Beach Sunbaking

When I was younger my then girlfriend and I used to go for holidays on the mid north coast. We’d stay in back packer accommodation and frequent the long deserted beaches and root ourselves silly in the sunshine on the beach. You just had to be careful about sand getting where it shouldn’t, to avoid nasty rashes.

We were away on one of these holidays when my girl friend received a phone call from her boss calling her back to work for something urgent and so when she told me, I started to pack up to return home. She pointed out that the accommodation was already booked and paid for and suggested that I could drop her off at the station that was in the next town and she would catch the train back and I could stay on for the remainder of our planned stay. I told her she was a lovely person (which she was) and duly took her to the station.

Back packer accommodation attracted all ages back then and probably still does. There were these three older women in their late fifties or early sixties staying at the place a couple of doors from where I was. I had spoken to one of them who introduced herself as Ann (short haircut, nice sun tan and big tits hardly covered that she liked to flaunt about - seemed to be the boss lady of the group) in the evening and she said that they were visiting from WA to tour around the East coast and working their way up the coast exploring local areas as they went, before heading onto the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast.

The next day I went down to the beach to get that overall tan as I was dopey enough to lie in the sun all day in those days. The beach was a bit busy by mid north coast standards, maybe three of four groups of walkers or fishermen just in sight to the south so I walked for a bit to the north and plonked my towel down, glanced around into the sand hills behind the beach to check for people and stripped off naked for the afore mentioned tan.

Time went by and I read a bit and just sun baked, turning over every half hour or so when it got too hot. I went in for a swim as the surf was very flat and just floated about before returning to the beach. As I waded out of the knee deep water I looked down at my cock. It was half erect as I was in the mood for a root or at the very least to expose myself to some female beach walker passerby “by mistake”. I would exclaim something like “oh, Sorry I didn’t see you coming” as I slowly reached for my towel to cover my gear, my cock forming a tent in my towel to hopefully impress this female. “oh, goodness me” she would say, putting her hand up to her mouth in amazement as she spied my erect cock and huge balls dangling down. I would reply “ oh it’s ok to be surprised and to want my huge cock and balls” followed by a smooth line like “Ya wanna root?”.

Sadly this fantasy woman didn’t appear but my cock had grown to full erection with the very thought of a pussy and tits being on offer and so I shielded my eyes and looked for a spot in the sand hills where I could wank still with this vision of a now naked woman beach walker (funny how imaginations can instantly strip a woman naked for a guy) in my randy mind. The beach for wanking purposes was probably deserted enough to wank myself out in the open in all my glory for the world to see but I erred on the cautious side and opted for the shelter of the waxy scrub bush (that seems to grow in nothing but sand) dotted with the occasional tree. I moved my things and towel to the cover and sat down against a tree, had a drink from my water bottle and started to slowly pull myself. It’s a hard life, the view of the blue ocean, a slight breeze, sunshine and a shady tree, stroking away trying not to come too soon. Very pleasant.

A few sea gulls flew over, hanging seemingly motionless in the breeze, with the occasional squawk and then another and then a “shhh”. “shhh”? I thought. Then some giggling. I pulled my towel over my cock and looked around for the source of the giggling. The three older women were watching me through the scrub. I stood up wrapping my towel around my waist and blurted out “ah,… hi”. “I didn’t see you there”. They broke cover and walked over to me with a broad smile on the leader (the one with the big tits I had spoken to the night before) and a lesser almost shy embarrassed smirk on the other two. Sorry we didn’t mean to disturb you. We were going to do some sun baking. It’s a nice sheltered spot here and hopefully we won’t be disturbed. We came in here intentionally a long way from the path back there to get some privacy for some nude sun baking. “We will go over there through the bush a bit and leave you to continue whatever you were doing” said with a wry smile. They moved off and found a spot only thirty metres or so away and well within my view through the scrub. I could just make them out putting their back packs down and setting up their towels or rugs over the sand/ scrubby grass. I crept closer trying not to give myself away.

