My wife dressed me as a Woman part 4

Tracy's words were ringing in my ears. She wanted to watch this guy fuck me. We had never even considered a guy for a MFM threesome let alone have one fuck me. I was puzzled,, I did enjoy the attention form all these guys and having my butt grabbed and rubbed did feel good not to mention how supersized i was to my reaction to the kiss.
I look at Tracy not knowing what to say and I just reply you make the rules i believe. Yes i do she replies and with that she turns and walks up to the guy and whispers in his ear as she grabs his groin. Holding his hand she brings him back to us and introduces us to him and then proceeds to leave the club with Linda and i following. Linda holds my hand and says Tanya you are a woman and woman love cock oh and they do love pussy as well as she laughs. In the car Tracy sits in the back with Steve and i can here they are whispering and as i look over my shoulder his hand is under her dress and hers is in his zip. this is new to me and us fuck my head is spinning. Once we get home both Steve and Tracy are nearly naked and Linda is starting to rub my leg as we watch the two of them getting into it. My cock is getting hard and is trying hard to release itself from the gaff the girls put me in earlier.
Tracy is on her knees between Steve's legs sucking his cock and Linda starts undressing me taking my dress off but leaving me in my corset. She turns around and asks me to unzip her and then proceeds to step out of her dress. All of us in some state of undress my wife sucking cock and Linda pushing me to my knees to eat her pussy. This part is a fantasy i had had many times but never thought would ever happen. As i begin to taste Linda's sweet pussy she calls to Tracy and tells her that i eat pussy as well as she does. Fuck my wife is bi and i did not know. As you can imagine my cock is nearly exploding as much as my mind is. Linda steps back and takes me over to where Tracy is sucking Steve and makes me kneel beside her and makes me watch. As i kneel Tracy looks me in the eyes and slide off Steve's big cock and places it in front of me. She smiles at me looks at his cock and i just lean over and take a cock into my mouth for the very first time. I nearly choke on it and Tracy tells me not to be greedy and just take a little at a time. Linda kneels on the other side and starts playing with Steve's balls and Tracy instructs me on how to suck cock. As Linda strokes his balls i can feel Steve getting bigger in my mouth and i am scared he is going to cum.
Tracy whispers in my ear, slow down princess don't make him fill your mouth the three of us have to enjoy him. i take my mouth of him and Linda slides her lips over him as Tracy looks at me with a smile so big I had never seen her this happy. she leans forward and gives me a big passionate kiss.
Now i must admit I'm pretty impressed with Steve I think(I know) i would have blown my load long ago. Linda takes her mouth away and Tracy decides to straddle Steve, sliding him into herself slowly while Linda and I watch. As she rides him Linda puts me on my knees and instructs me to lick his cock every time Tracy rises. I do this and Linda walks away for a minute of two. I guessed she was going to the toilet or getting a drink. How wrong was i. i hear Linda walk back into the room and she kneels beside me and pulls my panties down further than they already are in fact she rips them off me leaving me kneeling with my corset stockings and heels on while i lick cock as my wife rides it. She starts rubbing my butt and my cock then she slides a finger into my butt. i tense butt she tells me to relax and kiss me on the neck. I feel her fingering my butt and the feel of lube going in me around my hole. She kneels behind me and as i am licking cock she slides a small thin strap on into me, slowly pushing it further and further until in it goes . Fuck what a strange sensation. I stop licking cock and just kneel there as Linda slowly slides in and out of me. No pain now just pleasure to my amazement. I have been a woman for about a week and i have just lost my virginity to a strap on used by my wife's best friend as my wife rides a strangers cock. Linda slowly ups the pace and intensity of her pounding of my butt.I actually love the feeling this is a huge surprise and as i am enjoying my butt being pumped i see a familiar pussy appear before my eyes and i lean forward to lick this recently fucked pussy of my wife's I am in absolute heaven. Tracy instructs me on how she wants to be licked and praises me for being a good slut. Linda finally slips out of my butt and i am disappointed I must say i was starting to love the feeling, the pressure on my g spot was wonderful, but then i feel a pair of hands on my hips not Linda's and definitely not Tracy's as she is still below me. Steve has positioned himself behind me and is rubbing his cock against my butt. Linda leans beside me and asks if I am ready to be fucked by 7 inches of hard cock? I just nod, Tracy tells Steve to fuck me but to be gentle because apart from the strap on he just witnessed Tanya is a virgin and all he could say was he loved virgins.
Tracy moved away from under me and kneels beside me just like Linda and they watch as Steve pushes his cock into my tight virgin butt and begins to fuck me. He is so much bigger than the strap on and he is much harder as he pounds my butt. the girls are encouraging him to fuck me and Tracy is telling me to enjoy it. Then i feel Steve pulsate and i know that feeling he is about to cum. Tracy and Linda notice this as well and get him to pull out and then he is in front of me the girls slide his condom off ( i did not see him put one on) and slide his cock into my mouth and Tracy instructs me to suck it like i was earlier but not to stop until i get a mouth full. Seconds later i am gagging as Steve loads my mouth up with sperm. Tracy yells at me in a tone i had not heard before and instructs me not to waste any of Steve's cum and to make sure i lick every bit up i spill.
Not long after Steve leaves in a taxi and I and left with the girls.
Tracy and Linda are naked and i am in my corset still . They both look at each other and Linda says it looks like you not only have a new girl friend but she is a slut as well. Tracy looks at me and says yes she is a slut and she has more training to come.
They kiss each other and Tracy tells me they have been close friends for some time and the two of them had planned for this one very special night for a long time and it was Linda who had helped Tracy choose my clothes the day she caught me wearing her lingerie.
It turns out instead of going back to work the day Tracy found me in her Lingerie she went straight to Linda and told her what had occurred and it was Linda's idea to transform me into a lady and to see where and how far i was prepared to go under the threat of being exposed to my friends as a cross dressing sissy.
The ladies finally get to there feet and take me by the hand and lead me upstairs to our bedroom. Tracy sits on the chair in the corner and looks at Linda and say i told you could fuck him later.

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