Sex with the Ex

It all started up in town when i was with Missus walking from the Museum to the Cumby Hotel when I nearly collided with a group of women that were attending a SSM rally. The Missus and I arrived at the Cumby when I received a message. It was from a friend of mine who I had a brief relationship with (Michelle). Michelle has said she was on of the group I had nearly ran into. When I got home from the Cumby I went for a walk chatting on Messenger with Michelle and just finding out what had been going on in her life. A few days later I messaged her again while I was at work and asked if she still had feelings for me and she said yes and so did I, but I continued and said would like to meet up Michelle said yes, but during business hours as she didn't want us seen in public together. I agreed and a lunch time meeting was arranged. The day came and Michelle turned up as planned at my work and we went for lunch at a place I am not known at all. As we ate we stared into each others eyes and kissed knowing the wrongs of what I was doing and Michelle knowing she was now the other woman. We finished our lunch and then went back to my work where we continued to kiss inside the cold room. I was fully hard and Michelle told me she was so wet (and had been ever since the beginning of our lunch.) I promptly dropped my jeans and underwear and moved Michelle's knickers to one side underneath her mini skirt and I slid right into her hot pussy. we were as one again this time as the last time without protection. I had Michelle's back against the wall and I was pummelling her pussy like never before, Michelle said her pussy was on fire as she came in gush I filled her pussy up with my seed. Michelle licked my cock clean and shared the mix in a kiss. we then cleaned our selves up, kissed again and said goodbye.

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