my wife dressed me as woman part 2

Tracy was waiting in the car as I took my first steps outside as Tanya. Nervous and excited I held onto the hand rail as I walked down the front steps. Making sure i did not fall, walking in heels was harder than it looked. What if my neighbors saw me dressed like this, why was Tracy taking this so far?
I finally get to the car and remember to sit first then swing my legs in as I had admired Tracy doing for many years.
Tracy drives off with out saying a word. I feel like everyone we drive by is looking at me laughing. Five minutes later we stop and Tracy instructs me to get out of the car and to follow her. We walk into her beauty shop where she has had her waxing and nails done for years. Jenny the owner greets her with a kiss and the looks at me. Well hello Tanya welcome to my shop, Tracy has told me all about you please come this way. I am so embarrassed but follow as instructed. Jenny sits me down in a chair and has a young girl come over and tells her to fix my nails as instructed. After what seems an eternity I have acrylic nails painted red dam they seem so long. Jenny and Tracy come back and lead me to a cubicle out the back where Tracy instructs me to strip out of my dress. Blushing, I do as instructed and lay on the bench. Jenny is fussing around me and then places something on my chest I cant see what it is but I then feel some thing liquid being brushed on my chest as well. Well to keep a long story short the two girls had just given me fake boobs. Fake boobs had been glued onto my chest. Ok Tanya get up and get dressed. I look in the mirror and don't know if I should laugh or cry or be happy. I am so confused.
Tracy and Jenny admire there work and Tracy looks at me with her face lit up with a smile so wide. Your transformation is complete Tanya you now look like a woman. Well enough like a woman to go shopping. lets go, with that we walk out the door with a kiss from jenny. Come back anytime Tanya she calls as we leave.
In the car again Tracy looks at me and tells me she is so happy with the way things are going. you look stunning Tanya you really do. But Tracy I am not a woman i say. Tanya please is her reply. we discussed this and for the next two weeks you are a female now tell me you agree or i will stop the car right now and send all the pictures including the ones of you getting your nails and boobies put on sent to all your friends on Facebook. OK, for two weeks I answer and all of a sudden a burden is lifted off me so I decide to enjoy the experience and to be honest with you I was starting to quite enjoy the idea of being a woman. the lingerie felt great, the hairless body felt sexy and I had a pair of my own boobs, what more could a man want.
We don't say much more in the car for the next five minutes as we drive along Princess Highway until we pull up at Chadstone shopping center. Parking as close as possible to the shops we get out of the car Tracy looks at me expecting me to say something I guess but to her surprise I get out of the car and with purse in hand walk towards the shops. Good girl Tanya your walking better with every step Tracy says now beside me as we enter the center. Where are we going now I ask.
Well we need some more clothes you cant spend the next two weeks with what I got you today. So some lingerie and shoes and some everyday clothes are on the list.
Walking into the shops I feel like every eye is on me but Tracy assures me they are not. Our first stop is bras and things where Tracey hands me a number of items and instructs me to go and try them on. Dam she knows my size everything fits so well and looks so good on me. Lucky for me Tracey is there and shows me how to get my boobs into the bra properly. I cant believe it I am starting to enjoy this. Shoes and clothes are purchased as well and we leave Chadstone after what seems minutes but is hours. Back to the car and things in the boot both Tracy and I sit in the car she leans over and gives me a kiss on the cheek and congratulates me on my first shopping expedition as a girl .
Now Tanya we have to decide where we are going to go and eat or at least to get a drink to celebrate our new friendship and understanding.
New friendship and understanding i ask? Yes Tanya you are now my new girl friend and I will be in complete control from now on and I mean complete control.
I am not quite sure what Tracy has in mind but i am sure I will find out.

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