The bikini wearers took their tops off releasing their lovely full tits. One of them, the boss lady, had done this before as her tits were nicely tanned with only slight tan lines, the other had “white pointers” or actually “white well rounded’s” with clearly defined tan lines. The third one, wearing the one piece swim suit took it off completely revealing a nice body with alabaster white skin and a dark haired bush between her legs. Nice tits, not as big as her friends’ but a nice arse. She was tall and slim and she applied block out (and she needed it to protect that lovely skin) as she stood there while the other two headed down to the water, their topless breasts jiggling as they sprinted across the sand on their toes. After some very horny moments watching Whitey applying the block out, she lay down and I strained to see her body spread out on her towel, one knee up. I moved to see if I could see her bush and between her legs more clearly but I couldn’t see without giving away my presence. I gathered up my courage and walked over to her. She sat up, propped up on her elbows and looked straight at me as I looked straight between her legs. She made no attempt to cover herself. Neither of us said anything but she opened her legs to give me better view as I was looking at her snatch and she knew it. She had lovely white tits (very slight tan lines) with dark reddish brown areolas and nipples standing out but I couldn’t take my eyes off her snatch. I had a bulge in my swim shorts which I rearranged and placed my obvious appendage in a better position and finally said some thing dumb like “can I borrow some block out?”. Hardly moving her body and certainly not closing her legs she looked for it and threw it up to me. I don’t think I took my eyes off her snatch and then uttered “thanks” and wandered off back through the scrub to my towel.

What to do. I was a dumb kid in my twenties and she was a mature woman who had probably had more cocks in her that I had had hot dinners. I sat there on my towel pondering the problem and then I heard foot steps crunching through the scrub from her direction. She appeared out of the cover, she had wrapped a towel around herself but it was only just covering her pussy and my eyes wandered down there hoping for another glimpse. “I thought you might want someone to apply the block out for you” she said. I came up with something weak like “Oh yeah, that’d be good”. Pathetic! Sob. She knelt down beside me and applied the block out to my shoulders and back and then my chest and my thighs. She removed my towel which I had had the sense to place over my cock which I had been stroking as I tried to think what to do (typical bloke. If in doubt, have a wank.). My cock was fully engorged but lying back semi hard and I was fully expecting her to apply block out to my cock and balls, she threw the block out bottle away, looked up at me with a slight sexy grin, picked up my cock sucked down on the head. I couldn’t see my face but I suspect it must have had a mixed look of slight surprise, ecstasy and pure pleasure on it. I watched as her lips wrapped around my knob and then down my shaft and let out that “oooh” sound of absolute pleasure you make in such situations. She massaged my balls as she slurped her way up and down. She obviously wasn’t concerned my cock and balls were going to get sunburned the selfish bitch! Although I suppose she did have my cock covered most of the time I guess. I rose to my knees and passionately kissed her as I squeezed her tit. She was a sexy woman! Her tongue was swirling around mine and I could feel her hand stroking my cock with a good solid grip. I always find it really horny when a woman grips my cock from the front with the knob in the palm of her hand and her fingers wrapped around the shaft. I slipped a finger into her pussy and slowly worked over her clit. She put her arms around my neck (ahhh! She let go of my cock! Oh well.) and her forehead on my shoulder as she strove to handle the ecstasy of her pleasure. I increased the fingering of her clit and she bucked as she came, her whole body tensing before a vocal release that would have scared the pigeons out of the trees if there had been any.

She relaxed down onto my towel on her back and opened her legs wide for me. This was no time to be licking pussy and I think I would have been concerned about being lost in that jungle between her legs and so I lay between her legs with her knees up and positioned my meat at her hole and worked her clit over with the engorged glans a few times before pushing it into her, slowly at first as she was tense and tight. Her pussy eventually surrendered and swallowed my shaft completely. I took my weight on my elbows like any gentleman would and proceeded to fuck her mercilessly as any animalistic bloke would. I could only imagine my lightly tanned arse rising and falling between those white legs. The peasant fucking a princess. I started to slow, I felt her wrap hers legs around me and she started to thrust herself. Very arousing when I sense a woman wants my load inside her. I made a last ditch effort and frantically thrust my hips into her and finally unloaded my balls into her with a gush. I gave another four or five sporadic thrusts and then fell out of her. Cum ran back out of her. After we recovered, she wiped herself with her towel and returned to where she had been sunning herself. I cleaned myself up and I could hear her friends returning from the water. There was quiet for a time and then squealing as she must have told them of her exploits. I grabbed my things and started off down the beach back to the accommodation stopping for a swim halfway back.

That night I was eating alone in a small café across the road from the hostel and they came in to order food. They were reading the menu on the wall over the counter and Whitey looked over and smiled.
She came over and told me she had told her friends what we had been doing while they were swimming. They wanted to know if I was interested in servicing all of them tomorrow at their place. They had a three bed room to themselves and so it would be private. I agreed and she gave me the room number and we agreed that I would show up after lunch tomorrow. After wanking myself in the bush in the dark behind the hostel on the way home and then again later that night in the toilet of the hostel, I spent a restless night anticipating three women at once, something I hadn’t done before. I hadn’t even done two at once privately. I had been to an orgy once or twice but that wasn’t what you would call private.

