My first nude beach experience Part I

Every one has a secret kinky or naughty thought in their mind. no matter how serious you look like or how humble you look like.
In fact, the more you looked serious the naughter you would be.. well secretly or at a secret or right place.. with the right one.

As for myself I should admit that I am just the one who looks like so serious but in fact, the naughtest girl in the world if i was with the right one and at the right place and .. in a right mood.

Many years ago I was dating with a guy who was very attractive and very kinky... just the same to me ... however, his kinky can be noticed on his face but me not.. well.... at least not all the time as i only open up to the right one😊

One day I asked him that had he been to the nude beach before as i had never been to and a bit curious about it. he said he had the experience but was not interested to go again except if I want to.

I asked him why and he said there were full of freaky old men who only wanted to look at young ladys while masterbiting themselves or men who are into men.

I laughted so loudly and asked him had he done the same ? Or he had been approached by another guy? He said no because he was there only for swimming.. because he likes to swim naked.

He teased me if I want to go he wont mind to go again.

It was very interesting to me as I had never been to any nude beach before and always want to know whats going on there. But i was very shy. .. well.. yes i am a shy type at some points but sometimes i wont.. but all in all i m a still a shy type of girl. Lol.. believe me😊

He asked me so many times afterwards until one day we were driving to the beach after work but found the beach we were heading to was too crowed that we were unable to find any parking bay.

He looked into my eyes and said he knew somewhere had parking bay for sure. I didnt believe as it was such a hot summer day that seemed all the people in the city had rushed to the beach.

He held my cute chin and looked into my eyes and said.. you will like that beach.. i know you will like it .. you will definitely want to go there....

i read his eyes and found his answer... i opened my eyes widely and looked at him... he noded.. and said. . Be brave I am there with you, no one can touch you i promise...

I laughted and said what about some freakies just come over or watching us or just came over and asked to join us or sitting with us? He joked.. you might ask one or two to join us when you get there.

We laughed and I noticed he had a turn on already when he said so.

We were heading to the very famous and popular nude beach... I was so eager to find out what my first nude beach experience would look like.....

To be continue.. new chapter coming soon😉 lol wait I got 5 out of 5 to renew the new chapter😉😉... come on u have to vote 5 to be able to read part 2😉

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