In Bloom - Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Lucy Vale, Jen Bloom and big-dicked Ben lay naked and tangled on the hotel bed, Ben's now limp cock – still huge though – resting deliciously on Lucy's thigh, her left nipple teased between Jen's parted lips, with her own hand nestled snugly between the older woman's inner thighs. The aftermath of their fucking hung heavy in the air, the scent of sweat and liquid pleasure still viscerally present in the room. It was a while before anyone stirred, Jen giving Lucy's nipple one final, slow, seductive suck before sitting up and looking around languidly like a contended feline. She smiled down at Lucy and stroked her cheek.
'Well.. that was fun, Miss Vale..'
Lucy smiled back at her boss, Jen's blonde hair long and tousled. She looked fucking amazing.
'It was...'
Jen flashed one final smile, got off the bed, stood and stretched, her figure curved and perfect in the late afternoon light. Despite her age, Jen's body was still taught, round in all the right places, ample, and strong. This is what the Greek masters had in mind when they were trying to sculpt the perfect woman, Lucy thought to herself. Not anorexic teeny boppers. Sumptuous, beautiful, big breasted, womanly goddesses...
As she watched, Jen looked back at her, a seductive smile stretching across her cheeks.
'Are you spying on me, Miss Vale?'
Lucy smiled back. 'Kinda hard not to... you look.. delicious...'
Jen's smile remained but she turned away. Then, slowly, she bent over slightly, her palms against the plaster of the hotel room wall, her legs spreading. Lucy could see Jen's perfect pussy lips as the older woman spread her legs, glistening with a new wetness. She felt the stirring once more.
'Do I still look.. delicious?' Jen asked, her voice husky, wanting.
'Yes', Lucy replied, her breath quickening.
'So come and eat me...'
Lucy slipped off the bed, onto her feet, Jen turning her head to watch her do so. She was about to take a step when Jen said,
Lucy hesitated for a second, and Jen turned her head back towards the plaster wall, saying into it,
'Do you want to taste my pussy?'
'Yes.. '
'Then crawl to me'.
Lucy, her breath catching in her mouth, dropped slowly to the carpet. Jen leant forward a little more, expectantly, her pussy lips visible and perfect between each thigh. Lucy began to crawl, her naked form languid and obedient, her own sex moistening with each movement.

Behind her, Ben had woken, his eyes adjusting to the wilting light sneaking through the cracked hotel curtains. He sat up to see Lucy Vale on all fours, her dark brown hair haphazard across her back and shoulders, crawling towards the older blonde, who had leant against the wall, as if waiting for a spank. He smiled to himself and reached for his hardening cock. This was a good day.

Jen, her head turned slightly, noticed that Ben had woken, and was playing with himself, his cock hardening, massive between his dark, powerful thighs. Lucy Vale, still crawling, was only a few inches away from her target, and Jen could suddenly feel Lucy's hot breath against the back of her thighs.
'Do you like what you see?' Jen asked Ben, who murmured appreciatively in response.
She felt Lucy's hands slowly slide up the back of her legs. She tossed her head back towards the ceiling, and closed her eyes.
'Are you my little slut?', Jen asked quietly, her head back, her eyes still closed.
Lucy, taken aback for a moment, didn't reply, her hands just below the curve of Jen Bloom's buttocks.
Jen Bloom opened her eyes and looked down at the younger woman.
'Are you going to be my slut, Lucy?' She asked the question again, softly.
'I will', Lucy whispered breathlessly, this time without hesitation, her brown eyes wide and fixed. 'I will be your slut.. forever'
Jen smiled down at her. 'Good'. She turned her head back towards the wall again, closed her eyes, and rested her cheek against the cool plaster. 'Then spread my lips... and eat me'
Lucy did as she was told, and Jen could feel fingers slowly prying apart the flesh between her thighs, and a tongue barely skim the surface of her slippery opening.
'Oh God.. lick me...'
The tongue returned, a little firmer, pressing against the crevice as it swished slowly forward against Jen's parting lips.
'Mmm.. taste me..'
Lucy found the wetness again with her tongue and this time slipped it slowly between the folds, inching it inside, as deep as she could. Jen's thighs trembled slightly, and she hissed:
'Yessss.... fuck me with your tongue... fuck me...'
Ben was masturbating rhythmically on the bed, the sight and sounds before him as erotic as he had witnessed. Lucy's face was pressed deep against Jen Bloom's buttocks, the older woman groaning with pleasure as she was tongue fucked.
Lucy paused for a moment to take a breath, her mouth wet and covered with Jen's juices. She turned and watched as Ben continued to stroke his massive cock, precum oozing from the tip.
'Come fuck me... while I fuck her..' Lucy said, and without waiting to see his reacting, turned back to Jen. She raised her hips in the air, invitingly.
Ben did fuck her, hard and deep, pulling her hair and slapping her ass while she ate Jen Bloom, the taste thick and heavy in her mouth, Ben's cock scything deeply in and out of her pussy, her own centre convulsing with an orgasm as Jen cummed hard into her mouth.
As Ben emptied his own load inside the young brunette, all three collapsed in a naked pile, covered in their own juices, slippery and satisfied. As they lay on the cheap blue carpeting, a visiting older couple in the neighbouring room from Scotland, their bags barely unpacked, sat stunned, their eyes wide.
'Should we.. ask for a different room?', the husband suggested.
His wife nodded hurriedly in agreement.

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