Use me Master

“Use me Master” - this is not an order, as no-one orders a Master like mine. This is more in the form of a simpering request made by a singularly frustrated cum slut that is begging her Master to be set free, noting that if he chooses not to I will ball up the energy created and store it for those times when he simply says 'cum' over the phone.
But tonight I have been a good girl, Master is pleased with my progress and I have been given time with him, something I treasure. I am his, and as such, to be used for his pleasure, and the return for me is the joy I get from giving all that I am.

My Master likes holes as most feral men do, so mine have been prepared for him, they have been scrubbed, douched and sweetly oil scented for his delight and the thought that he might use all three makes me quiver with anticipation. I stand naked with nothing to hide, awaiting inspection. My Master is on the phone. His mind is elsewhere at this point but that's not to say that I am being ignored, I am merely an additional adornment in his room like a picture on the wall or a nice table and chair – useful, but only when being used.

He knows that I am watching him and awaiting his every command. He makes a gesture with his finger and I slowly do a three-sixty turn. When I come back to his eyes I can see the hunger there… he is still on the phone but indicates that I am to drop to my knees and make my way over to him. I can tell that he is getting bored with his conversation and could do with some attention. In a slow and deliberate swing of my hips I make my way to him, the first order of business is to divest him of his pants. To my delight I find him flaccid. I look up at him and he nodded his head and I get to work, no hands just tongue and lips caressing the lifeless thing in front of me. As I lift his sleeping beast with my tongue and devour it whole, I feel its quickening growth, which never ceases to amaze me.

Master is not yet participating in my endeavours, but readjusts his position to be more comfortable and a little more exposed allowing me access to his seed sacks. Without delay I dive on them, nudging his now slippery solid cock to the side as I lick and suck at his balls. I close my eyes and breathe deep his heady salts smell and combined that with the taste of his flesh, can it be that surprising that my juices are flowing with out even a touch from my Master. His fingers run through my hair and hold at the back of my head as he directs me back to the tip of his cock and I can taste the first drops of precum, yum! He holds my head as he thrusts forward into my throat. My natural reflexes make me gag, to which he smiles and forces his cock deeper again. At this point, still on the phone, he says “I’m going to have to go, somethings just come up that I have to deal with” and abruptly hangs up. My insides leap for joy. I have his attention, he’s mine now and I don’t have to share him with anyone else.

Holding my chin and looking into my eyes, he says ”Now my girl stand and turn and present your glorious flower to me”. How can I resist? As quickly as I can, I am up, turned and bent forward, legs apart with my dripping sex facing him. With deft hands he spreads my arse cheeks and swipes his tongue from clit to puckered arsehole - I gasp. He tells me to hold still and slaps my butt cheeks hard to give off a nice red heat before he fucks me. I brace myself on my knees knowing that he knows how to achieve this, but it will be hard to remain still while he does this. Oh! - it smarts, but the effect is enthralling, with each slap there comes the sting and increase of blood flow, and each time he catches the same place I can feel a greater burn.

I breathe deeply to steady myself, not knowing how long I must endure this. A moan escapes my lips, and as if this is what Master has been waiting for, he slides his fingers around my soaking cunt to gauge my readiness. I try to push back to feel them enter me, but he pulls away and slaps my pussy lips telling me that I must not be in such a rush. I want to plead with Master that I am so ready I am almost screaming but I know this will do no good - he is the Master in all ways!

“Stand, arms behind your back, and look at me” he commands as he comes in close and pulls me to him. I can feel his breath on my skin as his hands grab my burning arse and squeeze. My lips part and he kisses me deeply. Our tongues entwine and we are joined, leaving me breathless.
“Tonight your arse is what I crave, that tight little hole that is all mine”. “Yes Master” I whisper. He walks away from me, to where I cannot see, as I dare not move from my position. Then he comes back with what looks and sounds like two little bells. he slaps each of my tits to awaken my nipples, bending and biting them, gripping them and pulling them.

“If I can’t see them bouncing around then I want to hear them” and with that I discover that the pretty little bells are attached to nipple clamps which he proceeds to install on each one. Oh such pressure! A jolt of electricity courses through me, running straight to my fiercely pulsating sex. I almost lose it right there. Master lifts my tits checking the hold, and with a nod of his head he seems satisfied.
“On your knees my slut, and crawl to the bed. But it's not for you to get on, its for you to have something to hold on to”.
As I crawl into position his hand connects with my butt and he pushes me forward, the bells jangling away. I reach the bed and pull myself up in to position, legs apart, back arched, hands grabbing fistfuls of the covers, head down.
“Bend your knees slut!”
“Yes Master”

Taking up position behind me he, grasps my hips and slams into my sopping wet cunt, full tilt. Fuck me! I almost leap out of my skin as he punches the depths and just holds me there.
“More please Master”
“I was just lubricating my cock my precious possession”.
He moistens his thumb between my cunt-folds then starts pressing it into my tight puckered arsehole. The feeling of double penetration is almost too much and I start to shake.

He slides his pulsing cock out of my cunt ever so slowly, driving me crazy. But then the tip of his cock is pushing at the entrance of my dark tunnel. My arsehole clenches, but I know that I must relax and bear down if he is to gain access with out ripping me apart. I push back as he pushes forward and then there’s the pop as the head pushes past the sphincter and he is in and the full pleasure of Master's cock is felt deep inside. The true game is afoot. He can push and pull and rotate to his heart's delight and each movement brings even higher sensations. I can no longer hold back and a cry bursts forth. “Yes my whore let me hear you scream” and with that my wild animal is released Moaning and howling we rock, the bells ringing like it's fucking Christmas…. and Santa is 'cummin' to bloody town. I am reaching the point where it's to hard to contain the impending explosion, so I beg Master to please let me cum Please!

“Cum slut, cum now!” he roars as he releases himself into me. This pushes me over the edge, into pure ecstasy, quaking uncontrollably on the end of this cock. Holding me there, both trying to catch our breath, he doesn’t pull out as he loves the way my spasms milk the last drops from him. He then pushes me forward onto the bed where I scoot around to lay on my back head hanging off the bed, ready to complete my last duty - cleaning his wondrous manhood with my tongue while he stands over me. When I have completed the task, he removes the clamps, causing another wave to wash over me as he falls down beside me and once again pulls me to his chest kissing me gently as the final orgasm subsides.

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