The Quiet and Yet Wild Woman

Some years ago I had been messaging a woman here on AMM for some time, just exchanging messages with horny talk which was all both of us wanted. I got to like her over the weeks and despite our original requirements, I finally thought I would ask her to meet as she was making me randy. Dirty talk is alright as far as it goes but I was getting to realize this woman was horny and so I thought I would take the chance and suggested we meet up. As neither of us could host I suggested a meet in the middle of the bush as we both liked outdoor sex and just to have a grope and to masturbate each other. She declined at first, stating once again that she only wanted to exchange messages here on AMM but after a few of my propositions over many messages she finally agreed, but just for mutual masturbation not penetration which was fine with me.

She had a part time job and was available during the day and I could get the occasional day off from work, so we arranged to meet in a local spot half way between our respective suburbs. There was a large council football ground with a national park or bush reserve adjoining which would be great as far as remoteness goes and we could see anyone approaching from afar across the football ground. The day came around and I showed up at the car park which was almost empty. A couple of cars came into the car park a few minutes apart, the occupants got out and walked off. I sat there for a few minutes which grew into twenty and I was beginning to think “oh great! I’ve been stood up” and then a car came into the car park and stopped some distance away. A woman got out. I knew it was her as we had exchanged phone numbers and she looked over as I phoned her. We walked up to each other and shook hands (she had a nice small hand and I could imagine it wrapped around my penis and balls), exchanged pleasantries and I suggested we walk across the park and into the bush to find a suitable spot. She was tall and had a nice enough figure. She had on a very thin tee shirt type top which rested on the top of her full, good sized breasts, so much so that I could see the top of her breasts rippling through the tee shirt as she walked. She was, as I was to find out, quite well endowed. Very horny. I have seen that rippling effect on a few women over the years, their bra seems to leave the top of their breasts exposed and watching the rippling can get embarrassing sometimes as I can’t resist staring, other times as with this woman they have a thin materialed top on and yet still you can see their tits rippling delightfully as the material ripples slightly with the breasts. She was pleasant to talk to, saying she was a little bit nervous. I asked her if she minded me looking at her tits to which she replied that she didn’t and playfully thrust out her breasts with a smile. We started to walk across the park to the bush and I glanced down trying not to be too obvious, looking at this glorious rippling (while also trying to avoiding falling over from not looking where I was walking) as we walked.

We entered the bush and both looked back to see if there was anyone around and then continued into the bush ducking under the occasional branch and stepping over fallen tree trunks with the park gradually disappearing behind us until we were surrounded by bush and covered by tall trees. The bush was fairly dense and dark but we came upon a little clearing with some fallen trees that would do as seats and stood and looked at each other. Someone had to jump in and so I stepped forward and unbuttoned her blouse. I scooped out her breast, rested it on her bra and she took the other one out for me to fondle. They were big (did I say that already?) and soft and I had to struggle to hold one in one hand. She looked up at me and smiled nervously. They looked delicious as the sun filtering through the trees and shone on then. I asked her if she minded if I licked them. She said she was ok with that and so I as I squeezed one of her tits I licked the other and sucked briefly on her nipple. She shuddered as I licked as I think it must have tickled or felt creepy perhaps, I don’t know I just kept on licking. I unzipped and took out my cock and balls and sat them on the front on my shorts and went back to feeling her tit with one hand and also feeling and squeezing between her legs as she took hold of my cock. I could tell she was enjoying my squeezing of her pussy as she moved into it. She held onto my shoulder as her knees were probably buckling with pleasure but she also kept her grip on my cock and I could feel it tightening, which I didn’t mind as it had been squeezed tightly before and despite what it felt like the head hadn’t exploded in all of those times.

Squeezing a pussy through her clothing was one thing but flesh against flesh is another. I lifted her skirt and slipped my hand down into her panties and grasped her completely shaved, plump, hot little snatch, letting one of my fingers slide between her moist slippery lips. I massaged her clit and fingered her hole and she finally released my cock and took hold of my shoulders to support herself. I don’t think her legs could stand the pleasure any more judging by the gasping and panting. She pulled my hand out of her pants for a rest I think and went to work on my cock. She pulled on me as she looked up into my eyes. The stokes were steady and slow, I had produced more than enough juice to lubricate the head which was just as well as her grip tightened and the pace increased. I backed her up against a tree and grabbed the trunk over the top of her head to support myself as she worked on me. Now it was my legs that were buckling with pleasure, also the knob was getting over sensitive and I couldn’t stand it anymore and so I asked her to stop for while as I didn’t want to cum just yet. She complied and asked me to go back to fingering her clit. I could feel her labia lips engulfing my finger as I strained to stay on her clit. I never seem to be able to stay on top of those things. She was shuddering with a pleasureable look on her face as I worked her over between the legs. Her legs were trembling wildly until she begged me to stop and suggested we take some photos by way of a rest.

