Younger woman from Chemist up the road

I have been retired for a few years now. My time is my own and I have slowed considerably from the frenetic pace of my last job. I get up late compared to a normal working man and get dressed and have breakfast at my own pace having woken about half an hour before rising and to play with myself, thinking horny thoughts which usually results in an erection and pre-cum messing up my pajamas.
I am your typical lecherous, dirty old man and proud of it.

In the morning I get up and sometimes wander over to the window (my bedroom is in the front of the house) and without disturbing them, I look out through the curtains at the passing parade of people (actually only three or four pass by) who have parked their cars in my quiet little street for the day and are walking up to their jobs in the shops at the top of the next street. One of these people is a little brunette female, Her name is Lucy and she works at the local chemist. She is probably in her late twenties to early thirties and I can’t say she is cute as she has a no nonsense attitude that I didn’t like when I first met her some years ago now but she has grown on me and I now respect her and find her a little horny.

As I stand there hoping to catch a glimpse of her I let my penis dangle out the front of my pajamas. Despite me standing there at full length with my penis hanging out, no one can see me through the filmy curtains as it is much brighter outside than in my bedroom, so there is little chance of me being arrested for flashing. Nevertheless, it’s horny as I imagine standing there and pulling myself off for all the world to see. If I see my little brunette I have a brief pull on my cock as she passes and then after she has gone by I retire to the kitchen and have breakfast and get on with my day.

One day I needed to have a prescription filled and so I moseyed up to the chemist hoping my little brunette would be serving on the front counter. I removed my baseball cap as I enter the building trying to portray the perfectly polite, older gentleman image. She was serving on the front counter much to my delight, which I hid behind my mildly gruff older guy persona. I requested the prescription be filled and then stood aside and waited patiently. Business was slow and she busied herself putting stock away and doing the associated paperwork. I watched her and perved at her arse as she bent over provocatively from the hips. I am sure women do that on purpose. Time passed and eventually the pharmacist came to the front counter to tell me that she would have to order my medication in and it would be available tomorrow or later today. She said she would phone me when it arrived. I bid them farewell and glanced at the brunette as I left. Later that day I get a phone call from the little brunette telling me my medication is in and that as she is leaving for the day she will drop it in to me as she has noticed that my address is in the street where she parks her car and would I or anyone be there to received the package? I reply “oh, will you? That would be good, thank you. No, I live alone and I will be there”. She showed up after work and I greeted her at the door. She handed me the package and I thanked her and she left.

The following morning there I was looking through my curtains, hand on my dick which was in its usual position hanging out of my PJs and she walked passed but this time she glanced into my house briefly and kept on walking to work.
I watched her disappear from view wanking as I did so and then finished myself off with a mightily satisfying orgasm, blowing onto the curtains. Damn it! I had to clean it off the curtains! That’s what lust and hornyness will do for you.

A week or so passed and one afternoon I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and there stood the little brunette. “I was just passing and thought I would see if you were ok” was her opening patter. I told her that I was but why would she be concerned? She said that she had been a nurse some time back and she was aware that I lived alone and that older people should be checked up on just in case, every once in a while. She said that she checked on two other older men on occasion. The “older” comment was a bit of a slap in the face but I took it on the chin and thanked her and asked if she would like to come in for a coffee or tea? She said she had a prior engagement today but she would drop in tomorrow if that was alright. I nodded and agreed and she left.

Tomorrow rolled around and right on time after work she knocked on the door and I ushered her in and through to the kitchen for a cup of coffee or tea. I checked out her butt as she walked through the house in front of me. Her fitted white pharmacy type dust coat accentuate her slim waist and nicely rounded arse which I perved at a little too long as she caught me as she turned around quickly. My eyes snapped back up to look her in the eyes but I am sure she could see the guilt and slightly sheepish smile on my face.

She sat on one of the high stool kitchen chairs, foot on one of the rungs and crossing her legs in a ladylike stance but nevertheless showing off her nicely tanned stockinged/pantyhosed legs. I busied myself preparing the coffee and she asked whether I had a wife or partner in my life to which I replied, not for some years now. I asked if she was attached in any way to which she replied that her husband was a sales rep and travelled a lot and was quite often away but was home at the moment which is why she wouldn’t stay long today. I asked what she had done when she worked as a nurse to which she replied that she had been a district nurse calling on older patients to administer medications and check on their health and well being. I asked whether she saw me in that light but she said that I was much younger than they were and active, whereas they generally were not. Nice answer on her part. I still got the impression that she was doing her nurse thing but what the heck I didn’t care and she was making me feel so horny. She said she really had just called in as we had known each other for a fair time and she though it was time we had a coffee and she liked older guys who were about her father’s age or older as they were more interesting to talk to. I think there was a bit of a Daddy/Daughter thing happening here. I asked whether the people were guys and women but she said that the majority were men. I enquired what it was like working at the pharmacy and did she enjoy it. She said it was ok but the hours were much better than nursing and there was less responsibility and the pay was about the same.

