Egyptian Erotica

It all started on a 18 to 35's tour of Egypt just after the September 11 terrorist attacks when our large 40 people plus group shrunk to a small 15 person group. While at our first stop of the day an american lady of Cherokee descent started to chat with me. By the overnight train we were a couple. The following night on our Nile River boat we were pashing each other with tongue probing kisses. That night Dorothy asked me would I like to fuck her senseless. I nodded with joy and told my roomie for the trip not to wait up for me as I was going to service Dorothy. When I knocked on Dorothy's after returning with clothes for the next day she was already naked and my cock stood up to attention straight away. I stripped off before the door was shut and had her on her back legs wide open eating her pussy making Dorothy moan with pleasure. While eating Dorothy someone had knocked on the door. Dorothy put a robe on and answered. It was Sarah, the young 18 year old from England. I heard that she was turned by Dorothy's moans and asked if she could join. Dorothy and I looked at each other and I nodded, so Sarah stripped and I lied on my back and Dorothy sat on my face while Sarah took my throbbong cock in her mouth. After a bit they swapped positions. It felt like heaven. Two beautiful ladies asharing themselves with me. I entered Dorothy's soaking pussy with ease. Sarah grabbed a empty alcohol bottle and was pleasuring herself with it. Seeing this I came inside of Dorothy and exited her. Sarah saw my cum seep out of Dorothy's pussy and she came over started clean up the cum and told me to enter her from behind. I did so and came inside of Sarah as well as she was cleaning up Dorothy. Dorothy's moans was a massive turn on for both Sarah and I, so exited Sarah and started eat her pussy tasting the mix of cum that was lubricating Sarah's pussy. As soon as it started we sadly had finished and ended it in a three way kiss tasting the mix that we had created. Sadly after the trip there was the occasional letter, but after a while it ended. I look upon this night still with pleasure and still get hard when I think about it.

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