Your words dance with my innate desires. (3)

Hope is a distance unreached.

You can drown me in your words Kyane, I don't mind, they are a release; a bridge from what I hold and what I desire to grasp, touch, feel, taste. I'm craving, craving for something I can feel in my mind and your words tumble across the screen and unlock the access to my deviance. Falling to my knees not being able to leave myself, I'm at home in this place many are afraid and a few of us revere.
You recollect interludes, your words spring to life in my mind, they magnify every response to every nerve stimulation. I naturally worship the essence that is man, it is the very thing that drew us together all those months ago, but it opens so many tantalizing elements that heighten it's arousal. Female on female, male on on skin, mouth upon mouth, hands trailing the curves of bodies entwined, bodily fluids shared to one's content.
The scent of a curvaceous female, the energy of an engorged male, they blend into a sexual essence that suspends time and capsulates a place I can lose myself within. Add another body and my mind dances with the euphoria. ... You entice, you tease, you paint a picture of years ago when the sexual deviancy of orgies were for the elite and hidden sect of society. The taboo, some call it a kink, a fetish, an acquired taste many fantasize about but few seek out with an insatiable appetite, an appetite I seek to quench. Today's world has obscured our free mind, conditioned our view on sexuality and labeled elements with prejudice
And yet beyond my upbringing, my religion, my life journey, I ache for what most fear, what most misunderstand. The freedom to explore, to discover, to breathe the raw energy of bodies aroused and on edge of tipping over.
The throbbing, rigid power of a man, my indescribable love of the very part of their anatomy that has me transfixed. From a very early age I was vividly aware of their presence, their alluring ability to respond to my essence. My innate love was deeply seeded and has ebbed to fruition.
So I wait eagerly for the occasional message where you're clearly writing at the other end, you yourself on edge, horny, knowing I'll understand, knowing I'll eagerly read each and every word, my mind captured, my body awakened, my wetness growing and our minds become one. You are a tease and you have the ability to hold me captive in this virtual space of shared fantasies and desires; feared and misunderstood by many
Love is fragile and we're not the best caretakers so I gave up on feeling it again, quite some time ago. Can the desires of a free mind and willing body coincide with the heart a genuine connection to another one beating to the same beat. Speculation that one can 'have it all' without being hurt. I doubt it, as it is not human nature to accept the freedom of one's sexual liberation. But within our connection gives to hope!
Life is about timing, so are opportunities, but without an open mind and embracing fluid body, those pockets of time will be misconstrued or totally missed.

“Do the birds still sing in hell, I love listening to their song, but hell will be awaiting my tainted soul.”

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