The Sister-In-Law

A few years ago a mate of mine asked me if I wanted to join him and some of his extended family on a short holiday in the Blue Mountains. They had rented out a large house which was fitted out with lots of bedrooms. Aside from being his mate, he wanted me along as his sister in law and her husband would be there who he didn’t really get along with and so I was there to draw a bit of conversational fire so to speak.

I met them up there and was greeted by his wife at the front door and shown into the large lounge/dining room just in time for lunch. There was a fire going (it was June) which looked good and a table in the middle of the room was set with food. After the customary greetings to all we adjourned to the table and everyone just helped themselves to whatever they wanted.

After lunch we sat around talking for a while and then we all went for a walk in the crisp mountain air before it got dark. We arrived back just as night came on and my mate and I went out to bring in some firewood for the combustion heater. It gave us a chance to talk and he told me that the sister-in-law had shown up with her (annoying) teenage child but no husband. My mate told me they were having a bit of trouble and that they might be separating. Apparently the husband suspected her of playing on the side and had told her so but she had denied it. Whatever! I didn’t really care. Several of my friends had had spats and I was over hearing about it. I didn’t really like the sister-in-law either but you have to be friendly in that sort of situation and she did after all have nice tits and showed them off all of the time. With the possible exception of a winter overcoat covering them, I couldn’t remember her tits ever being fully covered; there was nearly always cleavage on show, summer or winter. That bit I didn’t mind. She did however have the personality of a boa constrictor, shall we say a tad overbearing but ditsy at the same time. She certainly wasn’t my sort of woman and the husband wasn’t much better, so they deserved each other.

Our breath was starting to show as we took the firewood and happily trudged back into the heated house. The others had long since taken off their warm coats and sure enough there were the sister-in-law’s tits on show in a low cut top. I engaged her in conversation and asked how hubby was and why he wasn’t here. She came up with some excuse or other and changed the subject. During all of this I couldn’t help but look at her tits occasionally and she caught me once or twice. I didn’t really mind that, as I had perved at her tits on more than one occasion in the past.

After dinner the board games came out and we had a merry old evening before finally turning in reasonably early by my standards.

This house had been maximized to accommodate quite a few people as holiday accommodation and my bedroom was downstairs at the end of a narrow corridor and to the left. I was happy about that as it would be quiet. Sadly the other room to the right was assigned to the sister-in-law and her horrible teenage child. There wasn’t a common wall luckily as this kid talked or whinged at the top of her voice most of the time. The bathroom and toilet were back up stairs. I had gone to the bathroom and was returning down the narrow corridor when the sister-in-law came out of her room heading for upstairs dressed in her PJs. Of course as fate would have it, we had to squeeze past in the corridor and these braless tits wobbling around in their PJ top brushed up against my chest as she passed. I didn’t mind that at all and she smiled briefly as she looked up at me, once again catching me perving at her tits clothed only in her PJ top which had several top buttons undone and then quickly up to her eyes to smile again politely. It took me all of my self control not to grab one (if not both) of her flannelette PJs covered melons and feel her up then and there. I mean to say, just to give you some idea of what we are dealing with here, I wouldn’t be able to get a hand around one of them completely. Sanity and cowardice (or perhaps wisdom) overcame lust and I asked how her room was and was there room for both of them to which she replied that the kid was sleeping upstairs in the kid’s cousin’s room and there was a queen size bed in her room as it had originally been for her and hubby. She told me the room had a balcony and suggested I should drop by to see the view out over the town and valley at night.

We continued on our ways and I stroked my cock as I waited in my room for her to return as I really wanted to see this view of the town if it meant I could perve at her tits again and in private this time. I heard her return and the door to her room close. I waited for my cock to go flaccid or as much as it could with her tits in mind and wiped it off lest I develop a wet spot. As it was, there was a curious lump in the front of my PJs as it pushed out in its semi flaccid state but I couldn’t wait for it to go down any longer.

