The naughty girl

We are at our usual weekly pub night and you dont know it but ive lined up a guy to seduce you. We had previously had a guy lined up that you were keen on but he backed out like a little boy when you hit him up. This action caused you to dismiss the idea of being a naughty girl.
Its the night in question and after contact between myself and him, he walks in and as arranged recognises me and comes over and says hi like we are old buddies. I introduce him as Mike a guy that i used to work with some years before. He looks you up and down as you go to the bar for a drink. He turns to me and says how sexy you are and he would love to be the guy who seduces you.
As the night rolls on he takes every opportunity to chat with you and you are enjoying the attention. Its been a great night and its finally closing time. We move out to the carpark and i ask if him if he needs a lift and he accepts. All is going well when we arrive at his house and he invites us in for a drink and i say one cant hurt and you accept.
Once inside you are directed to sit on the lounge by me and he gets a beer each. He sits next to you discussing what a great night it had been and small talk continues. I excuse myself to go to the toilet which allows him to flirt further with you. He calmly places his hand on your leg and you show no resistance so he starts to stroke it.
I come back from the toilet slowly to view the progress you see me and panic a bit when he gets a phone call and walks away. You start appologising about the situation but i say its ok and ask you if you feel naughty and i get no response. I start kissing you and rubbing your leg and he returns and sits back next to you and rubs your other leg. You keep kissing me as i direct your hand to my cock i then turn your head to face his and he kisses you. By now i work my hand up to your pussy as he directs your other hand to his cock.
You seem to be into it when you turn to me and say this is getting out of hand and i ask you are you naughty and you respond yes and i say go with it then.
We both pull your skirt up and he fingers you and your loving it.
I then pull your knickers off and go down on you saturated pussy and he guides your mouth onto his cock. This goes on for a few minutes until you say stop im going to cum i dont want to cum this way.
I sit up and ask what you want and you respond that i know what but i want to hear it from you and you sheepishly say a cock inside me. I ask are you naughty and you say YES IM A NAUGHTY GIRL. with that we arrange you on all fours and you prepare for your first hotwife cock. He lines it up and works it in and you are making noises and moving with him. He comments how hot and wet you feel as my cock makes its way into your mouth. This is my moment that id fantasised about for many years and when you convulse and cum hard its too much for me and i cum shooting all over you and he grunts and fills you up.
We lay paralised for a while and then start to gather our clothes together to leave.
The car ride home was quiet as we both contemplate the events that just unfolded and finally you say i cant believe that happened and i say but was it good to be a naughty girl. Yes is your reply.

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