My wife dressed me as a woman

Monday morning the kids away for two weeks and Tracy's at work. Time for a shower and shave before sitting down to watch the golf I recorded last night. Whilst shaving I had to admit the diet the wife had me on had worked with no sign of the mid life love handles any longer. Opening my top draw to get a pair of jocks out I find a pair of Tracy's new sexy panties on top of my pile, dam she looked hot in these now she too had dropped some weight. Grabbing them to throw into her draw I stopped and looked at them more carefully admiring them, they feel so sexy. Next thing you know on they go and I am admiring them on me in the mirror as I start to enjoy the feel of them as well. Well what the heck lets try on her stockings and suspenders as well I though. Dam these feel good. Well the golf had started so I just jump onto the bed in my wife's lingerie thinking I was home by myself for the day.
So engrossed with the golf I did not here the car pull up and next thing i know Tracy is in the door way looking at me with a smile on her face. All I can do is ask "what are you doing home so early?'".
Well my pretty Princess don't you look sexy there in your lingerie, is what comes from her mouth. I blush and start to answer her, but I get the finger to her lips, be quiet little princess stand up and show me how pretty you are. I stand up and look at her blushing I try to talk but she just holds up the be quiet finger to her mouth. Turn around sweetie she commands, I must admit you do look pretty in them but the hair needs to go and you do need one size up so they fit better. Tracy walks past me not saying one more word and returns from the en suite throwing me a bottle. I need to get some paper work I left behind but when I come home tonight you would have showered and used this on all your leg and body hair, every bit dear.. Do you understand my little Princess?
4 PM a little early than normal, Tracy walks in the door and calls out "Little Princess" I'm home please come to the bedroom.
I walk in to the bedroom and Tracy is sitting on the bed surrounded by bags of shopping, she looks at me and says did you do as you were told? Is all that man hair gone. Yes i say waiting for the abuse I expect for wearing her lingerie, but no, no abuse comes my way. Princess you looked super sexy in my lingerie is what I got but it does not fit you so please don't wear it again. Instead you can wear your own and with that she pulls out some super sexy lingerie from one of the bags and pushes it towards me and then in a firmer voice tells me to strip and put it on. I try to argue and tell her I am not a cross dresser but she gives me the look, you all know that look. Well on goes the lingerie and as I dress Tracey tells me I was a good girl and removed all that unwanted man hair. She tells me she has wanted that for some time now.
Ok let me look, yes see you look so much better in the correct fitting clothes. Now lets see what else I have here for you and with that out came three pairs of shoes, a number of dresses, skirts and blouses. Princess let's try these on and see what looks best I was not sure what would and what look would suit you. After trying on a number of outfits she decides I look best in the black dress that is about mid thigh length with some black 4 inch heels. Then out comes a wig, brunette in color and just a little longer than shoulder length. This will finish you dear she says. Tracy this is a lot of money to spend to embarrass me after this morning. No my little Princess if i want to spoil you I can I earn my own money. I went to speak but the look once again made me change my mind. The wig went on and Tracy moved from in front of me and I could see my reflection for the fist time. I must admit I looked good as a woman but I was not sure what Pam's plan were.
We need to do some make up of course and those eye brows will need some work but I think you will make a wonderful girl friend Tanya. Tanya? My name is Tony. Not anymore dear for the next two weeks you have off and as I do now you will be Tanya and you will dress and live as Tanya. If you want to know what it's like to be a woman wearing my lingerie you will find out.
Now come sit down in front of my vanity we have lots of work to do with you.
After what seemed an eternity Tracy was finished and looked me in the eye as she inspected her work being super critical rubbing here brushing there.
Ok you are done she says let me look again. Well Tanya you look stunning I must say. Now lets see you walk and move, how much work do we need to do with this? You walk well but Princess you need to take smaller steps. Don't worry we can work on that.
With that done and not breaking an ankle, I was surprised how well I walked in heels Tracey told me to sit so we could talk.
Tanya for the next two weeks you will eat, sleep shop, live as a girl do not argue you don't have a choice, you wouldn't want the pictures I have taken to go to your facebook friends list would you?
Now dear we need to go shopping for more clothes and I think a corset and something to give you a bust, you have lost lots but we need to give you some shape. I start to protest, I am not going out dressed like this. Once again the look comes my way. Tanya don't argue pick up your purse and come with me now and after shopping we can go out for dinner. with that we walked out the door.

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