Blindfolded Part two

No not on her back, she moves to lay on her belly. Smiling into the darkness of the blindfold. A cool breeze through the open window caresses her flesh, causing goosebumps to raise. She trails a finger over her thigh, skin cool to the touch. Fumbling for the sheet she places it strategically across the backs of her legs, just brushing the under curve of her ass. She chuckles quietly.
A car! She holds her breath. The gate, she curls her body sideways slightly, cheek on the edge of the bed.
The front door, she is already panting lightly.
A belt being undone, she hears him moan as he sees her. Footsteps.
His hand trails it's fingers up her smooth leg, tosses the sheet from her, he moans again, grasping her ass cheeks. The sound of a hand striking her ass. She gasps, smiling at where he stands, blind to him.
She smells him as he moves closer, the heat of him, a musky scent as his cock brushes her lips. Willingly she opens her mouth for him, a moan escapes as he slides over her tongue. His fingers digging into her flesh parting her ass, he moans again, she feels him move over her, teeth biting into her ass. She squeaks around his cock, her own teeth closing lightly. He sighs.
"That's my good babydoll" his voice slightly husky.
He thrusts at her lips as he explores her ass, fingers running down her intimate crease to the smooth heated wetness waiting for him.
"Mmm perfect , babydoll"
He thrusts again, sliding his hard warmth against her mouth, eagerly she raises her head, tongue out under his heat as she closes the distance between her nose and his pelvis. Making him gasp then moan as she takes the full length of him. Smiling around him as he moans and grabs the back of her head, trying to push farther into her throat. She gags lightly and he withdraws, her tongue following him to flick at his tip.
"Hello Daddy" she bites her lip and turns her face blindly up to him.
"Hello babydoll,... god ur perfect" his enthusiasm palpable. As his hands again grasp her fleshy ass cheeks
She smiles in the direction of his voice.
"Thank u Daddy"
"That ass" his only reply as he spanks her again.
She sighs and moans under his hands, flesh rippling with each impact, harder his hand comes down, he moans, clearly enjoying the sight of her reddening skin. In between spankings he rubs and grasps her, his noises, sighs and moans, letting her know how much he is enjoying himself.
His cock hard and throbbing touches her lips, she licks at him, his pre-cum salty on her tongue.
"Oh yummy Daddy" She breaths taking him willingly again into her mouth.

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