Best Birthday Ever.

Best Birthday Ever.
I beamed a huge smile at this sexy lady, then proclaimed. “BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.’’
Taya smiles that naughty grin, that a few of us have been lucky enough to share, then quotes Julie Andrews and the sound of music to me. ‘’Kissing, touching, licking, sucking and fucking these are a few of my favorite things.” Well Taya’s version of it anyway.
I had met Burton and Taya just over a year ago at a small intimate group party. Though I had only got to spend a little time with them at the party, I had really enjoyed their company. I knew I would like to see them again. However because they live out in the country it has taken a little time for us to catch up again.
Finally we get the opportunity, and by sheer luck, it is my birthday. I have arrived in town and checked into a nice apartment. We have arranged to meet at around eight a clock. As the time approaches I am a little surprised how nervous I feel, this is not my first time by any means. However there is something about this couple that really excites me.
There is a knock on the door, if it is Burton and Taya they are early. Upon opening the door I am met by the stunningly beautiful Taya and the smiling Burton. Taya has on a black dress, showing a sexy amount of cleavage and short enough to show off her amazing legs. Burton is still smiling and I am guessing he has a little buzz going on.
Drinks. Beer for Burton and I, soda water for Taya. As I hand her glass she gives a little smile. “Now that’s a little cheeky” she purrs as she looks down at my pants. Well where my pants are meant to be
In my haste to greet them, I have forgotten about pants. I realize that I am dressed only in a tee shirt and boxers. I can only grin. “Opps my bad.” I say.
Taya takes a seat on the couch and gives it a little pat, encouraging me to sit beside her. Burton takes up the seat opposite. Sitting close to Taya I place my hand on her knee, before moving up and caressing the inside of her thigh.
Having not seen each other for a while, we take some time to chat and get to know each other again. First it is just pleasant chit chat but we all know why we are here. Like me, for both Burton and Taya there seems to be a level of anticipation in the room. Soon we are sharing sexy stories, the fun that we have had, as part of this journey of sharing with others.
Taya looks over at Burton. “I am so lucky. Lucky to be married to this sexy amazing man.” She whispers partly talking to herself. “His kisses intoxicate me. His touch, a gentle, so soft touch of my back sends a magical wave of arousal cascading through me. My arousal immediately evident by hardening nipples, mmm.” She purrs. Still talking as much to herself as to Burton and I.
Taya now turns from Burton and looks directly into my eyes. No longer whispering. “I adore Burtons cock. Taking it in my mouth, caressing it with my tongue, teasing it a little before I take it all the way down my throat…
She pauses, then there is a wicked little grin. “I love it when my amazing man pushes his hard throbbing cock into my demanding we pussy…mmm…as he watches me sucking another man’s cock. Burton knows how good that feels when he sees me licking the underside of a cock, teasing around the top, circling the head with my tongue, then taking it deep into my mouth.
Taking a huge gulp of my beer. “God Taya.” I moan.
Taya laughs. “It not only turns me on but make me happy being offered to another. When Burton chooses to offer and share me with another. As I pleasure another, I always feel his adoration. I am his. I will always be his, in private and public.
“Taya, stand up and show Willie what you have on under that dress.” Burton gentle commands.
Taya stands, dropping her dress off her shoulders before gentle tossing it to one side. I am expecting sexy lingerie. A liking for sexy lingerie is an interest Burton and I share.
Sexy it is but it kind of has a bondage slave girl look. Sexy though. I understand it is now time for some fun. Going to Taya, I run my hands over her and the sexy lingerie before kiss the beautiful Taya.
Taking my hand Taya says. “Ok boys, let’s take this to the bed room.”
Burton holds up his pipe. “I will be there in a minute.” As he heads out on to the patio.
In the bedroom the sexy lady presses her body into mine and begins to sensual kiss me. Before slowly dropping to her knees, hooking her fingers into the top of my boxers and pulling them down to my ankles. My cock has been rock-hard from the time she had started taking about Burton, her amazing husband.
Taya looks up at me and smiles. Then takes my cock into her mouth. It is all the things she said it would be. Licking the underside of my cock, teasing around the top, circling the head with her tongue, then taking it deep into her mouth, before repeating this over and over again.
It is just too good, I have to stop her. Raising Taya to her feet, this time I kiss her long and hard before firmly pushing down onto the bed. Taya may love to suck cock and there is no doubt the she is amazing but I love to eat pussy. It is my thing and I believe I am pretty dam good at it.
