puppet on a string

Puppet on a string
No longer my ego's slave
Have you ever felt
like a puppet on a string
being controlled
by a woman's whim?
And even though
you try to run
and you try to hide.
It sure feels like
you can't get off
the roller coaster ride ?
Then before you know it
you are caught
in her web,
and in
the pit of your stomach you
have a feeling of dread,
At first
you are amused
it's not long
before you feel
utterly confused.
If this is you
and you would like
my advise
before you proceed think twice
if you detect
any of the
with your lover
Then as fast as you can
run for cover …........
Firstly she will cunningly
play the game
(that's called 'Dating'
for want of a better name )
by wooing you with her
feminine guile
to put you
on trial
by hiding her
true intentions
behind her sweet smile
Saying ever so nicely 'I need to
trust you first'
So you try
ever so hard to please
you fear you will burst.
Then after dating
for quite
a long while.  
With beach walks,
winning and dinning,
and text messages galore.
You hope
she may soon
let you
grace her door.
But alas
her chastity proclaims
loud and clear
She is not
a 'Whore'.
she is
a 'God's police'
obeying societies law.
you try even harder
to prove your merit.
Your feelings
matters naught
so just grin
and bare it!
But still she sits
on her
pure velvet purse,
and you
begin to wonder
if indeed you are
Then for
as long as she can
she will string you along,
and make you jig
to the tune
of her song.
While all along
she is
so sweet and innocent
making you prove
your worth until
she is sure
one hundred percent
that she has you
dancing like
a puppet on a string.
although her objective
may not be
a wedding ring
she loves
the power of
leading you on,
and treating you mean
for that will
surely keep you keen.
Putting it crudely;
she doesn't
give a fuck,
and if you are
wanting sincerity
you are
out of luck.
she has the temerity
to use you to boosts her
low self esteem,
and she feels
mighty powerful.
Rather like a cat
who licked the cream.
It does not matter
if your balls
are hurting
for she gets
so much power
from just flirting.
You see
her ego feeds
on her ability
to enchant you with her
'come hither eyes'
which she cunningly uses
as her disguise
to merrily
betray your trust
and tell you lies.
Whilst your
mind and body
she pretends to idolize,
because she knows
fickle flattery
will be
your demise.
She will also use
her well
rehearsed charm,
and her
feminine cunning
to not only
but to lull you
into believing
she thinks
you're gran,
then ever so subtly
she will make
yet another demand.
But the
cold hard facts are
She does not
give a toss!
because all she needs
to win you
at any cost.
It does not matter
how many friends she has lost
as long as the feels
she is the boss.
Even when
her deceit and lies
are eventually
and her true colors
can no longer
be concealed.
She will point the finger,
and act so sincere
in her
desperate attempt
to appear austere.
she is self serving
and she sure can deceive
all the unfortunate
gullible men
who mistakenly believe
that she is
open warmhearted, loving and loyal
unfortunately she uses
her charm as a foil
if by chance
you dare to rattle
her cage
you will definitely bare the brunt
of her self righteous rage,
luckily for you
this exposes
her 'default setting'
which you now realize is
definitely no bed of roses.
In actual fact
your relationship
is built
on false pretenses,
but hopefully
it won't take you
too long
to come to
your senses
And although at first
you may feel
angered by
her sweet deceit,
and at first too
embarrassed to admit defeat
Eventually however,
I trust you
will see it as a gift
When you understand
the reasons why
feel so damned miffed.
The reality is
that behind
that charming smile,
she is not only very needy,
but also her ego
is extremely fragile.
And although she
appears to be
self assured,
and oozes confidence.
I need to say
in her defense.
It is all just to camouflage
her feelings
of inadequacy
that are
in actual fact
quite large.
Also most likely
her journey
from childhood onwards
has been tough
making her believe
she is
never enough,
and it is also
probably true
from birth
she has been taught
to 'milk
the gravy train'
for all it's worth.
After all
'She is sitting
on a gold mine'!.
So she uses
bribery and cajoling
to make you
toe the line,
because dishing out
her sexual favors
keeps you controlled
Thus making it
for true intimacy
to unfold
Then before long
you discover
you are under
her thumb
so often you resort to
Mrs Palmer
and her 5 daughters
to cum

The stark reality
brings you undone
when you realize you have tried
everything under the sun
But as each penny rolls into place
eventually she will
fall from Grace
Then in hind sight you will attest
'She is most certainly
self obsessed
and cares for no-one
as long as
she is
in control
she feels
she has won.
For after all
it is imperative
is number one'
if you too
are caught
in her web
woven of
bright colorful hue
the lesson is a a gift ...
that's all
we can ever do.
Please don't think
you're stupid
or going insane
Because the good news is
next time
you will be wise
so she won't
deceive you again.
My question is
Why do so
many of my sisters
lead men
on this fickle dance,?
I wonder
do the above words
ring true
for you
by any chance ?
Because it sure
has me
and also curious
to hear
If it's happened to you
does it make
you furious ?
And if so
What would you suggest
is a better way
to behave?
Cause I believe
men will always
retreat to their cave
when women
manipulate and deceive
to win the man,
because it seems
women perceive
That playing
'hard to get'
will gain
the man's respect.
So I wonder men
if you can
help me here ?
Tell me..
How can
men and women
communication clear?
Are you content
to play this game ?
do you think
it is a crying shame ?
When man meets girl
all is not
transparent ,
but instead,
the game of pretend
is apparent?
Where does
honesty and integrity
fit in this mold?
As they say
'All that glitters
is not gold '
So it seems to me
the glitter
will quickly
because dishonesty
soon leads to
mistrust and fear.
And fear and love
cannot co-exist
so please tell me
'What is it
I have missed' ??
Between you and me
and the
gate post
I think what hurts
me the most,
is knowing
that some women
will also
betray another
woman's trust.
Because for them
being all powerful
is a must.
It does not
matter to them
that a sister
is bruised,
and vulnerable
as long as
to the outside world
they appear
But what they fail
to realize
is deep down
in their core
they are so afraid
they will be branded
'A Whore'
that they resort
the behavior
that I have already
And as for
their integrity and honesty
never questioned.
It seems to me
they refuse
to face the brutal truth.
We are all
sexual beings
at out roots,
and wired into
our DNA
is sex and lust.
But somewhere
along the way
us human beings
have forgotten to trust
that we too
like the whales
migrating North
have our own
inner compass
to guide us forth,
and just as the river
to the ocean
keeps flowing
we too can heed
our own
inner knowing.
Yes I can hear you
'Holy cow !
you must be
in Utopia Now ????
So I will stop
my monkey mind
this rant and rave
go to the ocean
and ride
wave after wave
wave after wave
I am no longer
my ego's slave

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