I knocked quietly on her door as I didn’t want to tip off the others upstairs. She opened the door and invited me in and I am sure she glanced down at the front of my PJs briefly before ushering me over to the balcony. She had swapped her PJs for a sheer negligee which was almost not even there. I was concentrating so hard on the view trying not to think about her tits but it wasn’t working and my bulge became a tent. We stood there talking face to face and I couldn’t help but look down at her tits. I could see her areolas clearly through the filmy material and her nipples were erect and pushing into it, making their own little tents. She continued talking to me about something or other even though I was looking blatantly down at her tits. I just couldn’t help myself. We went out onto the balcony despite it being freezing out there to look at this bloody view which I wasn’t really interested in after all it seemed. As I looked back at her I could see her silhouette right through the negligee. We tried to make out certain highlights in the view and she peered out at them so I could get a good eyeful of her against the light of the room. Her tits held the filmy material out so that I could see the shape of the fullness of them as they curved under into her abdomen, her nipples erect with the cold were poking into it causing pleats. As she turned I could see her slim waist curving down to her hips and arse. Once again, pity about the personality because this woman had a body to die for.

The conversation went on and I moved behind her to point out something pointing over her shoulder as I did so. She smelled nice. I continued pointing and talking and cupped (as much as I could) one of her breasts with the other hand. She let out a quiet gasp but didn’t flinch other than that and made some comment about the view. I stopped pointing but kept talking about the view and squeezed both tits and rubbed my erection up against her arse. She backed into my cock and banged into me gently. She raised her arms up behind my head and ran her fingers through my hair, resulting in her tits thrusting out even further. These things were magnificent, 34 or 36 DDs at least and I had my hands all over them. This went on for several minutes and then she said “lets go inside, I am freezing my tits off” at which we both laughed. My cock was sticking out of the front of my PJs by this time and she took hold of it and led me by it back into the warmth of her room.

My cock had not only messed up the front of my PJs until it escaped as I rubbed it up against her arse, but her panties were also gooed up with my pre-cum. The panties were very sheer almost transparent forming her lips into a tight bulge with a slight indent into the slit between them. I kissed her lovely snatch as I knelt in front of her, before slipping the panties off and inserting the tip of my tongue. I parted her lips with my thumbs and tried to get my tongue as deeply into her as I could. Her knees buckled slightly with the ecstasy she was experiencing and she placed her hand on top of my head initially and then held my head into her snatch as I tongued her. I could see the pleasure on her face as I stood up and fingered her clit, her juices making my fingering so slippery. I felt each of her labia, fleshy and full, I could imagine them wrapped around my cock, slurping on it, milking my shaft dry. I went back to fingering her clit and then pushed firstly one and then two fingers into her lovely slippery hole, feeling around in there, all of the strange wonders and delights in this warm slippery world between her legs. She was spreading her legs so as to not obstruct my hand in the least as she stood there and thrusting gently against it.

I had been rubbing my tool up between her buns and for variation I moved around to hump her leg like a randy dog. She took hold of it and was squeezing and massaging the slippery knob. I gestured to her to lie on the bed but she said she had had a hard day and was tired and could we just masturbate each other and leave it at that. I was a bit fatigued myself, that’s not to say I couldn’t have rooted her then and there but she was right, it would have been an effort.

I fingered her clit as she lay back on the bed propped up by her arms until she came bucking slightly to maximise her orgasm and throwing her head back with pleasure. Her body tensed up and she let out a muffled sort of scream or release of orgasmic pressure so as to not to let anyone else hear. She didn’t have any trouble pulling me off. She continued to sit on the bed and I stood beside her as she pulled my tool until I shot my load in two or three spurts onto the floor before she could get a tissue under it. Oh well, I suppose you get that when you rent a house to the public. She checked that the coast was clear and I crept out of her room and into mine for a restless, but ultimately, good nights sleep.

The following day was magnificent and the sun shone through a crack in the curtains of my room. I dressed and headed up stairs where everyone was assembled at the table for breakfast. The tits I had been so familiar with last night were there across the table from me, dressed in a satiny blouse, unbuttoned and showing off the usual cleavage. It was decided that we would go on a bush walk that my mate’s wife had always wanted to do. The kids wanted to go to some amusement gaming place or other which the parents didn’t mind as it got them out of our hair for the day. My mate’s wife and her sister (the sister-in-law) were walking out in front of my mate and me and out of earshot and so we talked about guy type stuff as we walked. He said that he had come to my room last night with a bottle of brandy but I was no where to be found. He assumed where I was and quietly tip toed away. “So what happened?” he asked. “nothing” was my reply, to which he grunted “uhuh”. I don’t think he believed me and so I fessed up as to what had gone down. He nodded knowingly, seemingly not surprised, telling me that he had heard from his wife of another guy who had possibly been boning the sister-in-law and so the hubby was justified in his suspicions. She had some years ago come onto him (my mate) as well and he had felt her up at the time but nothing had happened since and he was determined to keep it that way.

