In Bloom - Chapter 13

Chapter 13

The morning after. Lucy Vale woke still tingling from the night before, her eyes fluttering against the slivers of early light, her skin receptive to the cool morning air. She sat up sleepily, yawned, then flopped back into bed, staring dreamily to the ceiling. Did last night even happen? Had her boss really called her up? Had they really fucked each other over the phone? The whole thing seemed so absurd, so crazy, so taboo... yet so right. Lucy smiled to herself – today would be a good day.
After a quick shower, Lucy dressed, choosing a black lacy thong and matching bra. She swivelled her hips and admired herself in the cabinet door mirror, running a finger across the smoothness of her buttock. If only that were Jen Bloom's finger, she thought. Would they talk today? Maybe Jen would call her into her office, Lucy thought. Maybe they would lock the door, cheeky grins exchanged. Maybe Lucy would spread her legs for her boss today... maybe her boss's tongue would explore her pussy...
Lucy shivered involuntarily at the thought. It was only 7:40am in the morning, and she was already starting to get wet. Pace yourself, girl. Good things come to those who wait.
She chose more black, a dark blouse, but went with something a little different for the bottom half – crisp white jeans, perfectly moulded against her legs and butt, with a pair of black stiletto heels. Lucy knew she looked good – she just hoped Jen would feel the same.
She was just about to swing the front door shut when her back pocket vibrated. A text. Probably from Jason... wanting a fuck tonight, no doubt. Lucy would be happy to indulge him. He did have a nice cock, after all.
Lucy flipped the phone open and was surprised to see that the message was from Jen Bloom. A little tingle ran up her back and across her shoulders. She could feel her heart quicken as her eyes adjusted to the brightness of the screen.
The message was short.

Fairbanks Hotel
Room 118

Lucy's cheeks flushed red. Was this the invitation she had been waiting for?
It was 1:04pm by the time Lucy had found the room at the Fairbanks. She stood in front of the door, the smell of cheap carpet and shower cleaner wafting through the dark corridor. Lucy took a deep breath, smoothed the front of her blouse, and knocked.
The door immediately swung open.
Jen Bloom stood in the doorway with the light behind her, one hand on her hip. She wore a tight fitting white business shirt, a blue thigh length skirt, and white heels. A golden pendant hung from around her neck and rested at the top of her cleavage line, barely peeking above the top button of her shirt. Her blonde hair was tightly wrapped in a neat bun, as it usually was at the office. Her gaze was steady. Lucy stared at her for what seemed an age before her boss broke the silence.
'Hello, Lucy. I'm glad you came'. Jen Bloom's tone was soft, but confident.
'Please, come in'. Jen stepped aside and motioned with her hand.
Lucy stepped inside, acutely aware of herself and the closeness of her body to Jen's as she brushed past her. She was breathing very slowly, she realised.
Jen closed the door and paused with her back towards Lucy before turning to face her.
'I want you to meet someone'. Jen motioned towards the room, and Lucy turned.
Sitting on the hotel bed was a big, naked black man. He was leaning back, elbows on the bed, relaxed. He looked at Lucy with dark, handsome eyes, and smiled warmly. Lucy couldn’t help but notice his enormous cock.
'This is Ben', Jen said, moving past Lucy and standing next to the bed. 'He's going to fuck you. And then he's going to fuck me'
A hot flush came over Lucy like a wave as she stood, mouth slightly open, eyes wide. Her breath caught in the back of her throat, her mind racing, her body on fire. Ben was looking at her still, curious, alluring.
'Would you like that?', Jen asked, moving slowly towards Lucy. She reached out and brushed a strand of Lucy's hair away from her cheek. 'Would you like Ben to fuck you?'
'I... '
Before Lucy could come up with a response, Jen Bloom leaned in and kissed her, her lips soft and parted. Lucy's eyes closed as she kissed her back, heat rising. Her skin felt electric. Jen pulled away and smiled.
'Come', she said, and taking Lucy's hand, guided her over to the edge of the bed. Lucy looked down at the man in front of her, his cock resting limply on the floral bed cover, thick and dark. Jen leaned close to Lucy and whispered in her ear. 'Make him hard...'
Almost in a trance, Lucy fell to her knees. Ben shifted forward so his cock hung deliciously off the edge of the bed. Lucy admired it for a moment before reaching forward and began to lightly stroke the thick shaft with the tip of her index finger. She traced her fingertip up and over the enormous circumcised head, illiciting a low moan from Ben, who leaned back on the bed and closed his eyes. Lucy, mesmerised, traced her finger back down the shaft, and then, slowly wrapped her hand around it. She began to pump it slowly, up and down, up and down, her hand barely fitting around the thickening meat.
Jen Bloom had moved behind Lucy, and her hands were now on Lucy's shoulders, creeping around to the front of her blouse. Jen's fingers began to unbutton the shirt as Lucy continued to stroke the hardening cock, marvelling at it's size, the thick meat between her fingers swelling with each touch. Jen's breath came hot and heavy against Lucy's cheek, the blouse open now, Jen's fingers dancing lightly across the exposed skin. Lucy turned her head and met Jen's gaze, steady and full of fire.
'Kiss me', Lucy said softly. Their lips met and parted, tongues finding one another and swirling slowly, tasting. Lucy's hand pumped Ben's dick faster, his moans from the bed filling the room. Jen broke the kiss, smiling down at her young employee.
'Suck his big dick', the boss said, turning Lucy's head with her hands.
And Lucy did.
Starting with her tongue, snaking out across the bottom of the shaft, sliding up and over the tip, Ben's skin quivering with the touch. After a minute more of teasing, Lucy enveloped the cock inside her mouth, feeling the thickness between her lips, tasting the delicious mild salt of pre-cum. Lucy couldn't get all of Ben inside her mouth, but she went down as far as her throat would allow, gagging as she came up for air, but hungry for another swallow. She felt Jen Bloom's hands on the back of her head as she went down again, light pressure keeping Ben's cock deep within her throat, saliva spilling out the sides of Lucy's mouth and dribbling down onto Ben's big brown thighs.
'That's it, Lucy', Jen cooed. 'Eat him...'
The pressure released and Lucy slid her way back up, slowly, relishing the wet gurgle. Ben moaned low and hard, his body twitching.
Lucy was suddenly aware that Jen was no longer behind her. Jen had made her way to the side of the bed, her fingers working the top button of her skirt. She noticed Lucy's gaze and smiled down at her.
'You look so good, sucking his big cock...' She turned to Ben. 'Did you like her mouth swallowing your dick? Did she eat you good?'
Ben mumbled in agreement, his cock throbbing in Lucy's palm. Jen had undone the button and slid her skirt down below her knees, shimmying out the rest of the way.
'Im glad you enjoyed it', Jen said, as she proceeded to remove her panties. 'Because now, it's your turn to eat me...'
Jen stood up on the mattress, facing Lucy, one heeled foot either side of Ben's torso.. Her pussy clean and shining in the bedroom light. She took a couple of shaky half steps back, until she thought she was correctly positioned. Then, she slowly lowered herself, crouching so that her pussy was millimetres away from Ben's lips.
'Now', she said. 'Eat me'.

And he did.

To be cont...

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