Friday night Fuck feast

It had been about two weeks since I had cock deep in my butt, I had fucked a couple of guys and one couple in that time but now by butt hole was that hungry it was twitching.

I have a buddy who comes over every now and then, he fucks my arse perfectly, I don’t contact him cause his married, he contacts me and I don’t even know his name, perfect! It’s actually great that way as we have no conversation it's just primal animalistic sex, the last time he serviced me I told him if he had a mate, to bring him over with him.

It was a Friday night, I had gotten home after work and I was thinking round 11pm Ill head into town and go into a few sex clubs to be a cock sucking dirty bottom. Whilst I showering I heard my phone go off I had received a message, when I checked it was my buddy, message read, "You free in an hour, I’m bringing a mate with me". I got nervous and a little excited then replied, "Yeah, see you then".

After a few minutes I received another message from him, "Be naked on your fours, lights off, Str8 porn playing and keep your door unlocked". Fuck, I was in for a real treat, this guy fucks like it's going to be his last fuck, so I wonder what his mates like?

I'm ready on all fours with the lights switched off door unlocked and I got straight porn playing with volume down low, two sexy blokes fucking this lady beautifully hoping that I’m going to get fucked the same way.

I hear the front door slowly open, I’m nervous as hell, my hearts beating fast and I’m getting aroused at the same time. Silence for what seemed to be 3 minutes, but was only round 20 seconds, I start arching my back and suddenly I feel a tongue gently licking my hole, I breathed heavily with pleasure as the tongue was sending me into a horny frenzy.
Then in front of me appeared the mate stroking his cock, he had his jeans tucked down just under his hairy swollen balls, I could smell his musky sweaty cock n balls, fucken love that smell. He was a sexy bloke, a stocky solid body, very rugged. I was getting real turned on watching him pull his cock. I had my tongue out of my mouth ready for his cock. I kept breathing with pleasure as my buddy had managed to get two fingers deep in my hole, spitting at my hole while his fingers dug deep and quickly pulling out and burying his tongue in my hole, I was moaning with pleasure.

His mate comes closer and starts touching my face with one hand, I was hungry for cock in both my holes. He slaps my face lightly a few times and says in a deep dirty voice, "You wanna suck cock". I was nodding, my mouth was open and tongue hanging out with saliva dripping, he got turned on and put his cock head on my saliva then slowly pushed his cock in my mouth. His both hands held my head as he slowly shoved his fat cock deep in my mouth then he completely pulled out. He was teasing my eager hungry mouth.
Slowly again he shoved his cock deep down my throat where I gagged and he slowly pulled it out. He was enjoying this as he moaned and held my head tighter and kept his cock down deep my throat, my gagging was exciting him. I was in ecstasy thinking I’m hoping he fucks me this way too.

He started picking up the pace, my head was being held tighter and I was horned up watching his hips sway back and forth towards my mouth, I was loving it, he kept saying, "Fuck you have a tight mouth, you cocksucker". I placed one of my hands on his hairy arse and gave him a few slaps, with that he was fucking my mouth deeper. "You want my cock deeper, you dirty cock sucking cunt", I was moaning and groaning with pleasure as saliva was pouring out of my mouth and onto his man hood whilst his mate was using and abusing my hole making it his own.

My buddy is slapping his cock on my hole, teasing it, the slowly pushes his cock head in and pulls it right out, I moaned with pleasure as I was gagging on his mates cock. Slapping his cock head again on my hole, fingering me at the same time, as his teasing my hole with his cock and fingers, he says, "You want your hole fucked", whilst I had his mates cock deep in my mouth I groaned “Mmm”. He kept repeating, "Yeah, we're gonna fuck you hard".
He pushes his cock head in my hole, I moan with relief wanting him to fuck me hard as his mates holding my head and fucking my throat. He grabs my hips and pushes his cock deep into my arse, I was in ecstasy feeling his cock buried deep in my arse and his mates cock in my mouth and hearing the bitch in the video screaming with pleasure with two hunky men fucking her hard, I was in my ultimate pleasure.

He held his cock deep in my arse grabs my body tighter and started jerking his body into mine pushing his cock as deep as he possibly could, he was hitting a spot which was making my body tremble then suddenly he pulls his cock completely out of my arse and says to his mate, “You come fuck his arse I wanna watch you fuck him while I fuck his mouth”.

His buddy lets go of my head and pulls his cock out, my mate comes round & starts kissing my mouth tasting his buddies cock through my saliva then brings his hard throbbing cock to my mouth and lets me slurp on it the way he likes it. His buddy mounts behind me and slowly pushes his sexy fat cock deep in my hole. He leaves it there for a second then starts his motion, smooth with long slow thrusts, he then picks up the pace, slapping and spitting on my back and arse, fucking me with long great hard strokes, calling me a dirty cunt.

I was moaning and groaning with so much pleasure as he was giving me a proper long hard dick down while I was devouring my buddies cock, who was holding & patting my head showing his appreciation as he loved me worshipping his cock. I was in total ecstasy as I could feel my pre-cum oozing out of my cock. Fuck these guys were pigs making me their fuck toy, I luv when blokes make you yours for that moment. Primal sexual energy!

His mate slaps my arse pulls out and says, “Get on your back cunt”, I throw myself over, legs as high as possible. He grabs my legs and pushes me towards him and slams his cock deep into my hungry hole. My mate is now fucking my mouth again, they were both in precise rhythm as he fucked me his mates cock buried into my mouth and out again. Now they were treating me like the bitch on the video, both primal, dirty men only wanting to fuck hard & release their loads.

His mate started moaning, “I’m getting close cunt”, I pull my mates cock out of my mouth and reply, “Yeah gimme your fucking load”. I grabbed my cock and started stroking, my mate starts fucking my mouth again. I’m in fucken ecstasy here, one cock in my mouth and the other pounding my filthy horny man hole, “You want my fucken load deep in your arse”, he was tearing up my hole, pounding the fuck out of it, my mate pulls his cock out of my mouth and starts slapping his cock on my face saying, “You want his cum deep in your arse whore”, I said, “Fuck yeah, and yours too, fuck me harder stud, I wanna feel your babies deep in my guts”, with that he started moaning & groaning releasing his seed deep in my hole!

He pulls out then my mate comes round and starts fucking my seeded cream pie hole, slapping my face and dirty talking to me, calling me a whore, slut, dirty cunt, it was fucken Hot. His mate climbs near my face, “Clean my cock”, he shoves his cock in mouth as I suck it, the taste of his cum and my arse juices is sending me crazy! I’m stroking my cock, my mates smashing my hungry arse hole with his mates seed dripping out of my arse, I got his mates cock in my mouth, I’m in fucking ecstasy. My mate says, “It’s coming, I’m gonna breed your filthy fucking dirty hole”, he moans, groans and slaps my arse & scream’s, “I’m cumming whore”, I start blowing my load while my mate is smashing my arse. Then his mate says, “Eat this”, he pulls his cock outta my mouth and starts spewing another load over my face and in my mouth, shoving the last bit down my mouth!!

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