He didn’t have any problems with me rooting her but pointed out that she was not a very nice person and did I really want to have my dick inside her. I replied that my dick didn’t have any idea of her personality and I was pretty sure it didn’t really care and as it hadn’t been in a woman for some time it was in frenzy feeding mode and would bone her given half the chance and if it could think it would probably wonder why it didn’t see any action last night when the target was well and truly in sight.

The four of us came to a fork in the track. My mate’s wife wanted to go down into the valley. The problem with that was you had to walk up steep stairs to get back out of the valley. The sister-in-law was heavier (shall we say curvaceous) and less fit that my mate and his wife The sisters both had nice bodies but the sister-in-law had a fuller body whereas my mates wife was thinner and while she had a nice arse her tits were considerably smaller than her sisters and she was generally lighter. So it was suggested that the sister-in-law and I walk around the top track and meet them on the other side of the valley. This was accepted and we moved off. My mind was in overdrive as to how to get my dick into this woman. The tracks were well defined and I don’t think the national park service wanted anyone to wander off them and destroy “their” bushland.

One thing in my favour was that it was the middle of the week and there weren’t many people around on the tracks. As we walked we talked about the previous night and how we were both really turned on at the time. I suggested that we find a place and have a root out here in the bush rather than trying it again tonight in one of our rooms. She agreed and we started to look but as I said, the paths were clearly defined and it appeared that we were not supposed to vary from them and the thick bush backed up that theory. We came upon a toilet block and so we both relieved ourselves, although I had to wait for my hard on to go down before I could pee. I then checked around the back. It wasn’t private enough, although there was a rough path leading from behind the toilet block up the hill into the bush. I scrambled up and it looked promising and so I signaled for her to come up. This is the woman who didn’t want to go down into the valley and back don’t forget. Anyway, she scrambled up that hill like the world was chasing her. Funny what a person will do for a root. We walked along the track until the toilet block fell from view and found a quiet spot overlooking the valley and a good vantage point to see anyone coming.

I undid her coat and blouse and released those tits of hers from her hard working bra and immediately sucked on one of them as I squeezed the other so tight it must have hurt. She fished for my cock as I was busy and fumbled with the bulge in the front of my pants until I stopped and helped her to get it out. She pulled on it as I went back to sucking. She had an interesting action, her hand squeezed and pulled at the same time, something like milking a cow’s tit. It was a curious sensation. I undid her jeans and pulled them down and she took them off with a struggle. I backed her up against a tree, parted her legs and inserted my cock into her and drove it in deep. I humped into her, lifting her off the ground with my hands under her buns until she wrapped her legs around me and held on with her arms around my neck. I could hear her panting as I pounded into her. We rooted in that position until my legs were about to give out. I put her down, and went to turn her around but she stopped me and knelt down and took my cock into her mouth and sucked like crazy, making these delicious slurping noises as she enjoyed my sausage. I was in rooting mode but what the heck a good cock sucking is not to be passed up. She eventually stopped sucking (she LOVED my cock) and I bent her over and rooted her as she held onto the tree. It didn’t take long as my groin pounded into her buns and I emptied my balls into her, straining to give her every last drop until my cock finally fell out of her, limp and pathetic. We dressed and almost rode on our bums down the steep hill back to the track as we hurried to meet up with the other two. We arrived at the meeting point first thankfully and my mate gave me a wry enquiring look as they climbed up the stairs to our track.

We collected the kids on the way and went home to get take away delivered.

I haven’t seen her since and my mate has told me she is still the same bitchy horrible person but she does have nice tits.

Just as an aside, That night after our bush walk, I passed my mate and his wife’s bedroom after everyone had turned in and I could hear them going at it. I spoke to him the next day and he said that he had told his wife what he suspected and she was so turned on that I had possibly been boning her sister that she said that she wanted him to take her that night and give her a good seeing to. Why should her sister have all of the fun

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