Are you living or merely existing?

Funny how this world works, people coming and going, the demands on our time, the pressures on our minds, the fatigue upon our bodies….expectations, presumptions, endless to do list. Are you a taker, a giver, a carer, a dependant? A narcissist, an altruist, hedonist, ascetic? We compartmentalize our lives, others compartmentalize our character and intentions. And all the while, there's a mesmerizing, captivating world at our fingertips to embrace, explore, to get lost in.
As numbness transcends my soul, my body ricochets from my reflection in the eyes of the ones who judge by their perception of my life. Little do they know, I'm anchored momentarily by my past, yet propelled by my hunger for the indefinable, unacquirable lust to actually feel. That second that develops into a moment of indescribable elation.
That pocket of exploration that allows time to stand still for mind, body and soul.
I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all.
I'm only human after all.
Mutual respect is the fundamental instrument of humanity, and is free to all free thinkers!
Deliberate short sightedness is not blindness so please stop making excuses.
Life is a hell of a thing to happen to a person. I know first hand the ugliness, the violation, the emptiness. I have discovered where you have your challenges is where you have most to give, it's your strength. Today is about living the brim, smiles, laughter, music, skip in your step, hope to your dreams...make the most of today
The difference between the life you want and the life you have, is you
Little do we actually know, until the moment that we embrace our ignorance; at that very moment, we embrace our ability to ascertain the capacity of our minds.
How far outside your comfort zone are you willing to venture to unravel predictable behaviour?
How far beyond the walls of sanctuary are you permitting yourself to search, for what could ignite your mind and soul.
How long do you maintain stability in place of experiencing what could bring life to your spirit.
Fluidity of one's sexualoty is breathtaking when someone taps into setting all your senses alight.
Less creditable
Less approachable
Into boxes?
When in actual fact it's more like a kaleidoscope of circles that entwine and are constantly changing
Stand in your own truth and where that may be, respect that not everyone is at the same place.
Given I really struggle with the attachment of society given labels, fluid is a state of mind and body that allows one to transition, to transform & to interact with a healthy perspective. My life journey so far, has opened my mind and soul to accepting people for who they are, not what we need them to be or what typically society defines them as. I'm still growing and still discovering who I am. ... never what I am.
My sexuality isn't my world. world welcomes my sexuality

“She will seek what has eluded her so far; the unknown.”

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