Anticipation of Things to Cum..

Anticipation of Things to Come...Your arms and legs will be bound to the bed head, spread eagled and naked...

A blindfold will deny you of sight, your anticipation of what is to come makes you immediately wet- of the sensations you know lay ahead…

You can feel my hot breath inches away from your pussy as you thrust to connect and feel the wetness of my tongue…

darting and teasing at your clit.

I pull away just as you want more - your pussy swelling with blood and you feel the juices trickle.

You feel a tight sensation on your left nipple, then your right as you realise the clamps are firmly attached - tight and firm. The chain placed in your mouth - your only way way to self pleasure with your arms restricted and bound.

Your body is writhing now - wanting more as my tongue licks at your engorged pussy, starting with large strokes, getting smaller and working your hardening clit.

You beg me to fuck you as the first orgasm explodes.

You shudder and tremble in waves..

Then you feel my fingers expertly finger inside you - rhythmically in and out, getting faster and faster - you feel a build up rising through your body again as you feel you are about to cum again...

Just before you climax again I stop and in the darkness of your blindfold there is void of stimulation - your heightened body is craving for the touch as you wriggle to no avail - arms and legs tightly bound.

In the silence you hear muffled sounds - was that footsteps?

Then it starts again - a tongue - but different - the face is smoother - the technique is different, the breath is different.

The sensation is different but exciting - wetness once again engulfs your pussy - throbbing, clit sensitive to every tongue stroke.

You feel your nipples teased at the same time expertly - just the right pressure, then the kiss of a mouth on your lips - all while your pussy is still being licked - tongue now darting in and out of your wet slit.

You realise now we are not alone and the excitement makes you cum again..

It stops again - more muffled sounds, the creak of the mattress..

The pillow around you moves then you again feel the kiss on your lips - but this is much wetter, you kiss back - Tongue searching...

The wetness of the pussy on your face excites you as you locate her honey pot, you hear her moan..

Body squirming as you suck on her clit as your pussy is being expertly worked in a 69 position, beauty incarnate as only two woman can do to each other...moaning in synchronicity.

Realising the situation you beg to be untied - you want to be fucked, by me, by her, by us both!

Obliging, the ties are cut, finally free - you take off the blindfold and smile with a grin at what you see...

You launch yourself at her and your lips meet in a passionate kiss, moving down to her breast, sucking on erect nipples.

Maneuvering legs around into a scissors position your vulvas connect - slipping and grinding against each other, clits touching and parting, again and again.

Your body trembles as you moan and scream, she moans back as if in orchestration - climax comes, then again as both bodies shake..

Untangling legs you lie back and I flip you over - you are on all fours, ass and pussy exposed in the air, as I grab you hips and thrust my cock in. One thrust, two - orgasm building, three…

She positions herself on her back, legs spread, pussy exposed and you know what to do - four thrusts...

You try to suck her pussy as I'm pumping my cock deep inside you.. you reach up to work your clit, and almost in an out of body experience, you see the gravity of the positions of the wild fucking - you on your elbows, face in pussy working to the screams, your moan muffled only by you face buried deep inside her snatch.

The fucking builds in cadence, faster and faster ....then the release as I fire my seed into you, the warmth makes you come again, your scream makes her climax ....

This was from a series of several txt messages I sent my wife with a planned evening later that night with a bit of rope fun.

The bondage session later that night was very hot and we were both quite ready for it at that stage, but sadly, there was no mystery visitor......any one up for the role?

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