Part 2." Dave" /The euphoric difference between falling and flying!

How long do you need to be afloat for it to count as flying?

If we jump from such a heady height, that the fall allows us to glide upon the momentum of another; are we flying or prolonging an inevitable fall?

To be actually flying, your flight has to be both sustained and controlled.
My journey into femdom was filed with contagious magnetism. The momentum to explore an uncharted sexual space was filled with exhilaration and an intensity unlike what I'd known.
I was about to soar, to giddy heights. For a time it was both sustained and controlled. For a time, the experience was to expand my open mind and exploit my embracing nature. Like a bee being drawn to the honey, I was besotted with the queen bee and eagerly worked to find my place in the colony.
Let me introduce you to Dave, yes my queen bee! ( Suspenders, stockings and and the trimmings)

Our story started with a wink of interest (a time when I was exploring the conventional arena of dating sites). To be honest, it was before I was conscious that adult dating genre's even existed. Oh how far I've explored, delved and evolved!

A well poised profile picture with a look of confidence and sex appeal. Great angle, great lighting, non identifying background that didn't detract your attention from his seductive eyes and alluring smile. I was to be trained in what complied the perfect profile picture, to allure and entice your desired suitors, but that's jumping ahead of ourselves. From the start, our messages generated an unique energy, there was most definitely a heightened sexual chemistry but it was consciously woven amongst platonic backgrounds and interests.

Like putting a 5000 piece puzzle together, piece by piece, selectively choosing to build the frame that would contain and stabilize what was to develop within. Just like a puzzle, certain sections come together with ease and others with enthusiasm. .. but some, like an intricate puzzle, were tricky and frustrating, sometimes distorting what you envisaged the complete picture to look like.
I'm very aware now, in hindsight, that I was over eager to be immersed in
unorthodox practices and consumed with the intensity of our sexual “buzz “. To say it was electric was an understatement.
It was evident from the beginning Dave was aware of my embodying sexuality and well, I was vividly aware of his masked quirks. I knew I needed to be a part of something bigger, something outside the square.
He said I oozed with sensuousness, he knew from the beginning what he had the opportunity to tap into.
So the games began.
Little did I know at the time.

Ok, ok I'll focus and tell you how it was ‘at the time’ without hindsight tainting the journey.

I'm a massive lingerie connoisseur, it gives life to my ‘femininity’, an element I've always struggled with.
Elements that gave energy to what I identified as my femininity. ..
Alas my strength. ..
Pieces that defined my shape, emphasized the tone in my limbs and camouflaged my bodily flaws. Ironically a taste of dominance and potency of my natural tenacity.
Lingerie was my mask; my body's mask and it worked wonders for my confidence and the ability to seduce and allure cocks to attention.
Dave was a lingerie enthusiast and he appreciated a lady that had good taste in how she layered on ensemble, but it was more than that. ..
Dave had a secret!
Dave had a side to him that he needed me to discover.
He ached for me to see and explore what brought him to life; an essence that he longed to interweave within his daily coming and goings. It was a very innate sexual need.
His energy was intoxicating. ..and he knew it.
Hundreds of messages, some hinting, some alluring, some forthright and erotically enticing.
Do you know that magical sexually chemistry when another totally comes to life; is begging to be let loose, to be what they've fantasized about?
I was captivated in the task to unleash his innate hidden side.
Did it scare me. ...hell no!
Did it baffle me…. Quite the opposite!
Did it undermine my feminine role in our connection. … no it heightened it out of this world. …

All my sexual discoveries have been a journey so far beyond what my mind could have envisaged, Daves was the pinnacle of an open mind and embracing soul. .. my mind and soul!
So let the discovery of panties, suspender belts, stockings and heels begin.
So let the discovery of discipline, domestication, denial and domination evolve.
Would you like to come on the ride with me?

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