Primal Surrender

Do you know exactly what I'm talking about, where time holds no relevance, it's trying to exist in a place it doesn't belong, it's inconsequential, lost in a world where connection blurs into a single mutuality, two become one.

Touch you, nothing more, but no less, your eyes closed, my fingers sliding through your hole, finger tips tracing the walls that feel like liquid silk, gentle, knowing, watching your face react as they find their mark, soft, delicate, tracing small circles inside your arse, I see a smile edge the corners of your lips, your cock jerks with anticipation, taking you to a place where the sensation lifts you and carries you away.

It's that consequential instant, when resistance gives way to complete acceptance, where the body's reflex gives way to the minds response to primal desire. It's like both minds are in synch, both have the innate need, want, hunger to cross that last barrier; the air is stifled with anticipating, the scent of bodies longing to immerse in the forbidden. Intimacy on a level few have known, willingness beyond desire and now at a point of primal need. This is purely our natural desire, without need for chemical substance, merely patience and building connection.

My hungry for your leaking cock gives way to the tantalizing sensory feel of my hand gently immersing further into your arse, that last band of muscle resistance slowly lessening, your moans deepen, your arse pulsing with the rhythm of my fist. I love that you trust me impeccably, I love that you desire this primal play equally to myself. The slut within my composed disposition, surged forth long ago and now is insatiable for that visual feast of my hand totally engulfed in your willing hole. Time has become one with the experience of being lost within our deviance.

I kneel in pool of nectar from the torrents that gushed from deep within each time I couldn't hold back the waves of orgasms. Yet I've mindfully held them at bay each time and reigned them in as soon as the squirting subsided. Each time I've cum, your cock has hardened and the precum has glistened, the head of your hard, gorgeous cock beckoning my slutty mouth. My eyes widen, they flash with the hunger that grows out of control within me. You're on your back, each time a pool of precum spurts onto your taunt abdomen, a sluts feed in the waiting, the visual is a feast of delight.

The circling on my hand has found a very desirable rhythm, your muscles have given into the pleasure of the submission we've both entered into together. There is a split second of acknowledgement, it is as fleeting as it is spellbinding; without effort our breathing as become in synch and that moment of truth has crept upon us both. We've both wanted this, longed for it and uncontrollably my entire hand pops past that final muscle band. Oh FUCK the immersion is insane, sensory overload and yet subtle in its simplicity. We both forget to exhale for pure desire to grasp this moment in time. My arm glides deeper and my hand totally explores inside, I've become vitally aware of your predicament, your cock is erect and pulsing, I smile and nod, it's OK, it's wanted, it's needed, it's feeding time.

What seems like forever is but seconds I'm sure, your load explodes, spurting into the air. I relish in your orgasm and the visual artwork it has painted over your smooth skin, watching it roll down your moulded chest and defined abdomen. I give in to the barrage of rolling waves of shuddering muscles deep within my pussy and arse, I cup my other hand between my spread thighs to capture the nectar that gushes freely with my cumming.

Being careful to retract my submerged hand gently and intently with your acknowledge that it's time, I lean forward to drizzle my filth into your gasping mouth before I lick your glistening, sweet cum from your quivering body.
I lift my face to your gaze and that ‘twinkling’ has light up my brown eyes, the life within them is defining, the hungry that has been set free is undeniable. .. my lips turn with the wickedness of my desire to go again.

Insatiable I am,
your slut,
your anal queen,
your equal.
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