Kyane (1)

It's been a couple of years, days of writing, sharing, tempting, mindfully playing and expressing our deepest secrets and desires.
Then months of quietness and distance. We click, we connect, we are world's apart and yet it doesn't stop us from playing with words, binding our thoughts, thinking of possibilities......

God I wish I could run my hands from your head to your toes. I wish I could linger as the physical connection takes a hold of me, merging with the soulful connection that has grown over the many messages shared. To feel your skin, I imagine it's softness and yet how taunt it stretches to encase muscle. I close my eyes and within my mind are the pictures you've shared, so real, so tempting; yet always the gentleman.
To trace my fingers around your chiseled jawline, gently closing your eyes so you can be mesmerized in the sensation of another discovering your body; of another taking control. Stopping momentarily to feather kisses upon your lips, to watch them curve in that delicious cheeky smile.
Using my palm to move your head to one side, so my lips can trail down your neck. Oh to feel the warmth of your skin, the salty residue that emulsifies the taste of your sweat with the sweetness of my mouth, the energy and rhythm of your chest rising and falling as you breath is transfixing.
My fingertips finding a path down your arms, following the veins, ensuing I depress just enough that you feel my desire to continue my exploration, compressing my grip to feel the breadth of your biceps, imagining the strength they'd contain that could pick me up at any moment and have their way with me.
I feel butterflies set a-flight at the mere thought. My eyes would be drawn to your chest and the concave of its definition. Just as my fingers entwine with yours I release them, running my hands back up your arms and fleeting them across your shoulders and to the form of your pectoral muscles. As my fingers cascaded down, my lips would shadow their path, my teeth gently grazing your nipples. My warm, uneven breath would hint of my desire to feel your hands upon my skin but my longing to discover your body is so much stronger for now.
In your mind I've bound you with leather straps, the bridle heaviness of the restraints subduing your physical strength, in your desires I have my way with you.
But I wonder, I wonder if your physical desire would win over your minds needs?
We will never know because our connection is in words, yet my beautiful virtual friend, our connection is across the miles and innately alive in our minds.
Every day I check for your words, hoping I've crossed your mind, longing to be in your dreams. Alas there is no message, so I gaze out into the skies knowing you are there, beyond the miles and smile. We are but a few of the lucky ones that have known the unknown and embrace the temptation of our inner minds without the temptation of the flesh.

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