Vanilla is a flavor of ice cream!

Like a lamb to the slaughter I keep going back.
I go back because it makes me feel alive.
I go back because I'm good at making other people feel alive. ..
Really good!

But for some it doesn't last, it's only for a caption of time then it evades their grasp once again. Despite desperately reaching for its remnants, desperately clutching to fragments in their minds.
For others it's OK, they have their lives to emerge back into, the 50 shades of normalcy; but what is normal?

“Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.”

Is it not then an interpretation, that one's “normal” is not the same as the next persons?
Vanilla is but a flavor of ice cream and it doesn't correlate to sexual desires. Everyone has their own unique tastes, unique sassiness and sex appeal. A combination of confidence, body awareness and alluring attitude. That's the beauty in sexual attractiveness; anyone can have the winning combination, everyone is drawn to different elements.
Many ask me about my kinks, I wonder if they are intrigued or bewildered?
I wonder if they compare them to their own normalcy?
Are they needing a fix by hearing about what turns me on?
What gets my blood pumping?
What makes me hold me breath in anticipation?
What gives me goosebumps?
What has my pussy buzzing and arse aching?
What has me literally that wet, it trickles down the inside of my thighs?
Why is someone else's life a means of living your own desires?
I don't have kinks.
Kinks are merely ideas within your thoughts, they are what the institution of society has deemed not 'normal'.
They are kinks while giving vibrancy to your thoughts; once experienced, once explored, once tasted, they become a desired energy.
I have a smorgasbord of acquired tastes. Some I am insatiable for, you will see the hunger for them come alive in my eyes, it's a look, it's unmistakable.
They are an accumulation of past explorations. They are part of an essence that has my mind spinning at the possibilities. ... possibility of discovering something new.
From pegging to piss play, from deviant mumma to obliging cumslut and anything in between. Fluidity of one's sexuality is breathtaking when someone taps into setting all your senses alight.
I'm talking about that person whose words bring your mind to life.
Who has the gift of weaving a literary, delectable, filthy mess with your thoughts.
I'm talking about that person that sets your skin on fire by their touch.
I'm talking about that person that has you climbing the walls with lust to delve beyond what you know, to lose yourself in every minute of discovery.
I'm talking about that person that merely has to give you "that" look and you know it's on; it's going to be intense and exhilarating.
So we venture into the unknown and roll the dice in the gamble to find a like mind and willing, motivated collaborator.
We roll the dice and gamble with the inner desires that most have shunned us for, giving of ourselves in trust and virtue.
Yes it's a gamble, we risk being misunderstood, used, exploited or just as deflating; rejected!
So I say, BE SELECTIVE, be fussy, abstain rather than settle for”ok”! Not everyone is for you, not everyone will “get” you. ….
Ok is mediocre and sex should never be mediocre. Whether it be giving a blow job while the guy is driving, a quickie because you just need a release, being a good sport accommodating a play mate. ...never should it consciously be mediocre.
It's about the moments that we fit ourselves into others lives that shares the energy on. Sex is no different, be genuine and be 100% committed to finding where time holds no relevance, where time is trying to exist in a place it doesn't belong, it's inconsequential, lost in a world of connection where bodies become one. Where all your desires are released and become tangible. Never sell yourself short or fake your involvement either physically or mentally.
But remember this world is full of idiots strategically distributed so you can meet at least one per day. Never let their inadequacies of understanding you, diminish your search to live.
Actually live not just exist.
Let them pass you by, let them misunderstood you, they are not worth your energy but someone else out there is!

Life's too short to live the same day twice.

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