Morning rush

It is a clear morning with a mellow sunrise over the city. You ask me to sit on the edge of the bed to admire the sunrise – I’m wearing only an unbuttoned shirt. You’re hungry but not yet ready for breakfast so you kneel before me and begin licking and nibbling on my labia and clit. Hubby John, is standing next to me also enjoying the sunrise and I’m making it even more enjoyable for him by running my fingers over his knob and massaging his pre cum into his smooth mushroom. Smiles on all faces....

John steps back. I lift your head and beckon you to stand, upon which I take your throbbing member into my mouth and you pull my head hard against you making me gag. The sensation is at first abhorrent but soon changes to one of immense pleasure as I feel your helmet slipping over the back of my tongue. You pull out and tilt my head up to give me a long lingering searching kiss - my hands reach up to caress your still firm member.

You push me back and slowly work you way down - kissing my chin, my neck, my chest (ignoring my breasts - nipples erect with anticipation), my belly, slowing down as you reach the top of my womanhood. You take my enlarged clit in your lips and roll your tongue against it as my breathing quickens which causes my heart to thump even harder at the excitement that is building within me. Your tongue continues to roll around my clit - slowly but with feeling. I pull your head in closer to my womanhood and you can smell my increasing wetness.

I feel my body begin to tighten as my orgasm builds. First my back arches - my legs seem to cramp and I explode in an amazing sensation that makes me shake and shiver at once. I reach down to your head with both hands. I pull you up panting “I need you inside me”. You stop - unsure about John’s reaction. He nods his consent and pausing long enough to ensure we’re both protected - you ease into me - my tightness surprising you. As my excitement grows again, you find yourself fighting to stay inside me - my vaginal muscles so strong trying to push you out. The feeling for us both, as you battle to stay inside me, is exquisite. My excitement boils to the point I’m breathing becomes intense - my moaning so deep and you can no longer hold yourself back. You collapse on top of me and we roll over - panting in our shared delight.

Wow - what an experience. My tightness still giving you a sensation you haven’t felt in a long time. I still have that gleam in my eye but I’m now looking over your shoulder. You turn and look and sure enough John has that same gleam in his eye. He appears to like what he has seen and now it is his turn. You look back at me and notice that my nipples have really turned up and god are they hard! John approaches me so you get out of the way so that the two of us can make contact. You think to yourself “Looks like I am in for a show (Oh Yeah)” ....

John stoops to taste the sweet bitterness of my wet fanny. He pulls his head hard into me as his tongue finds that magical spot that too many men miss - it sends an electric shock up my spine being so sensitive and alive after the exquisite time I’ve just had with you. My body shakes with yet another orgasm so soon after the incredible depth I had reached with you. John looks up - a smile on his face - searching for my permission. I nod and he rolls me over. Slowly - so very slowly to start, he massages around my anus using such a small amount of oil - as always coconut oil.

He slowly inserts his right index finger just to ease me apart - I am full of anticipation as this is the make or break point. Too hard and too quick can be painful and off-putting but the important thing is “am I clean”? I should be having prepared myself but the human body is a strange wonderful thing. John pushes in deeper - at each step making sure I’m comfortable. He reaches in as far as he can and with a slow circular movement withdraws taking my breath with him. He leans over and whispers “all good” and so I kneel - head down, eyes closed to prepare for the most intimate thing between a couple.

A little oil applied to his throbbing shaft and I can feel the pressure of him against me. As he slowly works himself inside me the anticipation is already building and I let out an involuntary squirt. I gasp as he reaches deep inside - the pleasure is immeasurable. I look up to see you standing erect in front of me and I reach out and pull you towards me. Heaven - what girl wouldn’t want to be in my position at this moment? Her man deep inside, and about to receive the man with whom she’s just been so intimate. Two beautiful cocks - two beautiful men. My mind is all fuzzy as I feel John’s thrusting and your cock slipping into the back of my throat. Heaven but I know the best is yet to come...

As your hard cock slides into my mouth, you feel the side of my teeth as your helmet heads towards the back of my throat. You exhibit a lot of self-control as you try not to slide it in too fast, but watching John thrusting back and forth in that nice tight arse of mine is making the animal inside of you fight to come out. You grip my hair - firmly but not so hard that I can't move back if I want to. You watch my lips devour more of your rippled shaft but I struggle to take the whole thing.

You chuckle internally and come up with an idea, however, watching my face reacting to John's cock you don't know how receptive I will be. I am obviously enjoying John's internal massage and watching the ecstasy on my face is a real turn on for you. I really am a cock-lover :).

Slowly you remove your member from my mouth. I am still enjoying John, and he is obviously enjoying me but we both have a quizzical look wondering what you are now up to. You return with some lipstick and ask me to apply it, which I do. You instruct me to take you me in your mouth again being careful not to let any lipstick touch you. You look at John who is now smirking while he continues to pump me - he has worked out what you are up to. Once I have taken as much of you as I can, I am to wrap my lips around your member - this will leave a ring of lipstick around your manhood to indicate my level of success. My mouth starts its journey...

I feel your helmet push slowly to the back of my mouth - my tongue rubbing the lower side of your shaft as you slip slowly in. I gag as you reach in as far as I’m able to take it but I close my lips to leave a bright red smear - evidence that you can see of how far I took you. You pull out to inspect my handiwork and John also slowly pulls out. “Tag time,” he says in a quiet voice.

As I kneel up, John is wiping himself clean. I lean over and kiss you full on the lips as you reach down and feel my wetness. We stay embraced for what seems an eternity, and as you search my womanhood with your fingers, I coax your manhood to further efforts and our tongues stay entwined. John lies down on his back and beckons me - I pull myself somewhat reluctantly yet expectantly away from your embrace. I straddle John and lower myself onto his shaft - glistening from the cleansing it’s just had.

I lean forward and motion you to do what comes naturally. You kneel - legs apart either side of John’s legs. You pick up the small tub of coconut oil along with a fresh condom which you skilfully glide onto your magnificent tool and then apply some oil sparingly to your shaft and a little to my ring - slowing inserting your finger to make sure that I’m still receptive. You poise at the entry with your helmet slowly rubbing up and down - waiting for you to guide it to - who knows what? Slowly - so slowly you enter me. I feel like I’m about to burst - the sensation of two gorgeous cocks in me at the same time is unbelievable.

You find the feeling at the same time both strange and exciting - of course I’m tight but at the same time you find me very supple and smooth and you can feel the thrust of John’s cock against my vagina wall. The feeling excites you as much as me and the background music fades to a blur as the pace of our breathing intensifies. John is moaning softly but building to his familiar crescendo - you're starting to pant as the earlier exertions mean you have to work extra hard for your further pleasure.

I am beside myself - my breathing is so deep and every few moments I let out a little cry of ecstasy - god I want this feeling to last forever. But in an instance I can feel both you and John beginning to reach your climax - almost simultaneously the three of us cum in an incredible explosion of joy - we all seem to cry out at the same time as the pleasure envelopes our bodies as we are one. You collapse on top of me and we roll off of John - all sated from the experience. Your spent condom hangs from your shaft - it’s milky contents evidence that you’re a man that has what it takes to ensure a lady is fully satisfied. John reaches across and strokes my face - “anyone for round two?” he laughs….

Names have been changed to protect the innocent….

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