To my lady

I am always amazed and somewhat dissapointed at the lack of romance in todays day and age.
As the world takes on a faster pace, little…but important…things are being lost.
Small courtesies, random acts of kindness and chivalry to name but a few.
Every woman regardless of age, looks or financial circumstance deserves to be made to feel beautiful and special.
So many men wouldn’t know where to find a florist, how to choose a card, select the appropriate perfume and are either too ignorant or lazy to learn the basic skills of romancing a lady.
A womans attention is the greatest gift a man can receive and it is his duty and obligation to make sure he repays the debt by being the best he can be.
With a relationship like ours, it is essential to ensure the more hardcore aspects are balanced with the soft, delicate gestures of the true romantic.
A man should never feel more alive than when he is opening a door for a lady, pulling out her chair, giving up his seat on a bus or draping his jacket over his sweet hearts shoulders when it is chilly.
It is important to remember special dates like birthdays, anniversaries and valentines day…but in my view…every day should be Valentines day, New Years Eve and her birthday rolled up in one.
She is your treasure, the reason your breath quickens and your heart skips a beat…she makes you complete…without her you are lost.
The least you can do is be the reason she smiles.

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