Thai Massage

I have always enjoyed having Thai massages especially the "Signature Thai massage". This massage is quite similar to swedish massage with the long strokes which feels quite relaxing. The signature thai massage usually starts with the therapist using her knees to stretch the musles at your back from the legs going up to the gluteal area, back and shoulders. Unlike the other massages which only focus on the back, the Thai massage includes back and front of the body.
I have a long scenic drive one weekend and stop-over to have some nice coffee and tea. I notice a Thai massage place just across the coffee shop while having my coffee. It has been a 2 hours drive and decided I needed to have a nice relaxation massage before driving back to my place. I was greeted by a young Thai guy at the counter. It was a quiet afternoon at the thai massage centre. I decided to have my usual one hour oil massage.

I am used to having my thai massage by a female therapist. I did not expect that the same guy at the counter will be the one doing the massage. And then he asked me to go to the cubicle near the counter. The cubicles are only divided by curtains. He told me to take off my clothes. Usually the therapist would specifically ask to "leave undies on". I decided to take off all my clothes and use the towel to cover my back after laying face down on the massage table. The thai guy came in to the cubicle and its only then that I noticed that he is actually a good looking guy. He asked what part of my body that I wanted the massage to focus on. I replied I wanted him to focus on my lower back, gluteal area and and the inner thighs. At the back of my mind, I was telling him that I wanted a sensual massage. He then lowered the towel on my back and exposed half of my bum. He started massaging my back going up to my shoulders. And as I was expecting he concentrated on my exposed gluteal area. The massage was sensual and I can feel that his fingers occasionally touches the sensitive part of my anal area. He then moved and started massaging my inner thighs after slowly instructing me to bend my knees slightly outwards. I quiver a bit and couldnt help to moan when his hands "accidentally" touched the side of my balls. I slightly pull up my bum so that his hands could have access to my groin area. It was such a sensual feeling being massaged in that spot. I had a very hard cock and started to feel some precum oozing in my massage bed as his fingers started massaging area around my hole. When he started massaging the opposite side of my groin, his hands had slightly touched my erect cock but casually "avoided" it as if teasing me. Eventually, he then gently touch my balls and started massaging the base of my cock from behind. My hands could feel from the side of my bed that he got a hard bulge. I started gently touching the bulge. He whispered that I could play with his cock if I wanted to but just to be very quiet. I slid my hands inside his undies and felt his erect cock. He then lower his pants and I pulled out his cock. It was such a nice thick cut cock which is definitely a huge cock for an asian guy with average height. I slowly motioned him to move closer so that I could suck his cock. I sensed that my nude body is turning him on. He then reached my cock from behind while I was enjoying giving him a blow job. I felt more precums oozing from the tip of my cock. He pulled his pants back up and he continued to massage my back. He went up to the bed and knelt and sit on my gluteal area. I could feels his hard cock gently pushing at my anal area while he massages my lower back and upper shoulders.
And it was time for me to roll over. My cock was very hard and erect and he seem to casually ignore it and started massaging my inner thighs after asking me to slightly bend my knees outwards. He massaged my belly area and again seem to be avoiding my cock which was was throbbing in front of him. He dropped his pants down and motioned me to suck his hard cock again while finally gently masturbating my cock with lots of massage oil. I blew heaps. He cleaned me off with tissue. He then stood up on the massage table and motioned me to suck his cock. He was definitely very horny and started pulling his cock while instructing me to lick his balls. I can sense that he was about to blow when he asked me to open my mouth. I then sucked him I felt his warm load shooting at the back of my throat. He finishes by getting some nice warm towel to take off the oil from my body. It was a totally awesome massage and I felt very much relieved.

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