I was mildly interested in hearing about her pharmacy job but I was more interested in hearing that she had been looking after older guys. I just had to ask if they ever got frisky with her and she said she had been groped quite a few times and had groped one or two of them back and told them they were naughty boys, which made their day. On the odd occasion she had been required to give one or two of them a shower. As in they stood in the shower and she washed their arms and legs and private parts which resulted in an erection on more than one occasion. As a result, she had given one or two of the really lonely ones lots of extra attention when washing their cock and balls and even occasionally pulled them a few times and made them promise not to tell or she wouldn’t do it again, which seemed to work as it went on for some time until she changed jobs. I suppose guys even old guys aren’t that dopey as to drop her in it and risk not getting their tools pulled. I listened intently to all of this and then noticed that she had finished her coffee and so I offered her another. She declined and said she had better head off. I walked to the door with her and suggested she drop in again in the future. She agreed and as she closed the front gate behind her, gave me a little wave before disappearing off down the street to her car.

That wave did it. I could so have bent her over, pulled her pants down and boned her then and there but needless to say (but I will) I went back inside and had an almighty wank, as I tended to do in such situations.

To stop myself going crazy I wank regularly to porn or if I meet someone sexy in the street I go home and have a fantasy of rooting them as I pull myself off. As I say, it keeps me from going nuts but it isn’t the same as a good penetration of a woman’s vagina, but what can you do? Vaginas don’t grow on trees but if they did I would be an avid gardener.

A few weeks once again passed and as I wandered past the chemist shop one day I looked in without stopping and there she was advising someone on something or other so she didn’t see me looking or so I thought. That afternoon there was a knock on the door at about her quitting time and sure enough there she was standing there at the door and so I invited her in for the usual coffee. She said she had seen me walking by that day and thought it was about time that she dropped in again. We drank our coffees as I showed her around the back garden. It was a windy day and a gust blew dust up unexpectedly and something landed in my eye. It was painful, my eye was watering and I couldn’t stop blinking and so we retired to the kitchen and she sat me down on the stool and told me to tilt my head back so she could see if there was anything in there. She peered around and in an effort to see into my eye she stood on her tippy toes and leaned forward pushing her crotch into my knee as she did so. She told me she couldn’t see anything but continued to look and grind her crotch into my knee. I blinked a few times and just had to adjust my cock as it was getting hard and uncomfortable. I apologized and told her I just had to adjust things as I was getting aroused as she rubbed on my knee. “Oh”, she said, stepping back and looking down with a very slight smile on her face at the bulge in my trackies between my legs. Can I help you with that and before I could answer, she pulled my trakkies elastic waist band down, exposing my cluster of cock and balls bulging out my undies. “Oh, its all gooey and it made a mess of you underpants. I’ll wipe it off for you” and pulled the undies down exposing the whole gooey mess. The cock of course stood up hard as a rock and pre-cum oozed down the side all over my balls. She took the box of tissues that were on the kitchen bench and proceeded to wipe me down. She held the cock up to wipe the balls and slowly began to stroke me as she looked cheekily into my eyes and reached for more tissues to finish the wipe down. I didn’t realize I was having that effect on you (yeah right!). I didn’t stop her and just braced myself and thrust my hips out as she continued to work on me. It was so wonderful having a woman’s hand pulling on my penis. She played with the knob briefly before resuming stroking and taking hold of my scrotum just under my cock and squeezing down on my nuts before turning them over to show me with the scrotum stretched tightly over them.

