Fantasy come ture: hot time with the roller shutter installer

I have always fantasied what would be happening if a guy that I meet coincidently turns on to kiss me and more.

Maybe it happens in the gym bathroom, or in the office.. or at a new job interview, may be when I was trying new clothe at a cloth shop change room, or when I was doing morning running at the path corner in the park or, at the sunset beach,, or more exvitintly when I call the plumer to fit my leaking tap......

It came ture last week finally.

I was sick and sleept in in bed when i got a phone call from the rolling shutter installer guy who asked me when I could be home so that they can drop the shutters and ready to install the next day as we made appointmemt on that Saturday .

I sent a reply joked "u r spying on me yes? I m on sick leave at home today". Immediately he replied" we will be there in 20 min".

The fantasy of having a hot meet up came up on my mind and it turned me on. I was starting to finger my sweet part and slowly made myself trembling while i heard the noise of cae parking outside..

He and other 2 young guys just parked the van on my drive way when i walked out with flesh red on my face.

He asked me to show him the rooms that need to install the shutters and told me hw was spying we laughted walking in and I asked him to follow me into my bedroom first to install the bedroom shutter first.

He followed me when I was walking in front of him and still joking with him about he wss spying on me then sunddenly he came close to me amd grabbed my two rabbits in his hands and rubbering them while he also leaned his nody against me and started to kissing my ears --- the most sensitive part of me.. that made me moaning slightly and lost energy but leaned against him that i could feel his hard cock was against my butt.

he kissed my neck and my ears while that made me even hotter and started to wiggling my butt against his hard and moving around slowly.

He put his hands under my top and started to squeeze my hard nipples . . He twisted my two pointed and hard standing nipples and whispered in my ears: u have two big tit darling....oh... "

he started to moaning and asked me if i would like to feel his hard cock to which i answered him with my hand went down straight slipping my hand into his shorts and rubbering his erosed hard cock..

We kept this position and movememt and didnt stop our hands while he was pushing me walking together with him, and pushed me in my bed..

he started to hand fingering me and moaned.. u r wet. . ...
We can heard his guys outside were unloading the shutters and thought they may come in at anytime but that didnt stop us to continuing our habds and mouth and tongues to wrestling with each others ... in fact it made me even more excited.

it was very exciting until his guys called him out to check things.

He gave me a deep kiss before he went while i gave him a hard grab on his hard cock and kissed back..

He came into my bed room few times to finger my juicy pussy and playing with my hard nipples and kissing each other..... we had to a quick stop what we were doing when his guys calling him to check tge drillimgs etc so that he could go back to check his guys wprk and make sure things done properly....

This has been a week since it had happened but still i have so many fantacies which i think may come ture one day just like wht had happened last week though he was not the plumer i had fantacied.

Guys if you have fantasies please just go ahead when u see the opportunity as maybe the woman you met just had the same to what you had in your mind.. it needs someone to step out first.. just like my rolling shutter guy did ... A bold moving forwards may fulfill both of u.

I m waiting for him to come to slidding his cock into my juicy pussy one day as we ex changed few texts afterward when they finished the job and drove back ... will update if that happens one day.

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