preceded on our way up the coast stopping for a coffee on the way until eventually arriving at a beach that was not officially a nudist beach but it was remote. This beach was known for some sexual behavior from the locals and my girlfriend and I had been there a few times to get it on with complete strangers and enjoyed every minute of it. The trick was not to get caught by the local cops.

We told our visitors sitting quietly in the back seat that and at first they were a bit apprehensive. They had been read the riot act by their commanders but what the heck, they were thinking with their cocks at this stage and were determined to go for it. My girlfriend and I had been talking the night before and she was looking forward to seeing these guys naked. We had seen their well built bodies on the beach and they had pecs you could crack nuts on but she was curious about the rumours about how African Americans were built below the belt so to speak and she was looking forward to it. She asked me how I felt about her having it off with one or both of them and I had said that I didn’t really mind and I would probably find it kind of horny to say the least.

We arrived at the beach or the bush surrounding it at least. It was a little walk down to the beach which afforded quite a bit of cover for behind the beach rooting. We walked down to the beach and there were a few people way off to the north, a few fishermen further off to the south and a few scattered in between. Not exactly crowded which was good in one way but not in another as our guests had expressed interest in meeting some of the locals. We walked along the beach a fair way to avoid being arrested, and came across some people we knew from a previous visit. We introduced our American friends and they were well received by the group especially the women. There was lots of eye action. They said they were going for a swim and to see some friends down the beach but they would come and visit us later. We wandered off further along the beach and put our things down back from the waters edge and almost into the scrub that was growing behind the beach.

My girlfriend was wearing shorts with a string bikini top on. There really wasn’t much to this bikini top in the first place but looking as casual as she could but nevertheless checking for the Americans’ reaction, she took her bikini top off. The Americans’ mouth’s dropped open slightly, their eyes transfixed on her breasts. They recovered after a few seconds complete with big smiles and after some embarrassed burble they took off their shirts. There were those pecs again. They were fine specimens of manhood. I took my shirt off feeling rather wimpish in their presence but being gentlemen and polite they didn’t dash sand in my wimpish white boy face, instead saying the next move was a little embarrassing. One of them slipped off his shorts and swimmers in one action. He was more than averagely hung and semi erect probably due to my girlfriends tits swinging around mere metres away from him. His meat was veiny and had a large full knob and he had big balls, not that I was looking you understand. The other one followed suit soon afterwards but this guy was hung like a horse! I could feel my eyes staring at the sight of this thing. It hung down with a slight erection but not much, something like a broad, black salami dangling forward in a slightly pathetic and yet disgustingly threatening way. He must have felt light headed when that thing gained full erection. It was veiny and the skin was a satiny black colour with a slight sheen on it and the knob was slightly smaller (interestingly) than his mate’s. This was a good looking cock that even I as a heterosexual could appreciate. His balls hung down loosely in their sac. It was a very gnarly looking sac, real turkey neck material whereas the other guys scrotum was tight. I took my shorts off and out flopped my contribution to this parade of cocks. Alright, up to this point I was quite proud of my gear but well I was not in the same league as these guys. Ok, maybe I was similar to the smaller guy (hereafter called the small American, the other one will be called the big American, due solely to the size of their gear, not their stature) but only just and I was sure my balls had shriveled up to marbles at the sight of these guys’ equipment.

My girlfriend had a big smile on her face and I could only imagine what she was thinking. After a few seconds of us guys checking each other out, we all shifted to the female in our crowd. She shimmied out of her shorts leaving her bikini bottom in place. Something of a slight striptease was happening and we were all lapping it up. Big wide eyed smiles all round. She turned around, bent over and slipped off her bikini bottoms revealing her magnificently shaped arse (oooh, she had a great arse) framing the neat, perfectly shaped clam between her legs from behind.

We were all built like twenty to thirty year olds, no fat and almost skinny by today’s (and much older) standard of bellies, albeit slight!, for the guys and tits no where near as firm for the girls.

I digress , returning to the beach scene, she turned around once again to reveal her completely shaved box in all its nakedness. I don’t think completely shaved boxes were in back then as there were a lot of hairy snatches around in my experience. She stood there, bikini bottoms in one hand, both forearms out as if to say “tada!”. The Americans gave a little cheer and she quickly headed off towards the water probably to avoid a race between the guys as to who could root her first. Her tits were jiggling about and her arse was wobbling, the guys cocks were flopping around as we all pranced across the hot sand after her and into the water. The surf was no where near as big as it had been at the other beach yesterday but I could see a rip off to one side and warned the guys not to go out too far. I needn’t have worried as they were pretty good swimmers.