My cock and balls were fairly hairy as I hadn’t done my completely shaved look that I usually had and I told her so. She said that she had always liked shaving her older guys. She had shaved a few over the years as a district nurse and she would gladly shave me. I said “oh, that’s ok, don’t bother….although, on seconds thoughts, ok”. Who was I to deprive her of her enjoyment? She told me to stand up which I did and she proceeded to pull my pants and undies down and off. I finished stripping and stood there naked in front of her, my tool dangling down, still engorged but not fully erect, just hanging down like a large pathetic sausage. She told me she would shave me in the shower as it was easier. I turned the shower on to a warm temperature and stepped in, my cock had regained some of its erection and she stood just outside. She had taken her white pharmacy dust coat off and just had her bra and panties on. She had a nice rack and her panties were only just there, not covering much of her arse at all. She asked for and I gave her latex gloves in keeping with her nurse thing I suppose and I kinda liked the idea as it was clinical. She soaped up my genitals, soaping down through my arse crack and under my balls and the full length of my cock. I felt her gloved finger massage my arse hole which made me gasp in air a little as she did so and I gulped once or twice. She lingered there and penetrated me with a gloved finger tip briefly before moving back to the original task of shaving me. She took the razor and lifted up my cock to shave my balls first. Typical nurse, no mucking around. My pubic hair was washing down onto the slower recess floor and my cock and balls were shaved clean and hairless in less than a minute or two. My erection was a full on stand now and so she reached under my arse from behind to grab my cock and balls to hold them down as she shaved just above my gear on my abdomen. She had obviously done this before. It was fascinating to look down on the top of her little head beside my waist and to watch her hands as she held my cock down and shaved me being careful not to draw blood.

The water had splashed on her bra and tits which made my cock strain to straighten even more under her grip. I reached down and held her tit as she shaved me, scooping it out at one stage which she completely ignored, continuing about her business so I took advantage and rolled her nipple between forefinger and thumb before going back to just holding and squeezing her tit. It was a curious look with her one tit out as she busied herself shaving me. She finished and I turned the shower off. She grabbed a towel and dried my cock and balls and up under my arse and then handed me the towel to dry the rest of me. As I said, a real no nonsense person. I dressed and thanked her and she took her bra off as it was wet, releasing her lovely young full tits in the process (a lovely firm rack) and put her dust coat on over the top. She said she had to go and I watched her tits wobbling delightfully under her coat as she walked across the room to the front door. She waved goodbye once again with a little smile from the front gate and was gone. All in all, a pleasant and unexpected afternoon.

We had agreed that she should drop in occasionally and as I was sometimes out in the back of the house she could come around the side lane and in the back door if I didn’t answer the front. We had arranged a Thursday in a few weeks time and when that day finally arrived, I had been getting horny at the thought that she was going to drop in and was slouched down on the lounge in the back room that fronted onto the back veradah. I had pulled my shorts waistband down and hooked it under my balls and was stroking myself in anticipation. I heard her knock at the front door but I ignored it hoping she would come around to the back door and find me wanking. All went to plan and I could hear her footsteps coming down the side lane and up the back steps and she then poked her head through the back door. “Oh, sorry!” She exclaimed as she saw me pulling myself. I jumped and acted surprised and pulled my shorts up to cover my tool and balls. “I’m sorry.” I blurted out; I was having a pre visit pull, anticipating your arrival. After your horny shaving of me last time I didn’t want to have an erection when you visited. “That’s ok” she replied, I am glad that I get you turned on. She sat down beside me and pulled my shorts down ordering me to lift my bum to make it easier and said that “we” should get my ejaculation out of the way so we could have a nice cup of coffee and relax.

My erect cock flicked back as it cleared the shorts elastic top and slapped onto my abdomen splashing precum as it did so. She told me to get comfortable and lie back as she took hold of my tool and started to stroke it slowly as she grinned and looked into my eyes and told me about her day. I looked her in the eyes and tried to sound interested in her day but then closed my eyes as the ecstasy of her hand engulfed me. She stroked me agonizingly slowly and I struggled not to blow my load as I wanted to prolong this experience forever at this point.

I plonked my hand somewhat clumsily on her nearest tit and squeezed it through her white pharmacy dust coat. She turned her chest slightly to increase the pressure of my hand on her tit and started to increase her stroking rate. Her hand was wet with pre-cum and it ran down onto her wrist as she again increased her stroking rate until her hand was almost a blurr. I could feel my orgasm welling up inside me until I arched my back and blew a mighty spurt up into the air. Another few smaller ever decreasing spurts ushered forth until I couldn’t strain any more. She was smiling with satisfaction as she took a few tissues and wiped us both down. Cock, balls, my abdomen, her wrist and arm, some had splashed on her dust coat, she cleaned up the lot and then suggested she put on the kettle. What service!

