Fantasy come true

It started with an innocent joke.. you were mimicking another co-worker. Standing there posing like a male model. But oh how I enjoyed your poses.. that cheeky grin on your face.
That went on for a few weeks, and even though I knew it was wrong I developed a secret little crush on you.
I started to enjoy working the weird hours, when I was with you. I knew it was not a good idea for so many reasons.

But that didn't stop the bad thoughts I started having about you. Watching your ass as you walked. The definition in your arms, looking at your hands as you would pass me anything.. imagining those hands on me.
One day we were chatting on a break with another co-worker and the conversation turned a little personal. I don't know who started it but it surely got my thoughts racing.
Back to work again. And you demanded me to do something.. a menial little task. But....The way you looked at me.

Yes I had been having fantasies about you but that was all "fantasy" there was no way I had any intentions of doing anything about it.
But that order!
The hardness in your eyes, the tone of your voice!
Well there went all my innocent thoughts!
You woke something inside me that I hadn't felt for some time. I was flushed for the rest of the night.
The next time I had work with you I was up early. Taking time to get ready . I even decided it was time to hang up the long pants and wear a skirt and stockings for a change. I knew it was silly. You were more than half my age. And even though I knew you were aware of what you were doing when you ordered me to do the menial task I was sure it wouldn't go any further then harmless flirting. But still I took the time getting ready. Silly old fool that I am.

Wasn't I startled but extremely excited when we were walking towards each other and your eyes travelled from the bottom of my legs all the way up to my eyes. I could see something there. That hardness again. And the most exciting part, the look like you wanted to tear my stockings off me. Again with the flushing... And if I'm honest... The gushing.
Some of us had organized a social night. We were going out close by to my house so I searched you up on social media and took a deep breath and sent you a message offering you a spare couch to crash on for the night if needed. I also made sure to offer to others as well so not to be too obvious.
We started chatting and the conversation flowed easily not taking long for it to turn to flirting.
You write. I asked to read one of your stories. Wow. My fantasies would now be a lot hotter.
We started chatting every day online when we weren't at work, the conversation always seeming to turn in one direction. The secret looks at work and the "accidental" touches were a huge turn on.
We had both admitted by now indirectly that we wanted to sleep together. Both of us knowing it wasn't the smartest move because of ages and work.
The big night out came.. I gave you the remote for my wireless we had discussed. I had a very hard time keeping still while we were out for drinks. I was so turned on by the looks you were giving me and your hand on my leg under the table. Maybe the risk of it all added to the excitement.
I managed it so nobody else was staying at my house. All night all I wanted was to go home with you. To finally feel your lips on mine your hands on me.
Finally the time came. We headed back to my place
We sat at the dining room table after I had poured us another drink. You pulled my seat around to face yours. You started kissing me. Only for a minute. You told me to stand up and undress. I would normally feel self conscious about doing that but your tone and the effect it had on me left me no choice. You told me to walk to the bedroom using a phrase that you had said to me at work "Walk slowly give me time to enjoy it."
In the bedroom you told me to get my toy box out. You had a quick look through it. But you obviously knew what you were looking for'......A dildo. And my riding crop.
This is where everything goes blurry for me.
I don't know what happened first.
What I do remember is being on all fours on my bed. Feeling you spanking me.. HARD! Really hard. But I do like that. I remember losing all control when your were spanking my clit with the crop and the dildo in my pussy.
I started squirting. Only 2 other men have done that to me before. I was certainly not expecting it from a 21 year old man. The bed was soaked from you making me squirt over and over..
You had told me you were not going to fuck me. You were more interested in making me cum all night.
Luckily for me.. maybe it had something to do with me begging you, you stood up and removed your clothes... finally.
You ordered me back onto my hands and knees on my bed. I was shivering.. waiting to feel you enter me for the first time. I think I squirted again as soon as you entered me. You fucked me for a long time.. making me squirt even more. You fucked me so hard the bed broke. But you just kept on going. I was holding the wall for support to stop myself falling off the bed. It had been a while for me since I had been with a man but I don't believe it would have been.that mind blowing with someone else... You were extremely controlled and dominating for such a young man. Exactly the way I like my men to be in the bedroom. Maybe a bit rougher than I was used to. Nothing over the top of course. But I had never been spanked or bitten as hard as I did from you. You left after a few hours. I didn't want you to go. Although the bruises you had left on my body kept me a little happy. I was running my fingers over them all day...
Seeing you at work the next time was not at all awkward but it is hard for me to not get wet whenever I look at you and think about.what we did.....And I'm really hoping will do be continued hopefully!!

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