Be careful what you wish for

So many men have the fantasy of meeting a highly sexual woman and taking her to swingers clubs and group sessions...but what is the real agenda?
Is it about the male and his need's or the woman and her needs?
If it is all about the mans fantasy of watching his woman enjoying the touch of another man and he hasn't gone through the correct preparation, you can safely predict a bad outcome for everyone involved.
Are you secure enough to watch your woman engaging in primal group sex with other men on one or a gangbang without feeling jealous or threatened?
Are you able to separate an emotional connection with the physical act of sex?
Are you able to put her desires and needs before yours?
These are not easy questions but a man intending to enter the world of group sex with his partner must ask them of himself and be brutally introspective in order to avoid the emotional train wreck that can occur in this instance.
These are questions a vanilla man will never have to confront and its not a judgement of his capacity to be honest with himself...he hasn't chosen our path and theres nothing wrong with that...different strokes.
If you are able to give your lady the gift of realizing her deepest fantasies in the knowledge that it is simply a physical and mental experience for her and that while others are sharing her body, only you have her heart, then your bond will be stronger and you become closer as a result.
She will know that you have been able to confront your demons and insecurities to make her happy...again, it is one of the most challenging scenario's you will face as a man and you need to truly know yourself if you are to go down this road.
It has always been my belief, in my interpretation of my role as a Dominant, that my duty and obligation is to empower my submissive so that she may grow and realize her is about subjugating my needs and doing all that I can to make her happy....if I am unable to do that, then I do not deserve the trust that has been placed in me by the lady in question....I am by no means perfect but I am trying everyday to be worthy.

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