She wanted to take some photos of my cock and balls as we had already agreed to photos but not with faces included. She wanted a photo of just her hands adorned with her unique rings (so she could show her friends I suppose) showing on her fingers pulling me and playing with my balls and so I took the camera and took several photos from different angles as she assumed various pulling posses. I sat down on one of the fallen tree trunks and leaned back so she could get a good hold of my gear for the photo and so I could get far enough away so as to not only have my cock and her finger tips in the photo but also my legs and stomach. I suggested she get her tits in the shot which she seemed to think was a good idea. She later told me she used that shot in her private gallery. I took a selfie of me sucking her tit for my use only as my face was in it.

I asked to see her masturbating herself and so she took her skirt and panties off revealing a lovely, bald snatch. She stood there in the sunshine completely naked from the waist down with her blouse draped over her tits. There is something so horny about a woman standing there naked from the waist down with just her blouse on but open, draped over and revealing her tits. I have a few memories of a woman or two in that state of dress, lying back propped up on her elbows on the back seat of the car with her legs hanging out of the car waiting to be used by myself and a couple mates. One in particular comes to mind when we were in our early twenties and with an “older” woman in her forties. Oh, ya gotta laugh.

I said I wanted a photo of her pussy and would she put one foot up on the fallen tree trunk to expose her snatch which she did, pulling her blouse back to expose her tits and then putting her hands behind her head, really getting into being photographed like a professional photo shoot. I didn’t include her face as requested but the rest of her body from feet to neck was in the shot as I lay almost on my back shooting up at her. Magnificent photo, I still wank to that shot occasionally, her gapping snatch, her foot up on the tree trunk in a slut like stance and her tits in the back of the shot. After I had snapped her from all angles she put her skirt down on the rough tree trunk (it would have been a bit uncomfortable on her lovely pink bum otherwise) and sat on them, laid back on a branch sticking out of the tree trunk, opened her legs, parted her labia lips with her fingers and fingered her hole and clit.

I didn’t know whether to take photos or to pull myself and I really wanted to plunge my cock into her but we had an agreement of no intercourse. I tried to pull myself and take photos but it wasn’t working so I just took photos as my cock swung about. My camera was going wild. As I moved to photograph her I could feel my engorged but not quite fully hard cock swinging to and fro totally turned on by the naked woman in front of me. She wanted some shots of me masturbating and so I suggested she stand up and finger herself standing while I sat and reclined slightly to get the sun on my hand wanking as I gazed and got turned on by her naked body. She was taking shots from all angles. She got me to stand and bend over and went around behind me to get a photo of her grabbing and pulling on my dangling cock.

We decided to pull and finger each other off. I went first and began fingering her but she stopped me and said she wanted me to just get as much of her pussy into my hand as I could and just squeeze it as hard as I could and then relax and then squeeze again and so on. She started to moan almost immediately and she was loud. I was concerned that we hadn’t gone into the bush far enough and people would hear her. Luckily, she exploded fairly soon after in a body tensing orgasm, stretching her legs and toes rigidly until she came. I was all ready for my turn and to have her pull me off when she looked over and told me that she usually had two or three orgasms and would I keep going please. It’s such a bastard that some woman can have multiple orgasms whereas guys blow their load and that’s it for the day or at least half an hour or so sometimes if I am lucky. By the time she had had her third endorphin blast, my arm and fingers were ready to fall off. Don’t get me wrong, it was great hand exercise.
I might be crippled for life but it was great hand exercise. Her juices were running down my hand to my elbow and my hand was completely covered and slippery.

Anyway it was my turn now and so I settled down straddling the fallen tree, my legs apart, reclining slightly and watching as she took to my meat like an animal, wanking furiously so much so that I had to hang on to the tree. It was hurting but it was also excellent. She had a good hold of my balls in the other hand and had dragged them up beside my cock as she wanked me. My sac was stretched so tightly over my balls that the skin was shinny and veiny. I had to get some photos of that which isn’t easy as your penis and balls are being assaulted by a wild woman. The camera was clicking away but I had to stop as the waves of ecstasy were sweeping over me until I finally let go with a satisfying grunt and a spurt up into the air that she really appreciated blurting out something like “Oh, Yes!!!” with a big smile on her face. I produced another couple of smaller spurts that dribbled down over her hand. She bent down and wiped the cum, still oozing out of the cock head, all over her tits. She then produced tissues that all women seem to carry at all times, stored in the depths of their purses or handbags and cleaned us both up. I don’t think I have ever been cleaned up by a more meticulous person. She ran her finger along my urethra under my shaft, expelling any residual cum and wiped it from the opening in my knob. Then she wiped the shaft and dabbed my scrotum dry and finally stuffed all of my gear back into my pants and I helped her put her sizeable tits back in her bra and then bit her on both of her buns as she wriggled into her panties. We coyly wandered back out of the bush and across the park and back to the cars as if we had just been out for a walk.