We had a cup of coffee and talked about her day again. I asked her whether her husband knew she was pulling me off. She said that they had an open relationship and that she knew of another couple of women he was boning but as long as neither of them talked about their individual conquests then they both got along fine. She said that they loved each other and that they were just horny devils and the extra carryings on (for example me and these other two fellows she was “looking in on”) were just sexual. Nice work if you can get it and I certainly didn’t mind. She also said that they sometimes played together with other couples.

I returned to the fact that she had said that he was boning other women, so, if she fancied me, would she mind if I boned her on one of her visits providing that she didn’t mind a gnarly old guys cock which wasn’t probably as horny as a younger mans tool. She said she quite liked older guy’s cocks and was impressed with their aggressiveness when she had been taken by one of her other old guys. She said yes, she would like me to bone her and she suggested that as she was turned on after pulling me that what was wrong with here and now, if I could go again after her wanking me. I told her getting it up was no problem as I had a stand on me that was poking into the inside of my shorts, whether I had any cum left was another thing but I suggested we try it.

She undid her dust coat and I slipped off her knickers and bra as I watched until she stood there naked in front of me. I stripped off at lightning speed. I am such a randy old bastard. I turned her around and told her to grab the kitchen bench. She did so and looked back over her shoulder with a smile, arching her lovely smooth skinned back and thrusting her gorgeous little arse out. She has medium to big tits for a little girl but her buns aren’t all that big. I grabbed hold of one in each hand and opened and shut her arse crack a few times thoroughly enjoying myself. They were such fantastic handfuls of arse and my fingers easily made indents into them as they were lovely and soft. My fingers were leaving red marks in them as I squeezed them tightly. I thumbed her arse hole without releasing my grip on her buns. I bent down and bit her on each bun. She giggled a bit asking if I was enjoying myself and told me not to forget to actually stick my penis into her. With her comment in mind, I returned to the root at hand and still with handfuls of arse I opened her buns and moved my hips to place my erection in her arse crack. I slid it and my balls up and down over her arse hole a few times, paying particular attention to rubbing my balls on her little ring, before releasing one of her buns long enough to take my cock in hand and guide it between her lovely little clam lips. What a horny sight, my thick cock enveloped by her plump, full labia and all framed by her buns. I went wild and pounded into her for all I was worth. She was letting out oohs and ahhs of lust as I rooted her mercilessly. I eventually slowed but was told not to stop as she held on to the bench as well as she could. Being told not to stop was so horny that I went into frenzy mode until I could root no more and had to stop, lest I pass out. Being a dirty old man does have its draw backs. The “old” bit does limit your staying power from when you were younger, unfortunately the memory of being able to root all day or night still lingers.

I pulled out of her, sweat pouring off me. She turned around looking as fresh as a daisy and told me she had better head off as time was getting on (and hubby was probably expecting her which she didn’t mention bless her) and she had to do some grocery shopping on the way home. I thanked her for letting me use her and she said that she had enjoyed it and hadn’t had as rough and enjoyable a rooting for some time.

She called in again a few weeks later and without much in the way of greeting she said that she was really horny but she didn’t have much time but she really wanted me to fuck her. She had been thinking about it all day and so as she sat there on the kitchen high chair, she spread her legs for me, lifted her bum and slipped her knickers off. It was a little rushed but hey, I was there to supply a service to her for a change and so I applied myself to the task. I slipped fingers into her lovely tight little wet snatch (I love doing that, such a delicious feeling and so animalist) and pounded into it for a minute or so. She looked down at my fingers penetrating her and my fist slamming into her snatch as she hung onto the chair and bench behind her as well as she could. I pulled her dust coat open and scooped out her tits and sat them on her bra, giving them a quick suck, before I couldn’t stand it anymore, I took my tool in my hand and guided it into her. Her lips parted and formed around the knob. I wiped it up and down in her crack, rubbing it up and down on her clit and down over her hole a few times before pushing the knob into her and sliding it in and out until I couldn’t wait any longer and plunged into her watching the shaft disappear into her completely. I thrust into her at a slow rate a few times until she impatiently lifted her arse off the seat and supporting herself on her arms, thrust her hips at me impaling her herself repeatedly on my tool. I increased my rooting rate and I could feel my cum welling up in me and with urgency of the occasion I tensed up and exploded into her. I pulled back and my meat fell out of her limp and expended. She stepped down off the high chair, her legs spread in a slutty, bow legged way that was so horny and peered at her snatch wiping it with tissues. What with my pre-cum and her juices she was very wet. I offered to help and knelt down, took the tissues and wiped in her crack, up into her hole a few times, all as she looked down watching me work. I looked up and she had a smile on her face because she knew I was enjoying myself. I should have been a gynecologist. A, the money would be good and B, I love feeling about and playing in twats.

