Déjà vu Weekend 49 and loving it

8 weeks ago we had our first 3 some experience
That weekend has been played back in our heads a couple times over the past 2 months
My husband gets me to talk about it while we are in the bedroom at least once every few weeks
He also gets very excited when I mention Samuels name while we are having sex.
So my husband planned a weekend away on the GC for a winter escape
On the way down he wouldn’t tell me where we would be staying until we arrived at the location.
The suspense was exciting and plans were to go shopping and dining out
So we ended up shopping at Pacific Fair Shops for most of the afternoon and trying on outfits for dinner and some new lingerie for after dinner
We had a late lunch and over lunch the discussion turn towards our recent 3 some experience from
8 weeks ago.
We re- lived different aspects of the situation and the confidence we have taken away within our relationship.
During our shopping expedition I was catching glimpses of my husband taking photos of me while I was trying on outfits in the change rooms and then sending these images to someone
The secret location of our stay, the not knowing was building up nervous energy.
After shopping he told me it was time to check in and get ourselves moving
So we headed for the car park with my purchases and drove towards our weekend getaway
When we left the car park he asked me to open the glove box and inside I saw a blind fold which he asked for me to wear while driving so he could keep the surprise.
I played along and 10 mins later we arrived
Déjà vu we were booked in at the same resort from his birthday weekend
Well the look on my face would have been a nervous one
What are we doing at this place I whispered to him in the car?
It holds some unbelievable memories here don’t you agree, yes I do I replied
We checked in and got ourselves organized headed to our unit to unpack and put away our bags etc
I needed to head out to grab a few items for the weekend mainly some groceries and snacks
Take your time see you in an hour he said as I left.
I was walking through the aisles of the local grocery store when I got a text from my husband asking me to be home within 30 minutes
So I walked little quicker to ensure I was on time.
When I came home from shopping I found soft music playing in the unit
He came over to the door to greet me and took the bags as he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.
I bent down to take off my boots and was surprised to 3 glasses sitting out on the bench. As I walked over he pulled me up to him, whispering "Let's have a little fun," and then he led me to the bedroom.

There was soft music playing in our room, but when he got to the door he blocked my path
He pulled out the blindfold to fasten over my eyes. Once we got inside the bedroom
He pulled my dress over my head and quickly reached around to free my breasts from my bra. He led me to the bed. I was tingling all over, knowing what was to come would be amazing, and I could feel the wetness start to build
He guided me on to the bed, gently kissing me before I lied down
I could hear him opening the chest of draws next to the bed and removing something
I felt exposed and vulnerable
The music changed I recognized a CD he played several years ago, one that had we had made love to many times
I could feel a vibrator he placed, against my vagina
I felt his weight shift on the bed and the vibe became more intense.
I could hear him removing his clothes
I let out a moan when he slipped his penis into my mouth
I sucked on him for a while while the vibrator was resting against my vagina
"Don't you wish you had another cock in your pussy while I’m in your mouth?" he whispered
I moaned a yes with my lips wrapped around his penis
I arched my back and his hand had control of the vibe, He was teasing me sliding it over and over my vagina
He laughed and gently spanked me, not yet I have other plans for you
The thought of having my vagina filled with a vibrating cock was exciting me
I would love to see you take that into your vagina while you suck my hard on he whispered
I moaned again as he turned up the vibrator speed
I was now being penetrated with this thick plastic cock and it almost felt real
This went on for 5 to 10 minutes
Then I felt a another shift of weight on the bed, my heart started to pound as I realized another person was now sitting below me on the bed.
Shh, just enjoy this, and don't stop sucking
I could feel someone entering the bedroom
I could feel a stranger’s lips kissing my inner thighs
I was nervous to see who my husband had invited into our bedroom
I lifted the blindfold to take a peak
What the? Why and when the devil did you arrange this I whispered to my husband?
It was an erotic surprise
It was (Samuel) the young man we had met only 8 weeks ago for the first time
Which eventuated in our first ever soft swing 3 some?
The excitement of his presence was overwhelming.
The nervous energy had shifted to excitement, in anticipation of what my husband had planned
I started to arch my hips back and left the blindfold on in anticipation of the unknown.
The vibrator was turned off; I started to regain my senses.

I heard some camera clicking, that thought turned me on even more,
My body was looking for more attention. Samuel moved over me letting his manhood pressed against my opening,
He was sliding himself over me while he was licking away at my breasts my breathing was becoming more intense feeling him getting closer and closer to penetrating me
He had to work his erection slowly inside me so I could take all of him
The vibe didn't help stretch my vagina for all of him
I felt the openings of my vagina stretching around him as he worked his way in inch by inch
Once he was firmly inside he was able to create a slow rhythm inside me
I could feel his large hardness, and my opening becoming more relaxed around him
We continued this position for a while, soon after I could feel my husband now rejoining us on the bed
I could feel his erection against my mouth sliding over my lips using my tongue to massage his tip
Samuel was now increasing his tempo and from previous experience I could anticipate that he was getting closer to ejaculation.
I could feel his speed increase, as did my moans over took the soft music in the background
He wrapped his hands around my hips and started pushing and pulling me against him
I arched my back to lift my hips off the bed before he lets go
His breathing became ragged
I didn't want him to finish just yet I called for him slow down and to lie down on the bed so I could enjoy this experience for a while longer
I was so lubricated and stretched that once I got on top he was able to slide straight in
I could hear more camera noise while still having the blindfold on
Now I could feel myself getting closer to the edge with his hands feeling me up while I was riding him
He could sense I needed my breasts played with, his hands holding & squeezing my nipples
I leaned forward so he could bring his mouth closer to suck them.
I was only moments away from unleashing my orgasm all over this hard young man
I pressed my face into the pillow and screamed, I could feel all this wetness and tension release from between my legs which I haven’t felt in a while
I could feel his cock pulsing inside and his breathing becoming more ragged
I was in total ecstasy as he unloaded his wave of seed deep into my opening, the longer I continued on I could feel my vagina becoming saturated in his ejaculation
When I felt he had finished I removed the blindfold and rolled over onto my back and
Then my husband approached me with his manhood still aroused.
I had Samuels seed deep inside, slowly leaking from inside me
I asked him if he would like add to what was already inside
He pulled my legs closer to him and then climbed on top and started to work himself inside
Its didn't take long for hubby to feel how wet and loose I had become with Samuel
He was only inside no more than 5 minutes before he started unloading inside me.
He slid out a moments later kissing me on the lips as he got off the bed, his manhood covered in his and Samuels blend
I could feel his seed now running out of my well used vagina.
I needed to relax on the bed for a while before getting up and walking again
10 minutes later Samuel had to leave and hubby re-entered the room to find me relaxed and lying on the bed
He sat down next to me and leaned over to kiss me, as he gently rubbed my pussy, still wet and sultry
He whispered to me that he wanted to taste the stickiness between my legs
So he kneeled between and gave my vagina and lips a complete wash with his mouth and tongue
Some 2 -3 minutes later he’d become aroused again and needed to fill my vagina for a second time
He wanted to take me from behind so he could thrust himself inside
I started calling out Samuels name and how this hard young mans cock felt inside me,
With his every thrust knowing he was going to explode for a second time
Sure enough some moments later he started unloading his seed for a 2nd time and asking me to clean him up with my mouth like he did for me.
Hope you enjoyed hearing about our weekend experience as much as we did living it

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