The water was warm and we were enjoying ourselves and the Americans were taking turns swimming between her legs. I think my girlfriend was getting horny and she suggested we go and lie on the sand for a while. The topic soon came around to the size of the Americans gear. One of the Americans asked if we were a couple sexually to which I answered on our behalf that we were but had an open relationship where we had sex with other people. My girlfriend then piped up saying that if you are asking if you can have sex with me then the answer is yes and I want all three of you to do me today sometime and now would be good. Wasn’t’ that nice of her to think of me as well? Anyway, once again thinking about the cops we looked around at the scrub situation and wandered back into the cover until we were shielded from view of the beach and under the semi shade of a few trees. We put down a few towels and she sat down and leant back on her elbows with her legs together and then slowly opened them to fully spread adding to the titillation. The Guys looked at me as if for permission and so I gestured them to go for it. The guy with the big tool knelt down and slapped her pussy with his enormous meat. I must admit I was looking forward to him penetrating her with this thing but he was full of surprises and lay down between her legs and munched down on her clam. Picture if you will, she is on her back, her knees up and all I can see is this guy’s black head buried between her white legs slurping like he hadn’t been fed for a week. It didn’t take much of that before she is moaning away, raising her hips up and he’s trying to stay with her.

With all of the noise she was making, I checked around to see if we were secure and we seemed to be.

His munching was all very well but the other guy and I were standing there holding our cocks. He finally raised himself up onto his knees and shuffled forward to present his dick to her snatch. He rubbed his knob up and down between her labia lips a few times before pressing it in until it disappeared from sight. He kept pushing slowly and inexorably until she put her hands up against his abdomen with a gasp as if he had bottomed out which I could believe and a good part of his cock was till hanging out of her. He slowly and gently fucked her, he was a real gentleman. The other guy and I watched and pulled on our meat as we waited our turn. The fucker (she was the fuckee) took his weight on his hands as if doing pushups and lowered and withdrew his meat as he alternated between looking at her in the eyes and smiling and staring down at his meat sliding in and out of her. Her quickened the pace for a while and then slowed and rolled off her and then other guy took up position. The first guy took to sucking on her tits, his cock flopped down on his thigh and dangled over the edge of his leg, almost reaching the blanket. It was still at full length but a little soft. He was sucking her tits for all he was worth and she was moaning accordingly, mind you it might have been the other guy fucking her as well. I was standing there pulling my meat and watching when one of the local woman we had met when we arrived came wandering in. I knew her and we watched and talked as if we were at a football match or the cricket rather than watching a rooting session.

She had come to invite us back to their house for more fun and games if we were interested. The girls in their group were interested in the Americans and their legendary gear. This woman could see the guy lying beside my girl friend and see his gear dangling down which confirmed their suspicions about generous equipment no doubt. I hadn’t been to their place before and so she suggested I come back to her car and she would show me on a map how to get there. No GPS’s in those days. I dressed and told the group what I was doing. I wasn’t sure whether they were listening as they were busy and a frenzy rooting session does tends to make you deaf I have noticed, but it didn’t matter as I would return to ask if they were interested after I had the map.

The woman and I walked back to her car which was parked some distance from the car park on the side of the main road. We got in and she fished out a local map and pointed out her house. We sat there and reminisced about the last visit and I told how much I looked forward to her sucking me off again as she had last time. She was flattered and said she didn’t realize how much I appreciated her servicing me and would I like her to do me here and now. Now, am I really going to turn down an offer like that? I was sitting in the front passenger seat of her car and she was sitting in the driver’s seat. There is traffic pouring passed at high speed about ten metres away as we are parked fairly well off the road on the uncurbed dirt verge but never the less certainly visible. It is a bush area and so there isn’t any pedestrian traffic so what the heck. I unzipped, pulled my shorts off and parted my legs slightly to give her good access. My penis was standing up hard in anticipation. With a quick look around she turned to me as she sat in the driver’s seat. I remembered that she like the guy to take command so I held my tool in one hand and with the other hand behind her head I gently but firmly pushed it down onto my penis. I felt het lips slurp down over the knob, producing those lovely slurping noises that I find soooo horny. Her lips rippled up and down over the veins in my shaft as I moved her head up and down with both hands now. I could feel her silky hair between my fingers. I pushed her head right down until her nose touched my abdomen a few times and the last time she came up for air. She took a gasp and headed down over my cock once again with slight assistance once again from my hands. She was making the delicious, slurping wet noises that I remembered from the last time we did this.

