The Cats tail

Cat complained she was tired, but I said “no we are going out to the pub and you are wearing your tail. You can wear a long dress and a G string. But we are definitely going”
She started to get ready and she chose a shortish dress that went to her knees, knowing that would please me.
I asked if she would like a drink for a bit of dutch courage. “Yes, make it a big one.”
She took a couple of gulps of the southern and coke I made her. “Feel better?” I asked her.
“No, I must really love you to be doing this” Cat replied.
“You must be a bit turned on. I said you could wear a long dress. That was your choice. I didn't make you wear that one. It is very sexy by the way.”
Cat swooned a little to my compliment, “ thank you, I like dressing to please my master.”
I went to the bedroom and got the tail, “ok, its time for you to have your tail fitted” I called to her. Cat entered the bedroom, “ how do you want to do this? she questioned me. I grabbed her by the hips and turned her to face the bed. “Bend over I ordered. Cat bent over laying her head on the bed. I lifted her skirt and laid it on her back exposing her lovely round bum. I took a moment to look at it. Just like a big round peach. I grabbed the lube off the bed and applied a bit to the stainless butt plug and a some to her anus and a bit to one of my fingers.
I slowly started to rub her opening with my finger, gradually pushing harder. The tip started to enter her, my finger moving in a slow circular motion, going deeper and deeper. When my finger was all the way in, I continued moving it around to help prepare her for the butt plug.
i felt Cat was ready, so i removed my finger and replaced it with the butt plug. I started to push it in watching her ring expand, getting bigger as the plug entered her. I gave it an occasional wiggle to help it in. It got to the widest part of the plug then it just seemed to get sucked in, Cat’s ring closing around the tapered stem of the butt plug. The jewelled flared end with the tail sitting snuggly between her cheeks. I lifted the tail and laid it along her back. I love that look.
“Is it in?” Cat asked. “It certainly is” I replied lowering the tail and skirt. Cat straightened up,giving her hips a small wiggle and looked into the full length mirror. “Doesn't feel to bad and I cant see the tail”
I reached around to the front of her skirt and lifted it. Almost immediately the tail became visible. “oh, I’m going to have to be careful” Cat announced.
“yes you will, I think I’m going to have some fun with this” I said while smiling at her. “are you going to put on a G string?
Cat had a think about it and replied “no I don’t think so.” I looked at her surprised, “cool, This night just gets better and better.”
We finished our drinks and walked down to the local hotel. It was a lovely warm evening, a gentle breeze blowing, but when we turned the final corner, A gust lifted the front of Cat’s skirt and only luck stopped a taxi seeing all of cat’s neither regions. Frantically she smoothed her skirt down. “I did say you could wear a G string” I smirked at her. “I may regret that decision” Cat nervously replied.
We entered the hotel and walked up to the bar to order our meal and drinks. I stood to Cats side as she faced the bar pondering the menu. I placed my hand on Cats bottom and after a while slowly lifted her skirt.
Cat didn’t move, but she did stiffen slightly. “what are you doing?” she squeaked. “Just playing’ I whispered into her ear. “ you wont know if I’m showing someone or not. I told you I would do this to you”
We ordered dinner and drinks with me flashing her tail to no one, but she didn’t know that. “You are a very good Pet. I couldn’t ask for a better one” I whispered into her ear again then kissing her neck.
I was certain this was exciting Cat, She seemed to be enjoying being my toy, my pet. Surrendering her self to me.Letting me be in control of her whole body. I found this to be incredibly exhilarating.I couldn't believe how turned on I was.

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