I showed up after lunch the next day at their hotel room. It was actually a bed and breakfast and had a little more class than my hostel. I knocked at the door and Ann the boss lady (with the big tits) answered the door and invited me in. She was dressed in her bikini top (a string bikini and it was straining to hold her melons in place – I was unashamedly looking down at them as I said hello to her) and a pair of shorts. Whitey, introduced as Julie, was sitting out on their little balcony in shorts and a shirt and the little one, introduced as Penny, (also with big tits – anybody would think I had a fixation with big tits. I do love big tits generally but big tits on a petite woman are so horny) was with her and had her bikini on and they were sunning themselves.

They were having tea and coffee and asked if I wanted one and I took tea. We all squeezed out onto the tiny balcony as the afternoon sun was nice and sipped on our beverages. We chatted a bit and as they told me about their travels and plans, I surveyed the various tits and curves in front of me. They could see me not necessarily looking into their faces as they talked but didn’t seem to mind. Women have equipment that guys like to look at and women know that. The boss lady asked me to take my shirt off which I did. I am not massively built but I am tall and I was firm in those days and they all surveyed my chest (they certain got a good look at it yesterday anyway) and then the leader put her cup down and suggested we go inside. This was the signal for the start of the games and I think my heart rate rose accordingly and probably my penis as well.

Once inside, their bikini tops and shirts came off and I was confronted by a sea of tits. The little one stepped up and ran her hands over my chest and shoulders as she looked up at me, and then went around behind me, ran her hand down my back and squeezed my buns. Whitey came over and kissed me again and I could feel the one behind me pulling my shorts and undies off. They fell down around my ankles as I grabbed whitey’s tit and squeezed it, ceasing our tongue duel I sucked her lovely dark large areola into my mouth. She threw her chest out and as I sucked, she pulled me tighter into her tit. I could see her looking down at me, getting off on the sight of me sucking here tit. The little one, who had a good grip on my tool and was slowly stroking it, helped me step out of my shorts and I avoided falling over whilst still holding whitey. I stopped sucking and pulled whitey’s shorts down and turned around and stripped the little one which she seemed to love judging by the smile and giggle. She had those lovely untanned tits I had perved on only yesterday and an equally untanned bikini lined snatch with a small manicured plot of fur above it. She looked down at her tits as she thrust her chest out checking them out I suppose, as if to say “these are pretty good aren’t they?” I stood back and looked at her, drinking in her compact shapely body and cute little smile in anticipation of rooting her sometime in the very near future. She had well rounded tits, not drooping and nice nipples not big but suckable and nibbleable.

“What about me!?” I heard from behind me. The boss lady wanted some attention. She offered up her body and I was mesmerized by her lovely brown, well rounded jugs. I do like large tits and so does my cock. It goes wild when it sees big tits and immediately leaps between them. Taking its two mates with it and then they rub them selves all over the hapless, defenseless melons. I have to fight sometimes to keep them under control.

I felt her magnificent tits. They were large, well rounded and firm. All of these women were fit; I think they said at one stage that they were cyclists. Anyway back to boss lady’s tits, I took one in each hand and felt the weight. Lovely. One of the others fussed around down near my cock grabbing a tissue and wiping the pre-cum that was oozing out of it before it hit the floor. I didn’t really care about it as I was having fun feeling these orbs. I tried to place my cock between them, standing on my toes and she bent down a little to accommodate me. It looked and felt so horny. It sort of makes you go weak at the knees but lust cuts in and you begin to slide it up and down between them and she helped by pushing them together increasing the friction. My cock was sliding up and down for some minutes but the others were getting impatient and the little one pulled me around and turned around presenting her arse to me as she leant on the end of the bed and looked back with those “do me” eyes, and so I did.

I bent my knees and positioned my cock where I thought her pussy was but she exclaimed “that’s my arse” and so she reached under and position my cock opposite her pussy and I gently pushed it in. She was wet and it slid in easily. I rooted into her with gusto almost lifting her off the ground as the others watched. Whitey reached under and squeezed her tits as they swung back and forth. I wasn’t sure of the sexual orientation of any of them but I think Whitey and the little one were possibly bi especially when Whitey hopped onto the bed in front of the one I was rooting, spread her legs and the little one started to lick her as well as she could with me fucking her at the same time. This didn’t go on that long when the boss lady intervened and presented herself for servicing. My cock, glistening with our juices, dropped out of the little one and I turned my attention to the boss lady who had assumed the standing doggie position hanging onto the side of the top bed of a double bunk and arching her back to give me better access to her. She quickly blurted out that she wanted it in the arse as her pussy was for her hubby only. Nice to see a principled woman.

