A woman's sweet revenge

I live in Hobart and two years ago I was on another adult site ( not AMM ) and started chatting with a lady from Hobart . After exchanging messages and photos , we agreed to meet one afternoon for drinks in a city pub . When we met I was pleased to see she was even sexier than her photo . She was ten years younger than me , about 50 , with a curvy body , long brown hair and lovely brown eyes . After only one drink she said she wanted me to take her home ! I started to get hard right then . Once back at my place , we wasted no time in getting naked together and our hands were all over each other . Her body was lovely , ripe , full curves , and lovely lush breasts with large pink nipples . We kissed and fondled before moving to a 69 and I started sucking greedily on her clitoris enjoying her pussy juice . She soon felt that my cum was about to spurt and urged me to put my cock inside her , saying " quick , quick , cum in me , cum in me ! Fill me with your cum !! " by this time , I didn't need any urging , and let go with every drop of cum in my balls . The sensation of her hot pussy gripping my cock as my orgasm filled my balls and cock with hot throbs that sent my sperm spurting into her pussy was absolutely fantastic . Even as my cock softened , she ground herself against me making sure she got every drop . We lay together with her stroking my cock and me alternately fingering and licking her pussy . It wasn't long before she had me hard again and this time she sat on me , riding on my cock until she had milked my cock again . After this I thought I was finished for the day ( I was 60 at the time ! ) but she wrapped her mouth around my cock and just kept sucking until she had me hard again . This time she laid on her belly and I laid on top of her to slip my cock into her by now dripping wet pussy . That was our last fuck for the afternoon and felt great , with me reaching under her to squeeze her lovely full breasts and tease her nipples as I gave her the last few drops of sperm I had left ! We laid there for a while just cuddling , and I commented how nice it was to fuck a woman who enjoyed taking cum in her pussy as much as she did . And that's when she told me her story . ..... Turned out she picked me for some fun because I resembled her husband , who she had found out was having an affair with her best friend ! She wasn't prepared to lose a 30 year friendship with her friend , but wanted to get back at hubby . As she put it ". If he's going to fuck my friend , and come home with her pussy juice all over his cock , I'm going to be waiting for him with my cunt full of another mans love cream , and when he fucks me he'll be soaking his cock in another mans cum ! " She asked me how I felt about being used for her sweet revenge , and I told her that I thought it was extremely erotic to be sending her home to hubby with her pussy full of my cum and that I'd like to do it again ! The upshot of it was that we kept at it for about another 9-10 months until hubby ended his affair . It was a wonderful time , with her insisting that every orgasm she gave me had to go into her pussy ! I would have loved to treat myself to a nice tit fuck and cum over her nipples but she insisted it was in her pussy only . The only exception was one occasion when we were sucking each other and she was so focussed on her orgasm as I sucked her clitoris that she let me spurt my sperm into her mouth . On that one occasion she said the orgasm was worth missing that particular load in her pussy ! It's been well over a year since our last lovely fuck and I still think about her . We bump into each other occasionally in our local supermarket in Kingston , and say hi , with her giving me an especially big smile if she happens to be with her husband ! She really enjoyed having her sweet woman's revenge on her cheating hubby ! !

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