Good old days

Hundreds of years ago Roman soldiers ruled the world conquering counties after countries taking what they wanted for there use of, This was slaves to work for them or sell them on the market place for money or cleaning of the homes cooking and yes sex. Rough brutal sex, Where the solider would just walk up to you ripe your clothes off you bend you over and fuck you hard and fast then push you away when he is finish kick you in the arse telling you to get back to work cleaning. Or selling you in the market place where hundreds of man looking at you feeling you touching you as the man ripe your clothes off and you stand there totally naked and then starts the bidding for you and all the man looking and bidding. Or to be used as a slave at the master home for entertainment of his guesses each man using me whipping me slapping me and in the end pissing on me as the master kicks my arse and tells me to clean the house from the drunken party. Or to be sold to a brothel, The Master of the brothel fucks you hard trains you on how to suck cock fuck cocks large and small, If any customer complains about you that you did do as they wished you are the be whipped until you learn who you are and what you are a fucking whore for the entertainment of men. As the Master of the brothel makes his money from your body, He rents you out for the rich people so they can fuck you and make there dogs fuck you for there enjoyment and laughter. But that was in the old days and now today we have fantasies

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