Blindfolded Part one

The messages and pictures traded over time had risen her temperature on all the occasions she re-read them.
Pictures and words, just words and pictures, how had he managed to do this to her.
Heat raising from her lower belly into her gut, as she again pursued them, scrolling through them again and again.
The meeting had been set, she had never played on the first meet before and yet here she was, freshly showered, smooth, creamed, hairless, smelling sweet... and naked...on the bed... waiting...for him.
She fingered the black blindfold beside her, nervously nibbling at her bottom lip. God what was she in for?
The instructions were hard to miss understand after all else had been decided.
Be ready, be naked, be blindfolded. Do not remove blindfold until told to.
Her phone beeped, making her jump.
"5 min away, be ready"
A deep breath puffed her cheeks out as she picked up the blindfold, contemplating her fate. Then she smiled, placing the black material over her eyes. Laying on her back, head hanging off the edge of the bed.

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