Whitey produced a bottle of baby oil and dribbled some onto boss lady’s arse hole and some on my cock head. The other two held boss lady’s buns apart as I struggled to squeeze my cock into her. It wouldn’t go as she was tense I suppose and so I massaged her ring for a while and slowly pushed a finger into her arsehole a few times and then tried again with my cock. It slowly went in and I eased almost the entire length in before she told me that was deep enough and I started to slowly fuck her arse. It was mesmerising seeing my thickish cock bent down slightly, sliding in and out of her arse hole which was stretched tightly around my cock. She stood up more and I groped here tits as she put her hand behind my head making her magnificent tits stick out even more. I have never had a cock in my arse but she seemed to be turned on by it, despite that it was probably painful. It was very tight I will say that much. I was enjoying fondling her whole body more than the fuck. Running my hands over her tits and down between her legs to finger her strangely vacant pussy. I bit her several times on the neck as I continued to move my cock in and out of her arse.

Whitey by this time was getting anxious and said that she wanted to ride me. The boss lady insisted I keep rooting her but then after a few more minutes she relinquished my cock and I turned to lay on the bed in preparation for whitey but I was ushered into the bath room by the other two and had my cock washed so as to avoid yeast infections I was told. One of them was a nurse I think and was big on cleanliness which I must say I agreed with.

Once they had dried me (it was nice being pampered and prepared like the royal stud) I assumed the position on the bed and Whitey crouched over my cock and after wiping the cock head over her clit a few times she guided it into herself, placed her hands on my chest and proceeded to rise and fall as I played with her tits. She continued bouncing up and down on me for a few minutes and then she turned and faced away from me (without my cock falling out of her) and her arse started to rise and fall once again. I was enjoying playing with her tits and pulling on her nipples but instead I assisted lifting her arse up and down which wasn’t all that unpleasant. The little one started to play with Whitey’s clit as I rooted her. I could just see a mirror on the wall and glimpsed my cock shaft enveloped by the lips of Whitey’s vagina and disappearing in and out of it. I do love the sight of my cock with a vagina wrapped around it as I was viewing in the mirror. Whitey rode up and down for a while and then she took the weight off me and I thrusted up into her like a wild man. I could see that in the mirror as well and it made me fuck even harder, frenzy fucking her for as long as I could keep it up. I could see my balls flopping up and down, almost a blur. I found her soft, white skin such a turn on. I wanted to root her like the animal I am. After a few minutes of that I had to stop and rest with sweat pouring off me.

They asked if I would eat all of them and as weary as I was I agreed. I lay back on the bed and they all took it in turns to straddle my face (the boss lady first) and to rub their pussies all over it. It was difficult to breath sometimes but it was horny being used like a piece of meat by these three women, having them rub their twats all over my face was delicious. One of the ones not straddling me was either sucking or stroking my cock as I was having my face massaged by a cunt. The little one was almost apologetic as she swung her leg over and mounted my face but that didn’t stop her holding my head as I licked her and she rubbed herself into my mouth.

They could see I was tiring (I was fucked in more ways than one, I mean to say, three women at once!) and so they all gathered around me on the bed and proceeded to take turns pulling my cock and playing with my balls as I lay there. I propped myself up on my elbows as I wanted to watch myself being masturbated. One of them considerately put a couple of pillows behind my back against the wall so I could watch in comfort as they worked on me. Whitey finally took hold of my cock and went for it. I think I was waiting for her in particular to wank me as she was my favourite and a damned horny woman. Her hand was a blur as she wanked me, something was rattling on the bed side table next to me as she really lent into it. The little one ran her hand over my chest as I lay on the bed, I am not sure that helped (but I think it did) as I was trying to concentrate on my imminent ejaculation. Anyway, all of this finally resulting of course in a blow, up into the air at which they all cheered and congratulated me. I felt like Elvis and thought to myself “thank you, thank you, thank you very much”. I had been storing up that cum all afternoon and I think I managed three spurts in diminishing quantity, one of which landed on the little ones tit which she seemed pleased about. They cleaned me up (once again being pampered) and we dressed and went to out to get some food.

They had gone in the morning but the lady who ran their B&B handed me a note that had Julie’s (Whitey) phone number on it as well as Penny’s, the little one. I would certainly give them both a call in the future and happily root either one again. I was not sure where in WA they lived but there is nothing like visiting a friend you can put your penis into to make a long plane flight worthwhile.

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