My wife dressed me as a woman part 3

A few days of dressing as a woman full time and with Tracy constantly helping me learn the finer things a woman does, make up, hair, walking, sitting, and i am really enjoying this transition into woman hood. We had drinks after shopping on the first night and Tracey was kind enough to take me to a quite bar for our celebration drinks rather than the busy local she wanted to in the the first place. It was a wonderful day when i think of it and when I think that this all started when she caught me dressed in her clothes for the first time. Well its mid afternoon and the door bell rings and my heart drops as this has to be someone we know and whilst going out in public was scary i am now use to it but meeting someone we know dressed up as Tracy well that is a new scary experience. Tracey yells for me to get the door so I do and as i open it i see Linda, Tracy's best friend. She looks at me for a second and asks if Tracy is home then looks again and asks if it is me, Tony. Just in time Tracy comes down stairs and says don't be silly Linda that's Tanya. I told you all about her and then they both laughed and smiled at me. Linda took my hand and led me into the lounge room as she often did to me as Tony. We sat down and she smiled as she said "girls, tonight we are having a girls night out". With Tony out of town i think its time we went out for dinner and dancing what do you think? You never know we might get lucky and before i could look at Tracy she answered I'm in what about you Tanya a night dancing and having fun sounds great? I had to answer yes and with that our night out was planned. Obviously Linda had been told all about the events leading up to today as Tracy tells her everything. She grabs me by the hand again and takes me upstairs to our bedroom with Tracy close behind. Well Tanya if you are coming out with the girls tonight we need to get you ready first. Look at your legs when was the last time you waxed or shaved them you naughty girl. Tracy looks at me and says strip hun we have some waxing to do. I look at her and she looks back saying you remember the rules I have complete control or the pictures get posted on face book and for gods sake you have always wanted to get naked with Linda so here is your chance. Both girls laugh and i start to strip. Standing in front of the two girls in my panties and bra made me feel a little exposed to say the least. Then Linda grabs my panties and pulls them down saying all off girl we have a Brazilian to do as well not just your legs. With that i was naked standing in front of my wife and her best friend. Tracy went and got a towel and laid in on the bed and Linda had me lay down on my back as the two of them waxed my chest and pubic area. Linda paid particular attention to my cock and balls even asking why Tracy had turned me into a girl before she got to fuck me. Tracy gave Linda the look of all looks and said because i chose to turn him into a sissy and if you behave i might let you fuck her later. I looked at Tracy and she smiled back and said remember i make all the decisions. i was rolled over and the rest of the waxing was done and fuck did it hurt.
Linda took some pride in choosing an outfit for me to wear a red corset with matching panties black stockings and Red six inch stilettos. then came the short black skirt. The one all girls have in there cupboard but fuck this was short. I put it on and i must admit I looked sensational even the girls stood back and admired there creation. My make up was stunning and they topped it off with a long red wig to match the lingerie Linda said. Now the two of them looked at each other smiled and said our work is done. They then stripped off and started getting ready themselves and what a sight it was to watch these two get ready make up swooshing hair they are what i wish i was.
the three of stood side by side and looked at ourselves in the mirror and loved what we saw. Three very sexy ladies ready for a night on the town.
With that the three of jump into the car and head into town and first stop is dinner and we found a lovely place and sat at the bar while we waited. A few comments were made by some men and both Linda and Tracy answered with a flirt reply and before you know it they were buying us drinks. As the drinks came so did the hands and one was placed firmly on my leg and i was worried that my secret would be found out. Linda recognized this and took me by the hand and led me to the ladies room. I was nervous and she could tell. let me fix your lippy up she says and brushes the hair from my face. Shaking a little she holds my hand and tells me I am doing fine and to relax. Tanya your secret is safe with us and I will not let him upset you r ruin our night. with that we leave the ladies room and go back to our seat where we see Tracy enjoying the company of the three men.
Linda takes Tracy by the hand and we go over tot he table that is now ready and Linda tells Tracy to settle down and there is plenty of time tonight to chase men. I am a little shocked at the statement and look at Tracy and the reply is simply its only flirting.
After dinner and before we leave its off to the ladies where the girls fix my make up and then off to the club to dance the night away.
Its amazing the line to the club is long but the bouncer notices three ladies and shows us straight in and as we pass one hands Linda a drink card and tells us to enjoy our selves. Once inside and a drink in hand we find a place to sit and its not long before the guys start trying to chat us up.
We get up to dance and within seconds of hitting the dance floor my butt is pinched and grabbed a dozen times. Tracy leans over and asks if I like the attention and says put up with it as it happens all the time.
As the night goes on I cant believe the amount of free drinks I am getting and the attention the three of get from guys.
Tracy comes up to me and tells me she wants to see me dance with a guy and want to watch him try and pick me up.
I am not sure about this but a few to many drinks and the next guy who asks me to dance gets a positive answer and on the dance floor my butt is grabbed as he pulls me closer telling me he thinks I am beautiful. He grabs a good part of my butt feeling my suspender and kisses me I wasnt expecting it but it was nice so i kiss back and before you know it a full on pass on the dance floor. I look over to Tracy and Linda and the smiles on there face say it all. Leaving the dance floor Tracy asks me what was it like and I answer i loved it.
Good she says and leads me and Linda away from the dance floor to a corner where we can talk. Tanya its your decision to make. I know he wants to come home and have some fun and id love to watch him fuck you, so what do you think

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