I know enough not to drive straight onto the clit. I start by using the back of my hand to ever so gently brushing her pussy. I continued caressing Taya inner thigh and around her pussy. Finally I squeeze her pussy lips together and start to gentle rub up and down the outside. First with my finger then my tongue. Bring my mouth into play but again kissing around before sucking those lovely pussy lips into my mouth. First one then the other.
Taya is wet and has been giving out little moans. Now That I start to concentrate on her most sensitive spot she is getting a little louder. “Oh fuck yes Willie…oh fuck.” Taya hisses.
I hadn’t heard or seen Burton come in. “Like that baby?” he asks.
“Oh god yes…Fuck, don’t stop.” Taya is now thrusting her pussy into my face, she is unbelievably wet. “Oh …I am cuming …I am cuming.” Lifting her arse right off the bed.
Now I just love to eat pussy, and am keen to keep going but not all ladies can handle that. Taya isn’t one of those girls. This time along with my mouth I start to use my fingers. Again at first gentle massaging her pussy opening, small slow circles. Man is she wet.
Now in the past I have found G spot somewhat of a mystery, two knuckles in, make a little hook with your finger, feels a little rough. I have found I get a better reaction if I don’t go in that deep. One, one and a half centimeters in. Maybe not the G spot but???
Again I have Taya’s attention. “Oh fuck…oh fuck…” Man she is wet.
Taya looks to Burton. “Bring me that big beautiful cock baby,” Taya is now sucking Burton, while I eat her pussy. I take time to look up and admire Taya pleasuring and teasing her husband. I get away with this for a short while, until Taya reaches down and takes a handful of my hair and drives my mouth back onto her pussy.
Taya is getting close again. I work my mouth and fingers. “Oh god yes…Fuck don’t stop…fuck you…fuck you, I am cuming.” She still hasn’t let go of my hair and is not so gentle, as she drives my mouth into her pussy.
Without saying a word Burton and I change places. God I love the way this woman sucks cock.
Taya demands. “Give me cock…I want a cock in my cunt. Not my pussy, it is my cunt.”
I am not sure why, again Burton and say nothing to each other but we decide not to give Taya cock. We continue to tease her with fingers and mouth. Sucking her nipples, kissing her all over but no cock.
Taya is now pleading between moans. “Cock…Cock in my cunt.”
Finally Burton signals that I should fuck his beautiful lady. Taya’s pussy is wet and tight. As I fuck her, she fucks me back. While loudly encouraging me on. “OH FUCK ME… fuck my cunt Willie.”
I can feel Taya’s pussy start to tighten. Again as she cums Taya raises her arse off the bed. Her pussy swells and tightens and as she cums it tries to force me out, I need to hold on tight. Over the next few minutes Taya cums three more times. Burton has just laid back and enjoyed his wife’s pleasure.
Taya again looks to Burton. “Baby I need my man’s cock. I need your cock in my cunt. It is not my pussy it is my cunt,”
Now as Burton pounds his beautiful wife, Taya expertly suck my cock. Taya continues to cum. Finally we stop for a quick drink, water for us all this time.
Back on the bed, Taya reaches out and gently touches my hand. “Can you get a towel?” Said so sweetly and with a smile. I assume she wants to wipe herself down, so just grab a small hand towel. Taya laughs. “I am not sure that is going to be big enough.”
With that Taya lays back, spreads her legs and pops the hand towel under her pussy. Again looking to Burton. “Show Willie my trick.”
The minute Burton starts to work his fingers I know what is going on. Burton is going to make Taya squirt. Taya has seemed to have spent the last hour, in a heighten state of arousal but what Burton is doing is sending her to another level. Then there it is, huge gush of cum. Not the first lady that I have seen squirt but it has to be one of the hottest experiences to be part of. For the record two more times and the hand towel is not big enough.
Taya is now kissing me again, then whispers. “Can I ride you cowgirl, would you like that.”
Cowgirl is my favorite way to fuck, so yes please. Taya is amazing as she rides me, working my cock with her pussy. Normally I am not much of a talker but I thought Taya might like it. “Oh yes ride my cock with that wet cunt…God your cunt feels so good on my cock.” My reward, Taya cuming on my cock.
Again the long sensual kiss. “Willie I want two cocks in my cunt. Would that freak you out?”
This is something that I have been part of before, what I do know it is not as easy as it seems. But the best place to be is underneath. Saying nothing I just give Burton a little nod. Burton is well practiced and Taya gets two cocks in her cunt.
It’s time to end the night. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.

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