She pulled her knickers on, did her coat up, grabbed her bag and bid me farewell. She quietly yelled out “see you in three weeks” seemingly with a Doppler effect as she raced up the hallway and disappeared closing the front door behind her.

Three weeks! How would I survive?

She did drop in before that one afternoon just to say hello and have a coffee. We got talking and eventually she got around to telling me she was bi. I could feel my penis hardening. I had been with a few bi women before and they were very horny and adventurous and this brunette was no exception. She said she had a few friends who were also bi and she saw them sometimes by herself as her husband wasn’t into bi women. One of her girlfriends was just gay and had never been interested in guys. She had told her about her carryings on with me and this woman had listened intently. She (the gay woman) had told the brunette that she had always been intimidated by the arrogance of men which had added to her dislike of them sexually but listening to her tell about me had sparked her interest in possibly having a gentle old man interfere with and explore her private parts, something she had been thinking about as she got older and perhaps was becoming bi. Once again the offhand insult of “gentle old man” was like being hit in the face with a wet fish but it’s amazing what you put up with for your cock’s sake. Anyway, the brunette asked me if she could bring her friend around next time she visited and see what we thought of each other and if we got on perhaps I could slowly and gently service her friend. Of course I couldn’t refuse that situation. I had heard about butch (and I didn’t know whether this woman fitted into that description or not at that stage) women being quite aggressive towards men and I was a little apprehensive but I was so curious that I agreed.

The day rolled around and I heard them arrive on the front verandah. There was a bit of talking going on before there was finally a knock on the door. I opened the door and there was the brunette and a similarly attractive young woman, dressed very nicely, standing beside her. Her friend was introduced and I invited them in. The gay woman who will be known as Sophia was pleasant enough and talked nervously about the weather or something (I can’t remember). She was less no nonsense than the brunette which helped the situation I suppose as I was a little nervous myself. I made the usually coffee and we sat around uncomfortably quiet for a while until the Sophia couldn’t stand it anymore I suppose and blurted out that she was gay. “Oh, yes” I replied, “Lucy has told me”. I hear she has told you that she has helped me to relieve myself on occasion. You mean she wanked you. “ah, yes” I replied, “and we had sex last time which I look forward to doing again some time” as I smiled over at the brunette. She also mentioned that you have been feeling a curiosity as to whether you might be bi. I was beginning to feel as if this was a visit to a sex therapist (me).

To get the ball rolling, the brunette suggested that I could start by feeling her (the brunette) up and fingering her twat and then if Sophia felt like it she could join in. This went well and after a while the brunette felt for and took out my cock and balls and rested them on the front of my shorts. She stoked me a bit and then let my cock droop down and ooze onto the floor. The brunette beckoned to Sophia to sit next to her and felt in her pants and I assume was feeling or fingering her. Sophia was looking at my cock and balls and looking up at me, as if for permission, reached over and touched my cock. I pushed my hips forward to give her better access and she took hold of the shaft and stroked me gently with a sort of smile on her face. The brunette slipped her panties off (she was wearing a dress today which made access easier) and sat back down with her legs apart and Sophia followed suit soon after.

Sophia had a nice little snatch, completely bald and plump, a perfect camel’s foot, with just a little bit of inner labia peeping through. It was one of my wildest dreams to have two women sitting with their legs open and me having to choose which one to fuck first. This wasn’t quite that situation but my mind was running wild at this point and my cock was like a lump of hardwood. The brunette leant forward, and slipped a finger between Sophia’s pussy lips and massaged away for a few seconds until Sophia relaxed a bit. This was very horny for me and I just watched her fingering her friend. I couldn’t resist and just had to start stroking my cock as I gazed at her finger sliding up and down between Sophia’s lips. She stopped and reached over for my hand, took it and placed it on Sophia’s twat. Sophia was a little wide eyed at this point but was handling it, as I slowly slipped a finger between her lips and onto her clit. She was wet and my finger slid easily up and down on her clit. I so wanted to slide my finger inside her warm wet hole which is one of my favourite pastimes but I restrained myself not wanting to spook her and so just continued to massage her clit which she seemed to be enjoying with a slight smile of pleasure across her face as she held my hand in place.

