Hot City Break #1

A little nervous and biting my bottom lip I saw you walk across the Arrivals Lounge. You looked just like my favourite photo of you, your hair all ruffled, as if freshly fucked. I felt my clit tingle in anticipation of our imminent, sexually loaded wkd.

Then you saw me, proffered that sexy smile and nodded as you walk towards me; your leather wkd bag thrown casually over your shoulder. Teasing eyes undressed me, opening my blouse's buttons one by one. My breasts rose and fell as my nipples hardened to meet your gaze. Oh how I wanted you to pinch them then and there!

We embraced and you smelled amazing. An erotic whisper filled my ear with promise. Your hard Cock pressed against my skirt as my Mound of Venus swelled to greet it. We stepped back and politely kissed each others' cheeks - as if old friends greeting each other on a French Boulevard. We'd pre-agreed to zero, blatantly sexual PDAs but had almost forgotten our pact.

Leaving the Airport we caught a Taxi to the City, chatting about this and that whilst gently stroking each others' thighs. Fingers spreading with hope, anticipating the skin beneath the fabric. The Taxi Driver made small talk with us; as if trying to slice through the sexual tension building in his passenger seats - hoping he may take a portion home, to share with his Wife.

The Traffic was on our side. Friday's commuters were heading in the opposite direction. We soon reached our hotel and checked in. Surprisingly we were offered a complimentary upgrade and we gratefully accepted. There had been some mix-up with other guests who had initially requested to stay on the same floor.

We obviously left our coyness in the Taxi - as we entered the lift we were thrilled to be alone. 19 floors to go... we kissed, our lips and tongues hungry, we feasted on each other. The luggage was dropped, our hands had more pertinent duties. We grabbed each other and you pressed me against the lift wall, both of us grinding like two horny teenagers in a back alley. I was almost dripping - feeling your hard cock pressing against me, once again confirming our wanting.

The lift bell dinged so we straightened our clothing. As the doors opened we were face to face with three, corporate types, all dressed conservatively for a city wkd. They must have been there for the conference we'd seen advertised at Reception. With somewhat flushed faces we exited the lift and heard them laughing as the lift doors closed. I looked down at your stiff Cock, straining against your trouser fly. It looked like it had tried to exit the lift before you!

Our room was at the far end of the corridor. I slid the keycard down the door's slot as you simultaneously slid your hands around my hips and pulled me back towards you. Your touch was electric and I almost dropped the keycard.

For a moment we forgot we had been upgraded. We knew we'd gone up a few floors but did not realise we had been given a Corner Suite. A plush sofa and ottoman were in the living area, fresh flowers and fruit filled the air with a ripening, sensual scent. Straight ahead, floor to ceiling windows looked out onto the Park with the suburbs spilling beyond. Through some double doors we found the opulent King Size Bed, with plenty of room for two or more to play. The En Suite was another surprise: a Turkish Style, Marble Steam/Wet Room. How appropriate I thought - as I felt the juice of my lust trickle down an inner thigh.

To be continued...

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