Pssttt.... a sneak peek at our messaging. (4)

(K 9.26pm)……….I wanted to tell you about my solo fun last night!

(Me 9.26pm).... Oh yes please!

(K 9.51pm).......Well I went to bed extremely horny, watching some porn of guys getting pegged, oh how hot I do find that, it was too much, my body aching, rocking my hips, my ass begging to be filled, stretched, used.
I got up, showered, cleaned myself out, my mind dancing at the thought of pleasuring myself, the anticipation growing into a heady rush.
Getting out a very large thick black 12 inch dildo I took my time to slip into that world of haze in the moment.
With it stuck on the wall securely, slick with oil, hanging there, I was sliding my aching hole up and down it's substantial length, teasing but denying myself as I touched my penis, savoring the feeling of it against me.
Oh so nice, until finally lifting it up, placing it against my asshole and slowly pushing back against it, feeling its girth spread me open, my body swallowing it's head, stretching, filling that void that I wanted to be filled.
Finally in, inching into me, my body relaxed savoring it, devouring it more and more as I pushed deep inside me hitting my gspot, sending waves of pleasure through my body and the feeling of jerking my penis transcend into another level of pleasure.

(K 10.13pm) …….Oh my friend, how my mind raced, imagining you taking over, your warm hand replacing the rubber phallus, exploring my body, feeling your fingers inside me, probing deeper, pushing through the next ring of muscle, breathing as I allowed you, willing my body to accept more of you, my mind conscious of the thought of your body inside mine.

2.36am I woke to read Kyanes message.

(Me 7.38am )........There is such energy between us when we are sharing words, I fell into such a deep slumber awaiting your message to come through, watching the "kyane is typing " appear and disappear, teasing my mind , grasping the possibility, weaving visual imagery within my ever so tired mind. As I sometimes do, when over tired, I dreamt for the duration of REM sleep.. parts of your previous emailed story came to life, old messages of your love of anal, our deviant need for that tactile connection, beautiful places, enthralling music transcend upon the dream and I woke breathless, body aching, sheets moist with the wetness of sweet juices from between my thighs, pussy throbbing and mouth dry. ... and my gorgeous friend from afar. phone flashing with the notification that your messaged had come through…. OMG your tale of your night of self pleasure had my hand searching for that wetness, bringing it to my lips and savoring the taste, returning to continue to release the tingling that had now resonated into a pulsating rhythm of my entire pelvis, it wasn't just my pussy that longed to be taken reading your message again and again, it was my arse as well.
I quivered as I slid a plug into its embracing opening, the desire literally sucking it from my grasp as soon as it recognized the sensation, oh how I've grown in such insatiable appetite for my willing hole to be consumed.
A surge of pulsation took over as I slid four fingers into the sleek and slippery entrance of my pussy...both being filled, is another taste I've consumed and long for. Clearly my dreams had weaved the tell tale signs of tantalizing foreplay upon my body, as my orgasm trembled so very closely to the edge the moment my four searching fingers hit that undeniable, swollen spot on the wall of my vagina.... it wasn't a flutter of spasms that slowly ebbed forth, rather an intense reverberated surge of rolling waves that simultaneously had me gushing, squirting between any crevice that wasn't sealed with my hand. The hum of the aftermath welcomed the plug in my arse, tantalizing the walls that hadn't caused the orgasmic eruption. ..but would welcome it. I thought of striping the bed, but honestly enjoyed drifting back off to sleep in the coolness of the wetness. ..

(K 10.46am )........Oh my friend, the visual feast you create nourishes my mind and feeds the hunger within me, I agree, there is an undeniable energy when we exchange words, two minds meshing, conjuring images which transcend into the most erotic images and fantasies, bodies reacting to the delicious treats that have been set upon the table before them.
(K 1.59pm) I have reread your message three times, oh so hot, how I would love to experience every aspect of your body, every taste, from your salty skin to you squirting in my mouth after I tease you to the brink edging you again and again before sliding three fingers inside you hitting the right spot and fucking you with my hand until you gush in my open mouth.

(Me 7.14pm ).......When I read your message Kyane it was as if i was a voyeur, being privileged into your inner world of raw desire. .. my breath shortening as the words transcribed a hunger most just don't understand and literally don't have the capacity to grasp. .. butterflies building, goosebumps, found myself swallowing and biting my bottom lip ( a dead give away I'm captivated in the moment and struggling to contain my need to be a part of the tactile sensory euphoria )... no one has done that to me merely by expressing words. .
Thank you

(K 10.11pm) …..You know what?, I can definitely transcend words, I'd love to show you in person, action, connect with you, read your mind and body in the moment reacting instinctively as I think you could do the same to me!

(Me 10.14pm)......Hope is a distance unreached! But it is what keeps us connected.

(As I close my eyes for the night, a peaceful euphoria drifts over my mind and my body relaxes, immersing with the cushioning of the mattress beneath it, I could only dream of that time and place that our bodies could translate what our minds express and yet the chance is but paper thin. )

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