This woman was good at sex. You can see it on some women’s faces, they grimace as they don’t particularly like sucking cock and not all women do (like sucking cock) and that’s fair enough. Most of them do it anyway (bless’em) but this woman liked to suck cock. “I remember that you like having your head held, are you still ok with that?” I asked and still with her mouth on my cock she nodded her head. I held her head with my thumbs up on top of her scalp and moved her head up and down on my shaft. I couldn’t see my cock just the top of her lovely blonde head with my hands guiding it up and down on my tool as I fucked her face. I felt I was being a bit brutal, ramming her head down onto my meat and so I backed off the rate a little, but she quickened the pace and so I left her to do the blow job herself. I finally filled her mouth with a gush as I tensed my muscles and blew for all I was worth. Her gulping sounds followed which was also something I remembered from last time. So horny.

We cleaned up (there wasn’t much as she had kept her lips tight around my shaft and swallowed the lot) and I returned to my girlfriend and the Americans down at the beach. They had been having a good time and they had both serviced her. She was wiping cum off her belly and tits that one of them had deposited. I told them we had been invited to a local’s house if we wanted to attend but there was no obligation. The Yanks didn’t have to be back that night by any strict time and so we agreed to attend the house for a brief (yeah, right) period before heading back to the city.

I spoke to my girlfriend privately as we walked back. She said they were both average at sex but the guy with the big cock was such an experience size wise that it made up for it. She couldn’t take it all inside her box and when she was talking to him afterwards he said he had that problem all of the time and had only been able to get his cock all of the way into two women in his time. I’d never really given that problem much thought as I had never had it and enjoyed feeling the base of my cock against a woman’s pussy as sort of an achievement.

We headed into the local town and had MacDonalds for dinner. We didn’t mind and they were comfortable with maccas and considering they had come from the jungles of Vietnam where they had dreamt of Maccas (among other thing likes pussies) we thought it was their call.

We fronted up to this woman’s house and she met us at the door naked from the waist up. Looking down at her tits I said to her “you’re pretty wild, what about the neighbours?” She replied that wasn’t a problem as they were the naked couple on the other side of the room feeling up one of the other women. The sex party had already started and the lounge room and back play room were full of naked people standing around chatting, some with a drink, some not. One couple was going at it in the corner up against the wall. The Yanks got right into the spirit of things and were soon naked and wandering around eyeing off and talking to the talent. From memory there were about seven women including our host and my girlfriend and about twelve guys including us. The big American soon became the centre of attention as there was an Aussie there also with a big tool. I had met this guy before and the hostess and he used to be an item. It was soon suggested to measure dicks to see which one was the larger. The tape measure was produced and the Yank only just won. Things settled down into an orgy and people were grouping off with some retiring to another room but most of us were in the back play room. The hostess wanted the American’s big donga inside her and wanted me to put him in. An unusual requirement but she fancied me and this was a way of torturing me by me putting another man’s meat into her. This woman was a wild one. I looked at the American and he seemed ok with it so she hopped onto the bed on her back and with her knees up she spread her legs for him. He stood at the end of the bed stroking his tool as she looked wild eyed at both of us. She was a crazy bitch and such a horny woman.

He knelt on the end of the bed and I took his tool in my hand. This was a new experience for me. I had inserted a couple of cocks into women before but it was usually the other way around with a husband inserting my cock into his wife, but this was different. Also, this thing was huge. It was heavy and I couldn’t help but look at him as I took hold of it. I took hold of it up near the knob but she chimed in telling me to grab hold of the base of it up near his balls and hold his balls in the same grip. I did as I was told and with a quick look at the yank, who just raised his eyebrows and shrugged, I proceeded. It was so long that it dangled down unable to support its own weight as a straight erection with the grip I had on it. I smiled at him as it strangely felt pleasurable to me to handle his enormous cock. He smiled and leant forward towards her and I placed the knob opposite her hole and let go as he just pressed it in, impaling her on this massive thing. She threw her head back as he penetrated her and uttered one word urgently “slowly!” accompanied by an “agggh” or two as he penetrated further. It was obviously hurting as she slowly expanded to accommodate it. She took about two thirds of it which wasn’t too bad considering and he stated to fuck her slowly and steadily. He held himself up taking his weight with hands propped on the bed beside her shoulders and gazed down at his wet cock sliding in and out of her. Their juices were leaving a glistening tide mark of wetness on his shaft as he withdrew before plunging back in again. The blackness of his cock made the tide mark more noticeable than usual.

