master calls

This is from a few years back my master called saying he wanted me there so I shaved my ass and crotch master liked it smooth I also cleaned out inside ready for him got dressed and went over
knocked on his doorcand he greeted me come in as soon as door was shut he said stop get on knees he dropped his pants and out sprung his cock I sucked it do b t touch hecsaid j u st mouth get me by ard bitch so I sucked him till he was hard as he then told me to strip he then held my cock to the bedroom get on bed hang head over edge I did then master throat fucked me deep pushing his seven inch cock all the way in he was fucking hard you are a slut arnt u I could not reply
he pulled out told me to get on my knees he then lubed up my ass and in he went one slow long stroke his balls on me he was all in mmmmmm he then pus u ed head into pillow and proceeded to fuck me by ard slapping my ass fuck u are tight I love it he pullled all the way out held cheeks open and went in he pounded away ivwas pushing back he then got harder and blew pulled his cock out put plug in me and had me suck him clean then told me to g e t dressed and go and I was to return again the next night

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