The man called Kyane (2)

Let's go back to the start….
I remember like it was yesterday.
Yes, amongst all the profiles, yours was different, literate and expressive; the words echoed an essence I'd not come across before. The world conjures up images in our mind, stereotypical creatures of God, lucky for me I don't see people how most of the world does (but by the love of God you looked like a Greek god! ...ok, ok... back on track. …) I feel rather than see, not in the literal sense, but through words, both written and implied. Subtle innuendo references, the sense of something more but not spelt out; rather elusive, but tangible to the right soul.
I wasn't quite sure what I was searching for, it was after a time filled with a torrent of emotion and discovery that had opened the floodgates to my hunger for more. Hunger for genuine, rare exploration of both mind, body and soul. An insatiable appetite for my ‘deviant’ side that had been awakened by the wrong person…….but, that's a story for another day!
What came across my screen was tantalizing in a masculine, overtly fit body. I remember catching my breath and refusing to exhale, those seconds that magnifying your perception before letting yourself breathe once more. Oh my, was I blushing? I know my panties become moist and a low hum ebbed between my thighs. My mind raced, balancing the effect your photos had alongside the persona your words weaved. A contrast, yet a tangled intrigue of balance...unique, beautiful balance.
I find myself grinning like a teenage girl recalling that moment and many, many more since, when you've crossed my mind.
Younger than I and in the prime of your physical being, clearly intelligent and emotionally tuned.
I had an innate urge to get to know the “real” you, Kyaine? Was that your real name or like many others an alias. I didn't hesitate to send a message complimenting you upon a beautiful profile that outshone all others I had perused. I never expected a response, merely felt I needed to let you know you had touched someone.
I didn't spend a great deal of time online, consciously balancing my life in the real world; the “virtual” one added interest when I needed “me” time and looked for an escape.
When I finally logged back on, butterflies fluttered upon me seeing you had taken the time to respond. You didn't disappoint my perception of the man on the other side of the profile. Eloquently compiled and humble, who are you, where did you come from, clearly not Mars like the rest of your species.
Those two messages very quickly evolved into a journal of giving and receiving of information, words that painted a very personal portrait of two complete strangers, that quickly weren't strangers, well at least in the “virtual” sense. Hundreds of messages, both gentle and intimate, hundreds of messages platonic and caring, hundreds of messages daring to share the most innate desires and hungers we were longing to fill and share with another that understood and didn't judge.
That was the start of a unfathomable connection that laid the foundations for many a fantasy, we let our minds do the touching that our bodies could not.

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