Want to have a fantasy drive on country road

I m often travelling on the country road, sometimes because work and sometime just for fun and camping.
Maybe most of men think whay on earth this lady is doing by driving her self? Well.. i enjoy it and i m also looking for fantasy on my way but never meet yet.
Few months ago I drove to port pirie and suddenly I was so horny when the big truck passed by that the fantacy came on my mind... what about I drove to the rest area and there is a truck driver followed me and we could have some hot time?
Think about this I noticed there is a camper van had been driving behind me for a long time i can see through the back mirros it was a single traveller a man about his 40s.. i was so turn on and looking for next spot to rest.

I stopped beside the road when I was taking pictures so did he stopped but he just walked his dog then got on the road again.. its pity.. i thought .. i kept driving and soon over took him.. and thought ok maybe next time. .. soon after I stopped somewhere closer to mannum a big rest area where he also parked few meters behind me but again walked his dog and didnt come up for a chat.. . I was really horny but the guy seems no idea for what i had in my mind having hit time with him on the country road
I m planning to visit my friend in the middle of nowhere soon and hope i can meet someone on the road to fullfil my famtasy

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