Primal Desire.

Eyes lock and start searching...undressing without touching.

Lips upon lips, tongue dancing with tongue; can you feel the energy, the buzz, the longing growing.

My hand slides down your arm, tracing intently the shape and strength of every muscle, every curve, lingering with each breath that hesitates.

Fingers intertwine with yours, momentary lock as I bring both our hands around to the curve of your back, upon which I open my hand and continue to ever so slowly with pressure, slide it to the firm roundness of your arse...without hesitation my breath deepens, my mouth longs for more than just what your mouth has to offer..

My desire to discover what lies between your arse cheeks is undeniable, I can feel the moist juices of my longing, growing. As I move you can hear how wet I've become, you can smell its sweetness in the air.

My fingers eagerly slide between, into the crevasse that will give me the pleasure I ache for, the anticipation is well worth the wait. Wet with body sweat, the distinct smell of body on body, my fingers find the tightness of your willing hole. I know you want this, I know you ache for its exploration, with more than just my fingers.

With every breath that is shared, from body to body, our senses are heightened, our bodies and minds blend as one; responding to touch, sound, smell, desire.

I've been patient enough, my need to feel inside you is intoxicating. I slide my finger, gently but firmly up into your very accepting arse. That feeling is unmistakable, its effect on my pussy is undeniable. My entire being is invested to delve deeper, to explore, discover, to enjoy. I watch your eyes, I notice the curve to your lips, your unmistakable desire for more.

I slide my finger out, turn you around and bend you forward, oh sweet god, seeing your arse and opening hole catches my breath, my eyes widen, I lick my lips and instinctively swallow. Your hard cock gives your desire away, you want me to explore and play, the mind filth of someone delving into your arse is more than a kink, it's a primal need. Leaning forward onto the bed I widen your legs with my hands, moving you forward so your body weight is fully on the bed.

Time is irrelevant. Here and now is suspended, lingering to build every touch to be a raw and an electrifying one. I cradle and massage your balls that are full of sweet, smooth cum, my hand slides forward to encase your cock, now leaking with pre-cum. I both feel it and smell it; it sets an insatiable hunger off in me. Pulling your cock back, gently but with full intent, I lean forward and encase it with my eager mouth. My lips moist and soft, my tongue supporting your shaft as I fill my mouth with hardness. I can feel my pussy dripping, my clit buzzing, hard and pronounced. I arch my back and lift my ass into the air. The mere movement sends a volt of desire and electricity through every fibre of my body. I could cum here and now but know it's not time.

My mouth moves up and down your cock, my tongue flicks the head each time it reaches my lips, I so want your sweet load deep down my throat. Holding your erection back towards myself, I move my slutty mouth back up your arse till I find the eager open hole that I've been patiently waiting to taste. My tongue flickers at its entrance. I suck gently at first, then the suction strengthens. I rim your asshole, again and again, teasing, enticing your desire for it to be filled with anything. My tongue delves into your willing cavity, where no mouth should go, we both want it so badly. I stroke your cock in rhythm with my tongue moving in and out. This isn't enough for me, nowhere near enough. With a few firm and eager strokes I return my mouth to your cock. But only long enough to settle my growing orgasm building.

I release your cock and use both hands to pull your arse cheeks apart. Spitting on your hole I begin to slide one finger inside, circling it around the walls of your silky anal cavity. I slide it out, but only long enough to slide two in, circling and stroking liquid silk of your anal walls. Your preparation of the anticipation of my primal need is commended and appreciated. But we both know it's more than two fingers I need up there. I'm patient and gentle. I'm hungry to slide my hand inside, my orgasm is tinkering on the edge, being held back by merely my mind. But I know the moment my wrist is subsided in your heavenly arse, my mind will flick that switch, my body will shudder with waves of delight.

This isn't a kink!
This is raw and real.
This is us.

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