AMM chat room and camming

Just thought I would share my experience on AMM. As a single guy just looking to chat and make friends on here it is very hard to break through and form friendships. Most messages and winks go unanswered .
I am a paid member and enjoy the privilages that go with it. I have made some good friends and shared some good experiences though messages ect. but wanted more.

A few months ago I decided to explore the chat room. I did find it hard to get a conversation going with some of the regulars.
I had a look at some of the cams , male , female and couples to see what they were all about. To me there are a few different groups of people in the chat room. The ones that are there to chat , the ones that are there to cam , the ones that are just there to look and listen and some inbetween .
I tried the chat room and met some nice people, I was a bit scared of using the cam but just had to see how it worked. It was a little scarey at first but I got the hang of it. I have always been proud of my body and consider myself to be in pretty good shape for my age after years of manual labour.

So the time came for me to try and cam up in my birthday suit, I was very nervous but on the day I did it there were a couple of very encouraging ladies which made a big difference. I thanked them for there support.
When on cam in the public chat room you are on display to anyone that wants to look at your cam. I try to make it as good for people to see as I can with lighting ect but have only got my laptop to cam with.
There are all sorts of people that look at you on cam , a lot of guys, ladies and couples.
By being on cam you accept that you are on display and at anyone's pleasure to view . I know for me I enjoy the female body in all its shapes and sizes and I can see that the same applies to the ladies with guys. I do enjoy watching the ladies and couples on cam as well. We guys are there for them to view until they tire of us and move along to the next cam and you are discarded like a used play thing lol.
I don't drawn attention to myself in the room as I am just there for others pleasure if they so wish.
It has been good to be able react with real life people and enjoy their company.
As every where there are fakes and imitators but when you see someone on cam you can be a little more sure about who's who.
I think a lot of people are missing out by not getting the best out of the chat room experience .
If you happen to visit one day please feel free to say Hi.

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