Wet beach fun

We arranged to meet our recently made new friends at the free beach. We arrived, set ourselves up and enjoyed the freedom and relaxation of lying naked in the sun and commenting about the poorly hidden glances of the men walking past until they arrived.
We sat, chatted with eachother and felt comfortable being naked in public with another open and horny couple.
We knew of his not so secret fantasy, something we were both comfortable with, something a bit naughty and considered to be kinky and out of reach of most. We flirted, played with eachother partners, taking their initial shyness and apprehension and throwing it aside as they relaxed and felt more comfortable with us and others seeing them nude and open to nature. We had played together before but you and I knew they were still a little unsure of how free and open to be with us. Well, the openness we had with eachother is kind of unique after all.
The time came, you stood said you you needed to pee. His eyes lit up, hers widened with awonderment, her thoughts clearly visible. " Is she going to pee Infront of us?"
You ask him if he wants to come and watch, he follows like a puppy.
I grab my camera and follow you both. You squat, he lies on the sand Infront of you, his head close to your ready to spray pussy. You look at him smiling the cheeky and dirty smirk you have that lets anyone that sees it know that you enjoy the control of watching the reaction to your outrageous behaviour. Enjoying the mix of pleasure and sheer terror in their eyes that their fantasy is about to be realised infront of others in a public place.
Your flow starts and splashes the sand as his fingers and mouth inch closer to the source. He cups his hand under the stream and brings it to his mouth sipping your golden nectar. He turns into his back and lies underneath you as you move above his open waiting mouth and continue to release. I take photos of your mutual enjoyment for prosperity and his use as wank fodder afterwards, the enjoyment of the power you have over someone else evident on your face.
We smile at eachother and you offer yourself to my mouth to lick and suck you clean.

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