Fantasies of you

I hadn't heard from you in a couple of days when I received a msg from you, Asking me if I still wanted you. Obviously my reply was 'yes'. You then told me If I really did I had 10 mins to get myself naked and downstairs on the bed ready for you. Naturally I did as I was told. I was wet just from the thought of you showing up. I heard your car pull up, I could feel a shiver run through my body anticipating you coming into the room. You walk in and grin at me, telling me I'm a good girl. You still have your work uniform on which pleases me because I've stood at work having many fantasies about you. "Now stand up"you tell me. I stand in front of you and you place your hand on my hip and run it up my side and slowly around to my back, up into my hair, you grin again before wrapping your hand around my hair and firmly pulling my head back to look up at you. You kiss me. Gently but passionately which surprises me but also makes my body melt into yours.
You pull my head back and tell me to get on my knees.
You remove your work shirt. Your hand moves to undo your belt. 'Please let me' I ask.
You nod your head in agreement. I slowly undo your belt and pants and remove them. Finally getting to what I want. Your hard cock. I take the end of you in my mouth, teasing you with my tongue, but not for long. That's not the way you like it. You grab me by the hair again so you can hold me still and start fucking my mouth. You are rough but you know I like it. You stop and tell me to get on my knees on the bed. I think you are ready to fuck me already. But then I feel your belt running slowly down my back down over my ass and in between my thighs. You place your hand on my ass and rub it gently before you slap me on the ass with your belt. Over and over spanking me getting harder until I can take no more and scream out in pain and pleasure.. you flip me over and kiss me again, not with any gentleness this time, biting my lip. Your lips travel down, biting me again on my neck working your way down to my breasts sucking on my nipples biting me and your fingers inside of me feeling me feeling how wet you are making me. I am pleading with you by this to please fuck me.
You are on top of me with your cock teasing my pussy, rubbing it against me. Finally you push inside of me slowly at first until you are deep in me. " now I'm going to fuck you hard".

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