They both started to kiss and so I moved back to give them room withdrawing from Sophia’s pussy, but she took my hand and put it back in a gesture to keep going which I did. I went around behind them both and reached around, slipping fingers into their respective twats and massaged their clits as well as I could in a difficult and contorted way that eventually looked like some sexual form of Twister. They were embracing away and I was manually servicing their pussies. Very horny.

Eventually they came up for air and the brunette asked if Sophia would like to try the penis. “Try the penis”? I felt like I was just an implement but I played along. I asked if she had had a penis inside her before and said that when she was about 13 (13!? Bloody hell I have led a sheltered life) she had tried sex with a fellow but he was equally inexperienced and it didn’t end well. Some years ago she had had a strap-on used on her which was a bit boring for her and she had used her own dildo successfully for some years, but she was curious about the meat version. I asked if she wanted to try it and she nodded with a slight hint of apprehension on her face. The brunette was watching on without saying a word. I took my cock in hand and stood between Sophia’s legs. She reclined back as I parted her lips with one hand and took my cock in the other and presented it up to her opening. I looked at her as if to say “now is the time if you want me to stop” and then looked back down and slowly pushed my knob into her waiting hole. The knob disappeared and I pushed it in and out a few times, checking her eyes for approval once again before pushing in almost up to my balls. She let out a slight sigh which didn’t seem to be distress and settled back as I started to thrust in and out in a sloppy, slow but steady rhythm. This went on for some minutes; you could hear the wetness as her lips rippled over my wet shaft. Sophia seemed ok and I was enjoying having my penis inside a woman instead of my hand for a change.

The brunette got up and went across the room behind me, to her purse. I heard a slapping noise and she returned with her hands wearing latex gloves. Interesting, I thought as I continued to thrust into Sophia and then I felt the brunette rimming my arse hole. She slipped a latexed finger tip into my arse. That was incredibly horny but in the circumstances a bit radical. Amid the confusion of having my arse hole penetrated by a woman’s finger and rooting a lesbian/possibly newly bi woman, I enquired to Sophia if she was ok with me blowing into her. She nodded and gasped a “yes” and with that I couldn’t hold off any longer and shot my load of hot cum deep inside her. She must have felt it and let out a quiet “aaah” of relief or passion or lust or whatever. I kept on thrusting into her as this was a surprisingly good root even though she was really just lying there. I think the good root was due to a combination of a few things. Such as: I had only just met her, she is/was a lesbian and I definitely hadn’t rooted one of those before, I was being used as a sex aid for said lesbian, she has a lovely looking box and finally my arse was penetrated on a semi clinical level by a woman wearing latex gloves. All in all, a good and satisfying root in anyone’s book I would think. Afterwards we all cleaned up and had a coffee. Sofia said she had enjoyed her experience and would try it again.

After that, the brunette still dropped in every few weeks or so, sometime just for a coffee, sometimes for more. Sophia joined her on one of those occasions. It was good to see her again. She told me she tried sex with a guy her age but it wasn’t all that good and she will stick to women or the occasional old (er) guy. I was happy to hear that and I asked her if that included me and it did. Sophia now shows up every third or forth brunette visit. I sometime get a combined hand job from both of them as they say they like my old man’s thick, veiny cock (I think it has always been veiny even when I was a young fella) and gnarly old scrotum and the way my balls hang down in it. My favourite situation is to sit them both side by side on the kitchen bench sometimes naked from the waist down other times completely naked so I can see their tits jiggling and to look at the delicious young firm form of them. I stand between their legs, hold their upper legs behind their thighs as if they are going to wrap their legs around me or as if I am strapping them on and then just root their young little twats in turn. The rooting gets a bit tiring for an old guy after a while and so I pull out and sit and have a bit of a rest. One of them usually makes a cup of coffee at that point and as she does so the other one presents her tits for sucking and licking before we finish our coffee and resume rooting again. They told me one of the other old guys licks them out but I have never really enjoyed licking pussies so they don’t pressure me. The brunette gives me the occasional blow job and I do so like to hold her head as I watch my cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She isn’t keen on my unloading into her mouth but doesn’t mind if I shoot my hot cum over her breasts which I do with pleasure, so to speak. I asked Sophia if she wanted to try my cock in her mouth but she doesn’t seem that interested in doing that but she will happily munch down eagerly on the brunette which I find very horny. I sit there wanking myself slowly as I watch them.

It’s a tough life being a lecherous, dirty old man but someone has to do it and so it might as well be me.

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