Metaphorical Journey

When the 'world' you live in, isn't really a world at all; it's a hiding place from where you have come from and a state of limbo, from where you're achingly trying to reach.
It's a metaphor for the whips that have stung your confidence and the chains that have anchored you to your fear of not belonging.
It's the catalyst that keeps you treading water while the current is passing you by. The 'world' you live in only exists when you're brave enough to strip back the layers, to emerge with a mask of courage that coexists with your darkness. A mask that intensifies your sense of discovery, your sense of identity beyond yourself and your reflection in society's mirror of judgment.
You can identify with the delicate caressing of lace, the isolation of a blindfold, harshness of straps, overtly rigid protection of leather, stippling of a flogger, the immediacy of clamps surging forth conscientious awareness; all representative of emotions and needs.
All symbolic only within one's mind and uniquely different to each of us.

Oh take it all away as I don't feel it anymore.

Once a pawn in others empiricism, I've ventured forth into lands destined to embrace the rawness to my own mind, openness to my willing body and intriguing composition of my soul.
I've discovered there are very few of us, or at the least, very few that dare to expose what they innately fear others won't understand: judging them accordingly.
Few of us can express it in words, can relate to it in the idealistic measure of everyday life.
It's like gazing up into the drifting clouds and immersing in their magic, to feel their movement within our bodies, their rolling movement rippling through our minds, creeping down into our stomachs, fluttering into our loins. Like the vast sea that sets its waves free upon the sands, the hunger in us brims to the surface and we seek others to reside in our deviance.
I'm forever craving, craving something i can feel. ..
I miss more than just a body, it's the mind, the soul, the genuine energy of a fellow essence that is true to their integrity, desires, needs.

We're all looking for a path to follow, it's only human nature after all to move.. but are we propelling ourselves forward or dwelling around and around.

River or road?

The river is beautiful and natural, but forever changing and an unpredictable, enticing experience to embrace.
The road is a manufactured trail leading to a preconceived, desired destination, but not without obstacles. Nevertheless a journey we anticipate with its possibilities.
Which have you chosen in the past; which was the safest option?
Why did you choose it?

It is not where we start or where we end up but more innately the journey in between. .. it's about remembering to breathe and inhale the experience as it unfolds.
So too does my life journey continue and both my mind and sexuality manifests an undeniable progression into uncharted grounds.

For the most part I've found my muse, my ally, my teacher, my counterpart to explore further and delve so much deeper. As for finding a cohort of like minded souls, that's both a challenge and a goal. We know you are out there, we're patient and optimistic, but we are not foolish nor hastened to open the doors to meet spectators and takers. The wait and search will be worth it's weight in gold.

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