I went out to see how my girlfriend was doing but she was heading in to see me and to see what was happening with the big attraction. She asked me if I had seen any tissues as a guy had just blown into her, the tissue boxes out there were empty and the cum was running back out of her and down her legs. I told her where I had noticed some in the bathroom and she headed off in search of tissues or toilet paper, walking slightly bowlegged as she had her hand cupped over her twat to try to contain the cum running out of her. I turned and looked back into the room to see the big American still raising and lowering his cock into the hostess woman. I could see his balls dangling down, swinging around slightly with his thrusting. Fascinating sight. I walked around to see her face but she was on another plain. Some other guy was playing with her lovely tits from the side as the American fucked her which probably did turn her on even more as she was moaning very loudly and running her hands over the Yank’s chest and shoulders, mostly over his pecs.

I left them to it and wandered out to see if I could get my dick wet and joined two guys doing a local girl I hadn’t seen before. Nice arse, not much in the way of tits but a pretty face. One guy was doing her from behind in the doggie position on the coffee table (did I say she had a nice arse?) as the other waited his turn and so I wandered up to her face and presented my cock to her and asked if she would suck me. She nodded and I inserted my meat into her mouth. We ended up getting in sync and spit roasting her for a quite some time. He was a nice guy and we talked as we fucked. He had a local business but lived some distance away. He was there by himself that day and his partner usually came along but they had been to a swingers party the night before and as a result she was sore apparently.

Bloody hell, its one orgy after another for some people it seems.

But back to the fuck at hand, I had to stoop as she was fairly low and my legs are long. My leg muscles were screaming but my lust overrode their complaining. I ended up having to hold her head and shoulders to steady myself as I thrust into her mouth. She tilted her head so I could get my cock into her throat, I could feel her lips on the base of my cock. It was so horny that I unloaded into her mouth which was sort of a relief as I was tiring of this party and scene. I thanked her as my cock fell out of her mouth and the other guy who had been waiting to fuck her decided to cut his losses and do her mouth as well. She seemed keen and opened her mouth to accept his meat and all of this without the guy down the other end missing a beat.

I found some cheese and crackers and had a few of those and a soft drink before finding my partner and asking how she was going. She was over it too but the yanks were still going strong.

We found a lounge and sat side by side. I had my finger in her twat and was slowly poking it in and out as we surveyed the room and quietly discussed various people. The small American was standing over to one side of the play room. A woman had her arms around his neck and shoulders as they alternated between kissing passionately and sucking each others nipples (having my nipples sucked has never done anything for me. Am I strange?) but, and here’s the interesting part, there is a guy kneeling at the Yank’s feet sucking his cock at the same time. The woman, still with one arm around his neck, eventually stops kissing and sucking to look down at the guy sucking the Yank. They both gaze down at this guy who is really sucking for all he is worth, when finally the American tenses up and unloads into this guy’s mouth. The guy doesn’t relinquish the Yank’s cock for some time so he must have swallowed the load. Afterwards I learned the guy sucking was the woman’s husband which is why she was so interested in seeing him take the Yank’s load. They had agreed beforehand that he would suck the Yank until he blew into his mouth and then he would swallow. Apparently the wife really got off on watching hubby sucking guys especially when she could see and hear him gulping down their jism. This occasion in particular was a trophy situation as she hadn’t seen him suck a black cock before. Later I asked the Yank if he was bi. He said he wasn’t but he had had guys suck him before and as long as they didn’t expect him to reciprocate he didn’t mind as a guy’s mouth feels pretty much the same as a woman’s as far as he was concerned and a guy tends to know what a guy wants them to do more than a woman. (?) Fair enough I suppose.

We ended up getting them out of there about an hour later. Such stamina these Americans had.

We drove (well I drove and all three of them slept) back to Sydney in the dark and we dropped the Americans off at their billet in the early hours of the morning.

They both survived the war and I keep in touch with both of them. One stayed in the marines before retiring to grow oranges and the other drove a cab for a little time and then joined the police force. I haven’t seen my then girlfriend for some time. We drifted apart and the last I heard she had moved to WA. I keep in touch with the hostess and her magnificent tits that got larger with time and the onset of middle age. I still visit her on occasion for a root but her new hubby doesn’t approve of her sexual carryings on, but that’s a story for another time.

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