I received a message from her about a week later saying how much she enjoyed our meeting and that she wanted to do it again and perhaps get a little more adventurous if I was interested. I had to go out of town for work and so we arranged to meet in a month’s time and this time at her place. I think she said hubby or boy friend was away for the week. I can’t remember exactly but the main thing is that he wasn’t there. We both liked outdoor settings and so I asked why we were meeting inside this time. She replied that she wanted to use a few toys if I was interested. “What sort of toys” I asked. She replied that I would find out on the day. Ok, I was game.

I fronted up on the specified day and time and she opened the door and welcomed me in. We started out with the usual groping of each other and she said I could tear her top off if I liked and not to be told twice I ripped her blouse open with buttons flying everywhere to reveal her magnificent braless tits in all their glory. Her nipples and dark red areola staring at me like the proverbial headlights. Ahhogah!!! I juggled her melons up and down like a kid with new toys which she seemed to enjoy with a semi-serious look that women get on their face when they want to make sure you service both of their tits equally and preferably at the same time, somewhat unreasonably! I really squeezed her tits hard, they were so arousing. I was having fun with her fun bags. I dragged one up to my mouth and sucked on the nipple. She eventually pushed me off, saying she wanted to try something else. This must be the toys she said we were going to try. She came back into the room with something that looked like an oxygen face mask.

This was getting interesting. I watched as she uncoiled the hose and bulb looking device. She told me it was a pussy pump and then I recognized it. I hadn’t seen one in the flesh (or plastic) but I had seen photos on adult supply web sites. I had bought a penis pump for myself some years ago but had disposed of it as it didn’t do much for me. Anyway, the pictures on the pack were fairly revealing and we placed it over her snatch and I started to pump. Her pussy soon filled the “face mask” and as instructed by her, I pumped even more. I was thinking yeah well that’s interesting and I hope she is enjoying this but, well, I could be reading the newspaper as far as this doing anything for me sexually and then she took the face mask off her pussy. Wow, it is all puffed out and such a horny sight I almost blew my load then and there. I had a mighty few pulls of my cock and then proceeded to feel her swollen pussy. It really stood out about twice its normal size and was plump and wobbled like firm jelly when I touched it. It was engorged with blood like a piece of liver but not as dark coloured, sort of a red raw plum colour. I am not a great pussy licker. I dried it as it was covered with her juices and then I kissed it a few times and slipped my tongue briefly between the plump wobbling lips. I sucked on it, something like sucking on a guys scrotum I am guessing, sucking part of it into my mouth.

It looked so animalistic and horny. I just wanted to fuck it. I asked if it was ok to fuck her when her pussy was like this. I really would have rather asked if it was ok to fuck “it” as all I could see at this point from a purely animalistic point of view was this swollen, blood red, raw meat, thing between her legs that I wanted to fuck mercilessly. She replied that she had been fucked when it had been pumped before, so I knelt between her legs as she lay on the bed with her legs open and her knees up, took my cock in hand and pressed my knob into her, pausing momentarily to take in the sight before pushing my entire length into her. It felt just as it always does and my cock slid into her easily right up to the hilt as I lay on her in the missionary position. I could feel her enlarged pussy hitting the base of my cock on either side. An unusual sensation but I enjoyed the root and so did she judging by the gasping and her locking her legs around me. We switched around to spooning position and I could watch my cock sliding into her enlarged pussy lips in the wardrobe mirror beside her bed. I was thrusting like a wild man, my eyes locked on her pussy and my cock and squeezing her tit at the same time. Her lips stayed swollen for some time afterwards and you could see them as she walked around the room. It looked like a guy’s scrotum except there wasn’t a cock and there was a slit in the front of it. It really played with my mind. Very unusual sight and very horny, so much so that I took her again out on the kitchen bench and pounded into her for some time before blowing my load, cum running back out of her and onto the floor.

We have met up a few times since but outdoors, as I think the boyfreind or hubby was back in town and anyway we both like the risk of possibly being discovered you get in the outdoors. I like it beside the expressway with the traffic roaring past just up the top of the embankment we had scrabbled down. I like her bent over and grabbing a tree or a rock and me standing behind her pounding away for all I am worth, sweat pouring off me, trying not to have a heart attack before filling her with hot cum. She on the other hand likes to get me on my back on the ground (or a picnic rug – you have to be comfortable after all) and for her to straddle me cowgirl style sitting up or with her hands on my chest but either way I can play with her tits as she rides me. She does most of the work that way except when she gets tired and raises her arse up taking her weight off me so I can do some frenzy rooting, driving my cock up into her. I haven’t seen her for some time but I still have dreams about her swollen pussy.

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